Neat timing – happy birthday George


I just had the coolest weekend.

The highlight was three amazing clients on Sunday – every word spoken at those sessions seemed to be a lesson for the client, for me, or both if us. I had a fabulous chat with a flock of chickens, and stumbled into some delightful synchronicities nudging me towards these new goals of mine.

After the readings I found an email from a blog reader who shall remain anonymous, who herself, and her friend, have been talking with and learning from George Harrison. They too have been tutored in meditation, mindful thinking, intuition, healing and learning.


I’m not sure if she intended it or not, but she discovered this blog on the eve if George’s birthday (thx jacqueline for the reminder!)

In the past year I’ve either reached out to or been contacted by about a dozen other people, all women, who have had similar experiences with George Harrison, John Lennon or Kurt Cobain.

What these women have shared with me will of course remain private, but I thought I’d share the generalities, what we all seem to have in common:

So far, all women

None of us were fans, and barely knew who this spirit was.

All of us were a bit concerned we were crazy, but consistently received confirmation in a variety if ways confirming the identities of these former famous musicians.

Weird, eh?

My general take on all of this is this must be part of some grand scheme, some transition of our culture and our beliefs.

I hear John making a Bigger than Jesus joke. I was thinking that some people might be more open to hearing about peace and love from someone like George, rather than someone like Jesus.

I wonder, I wonder my friends, what do we have in store for us?


22 thoughts on “Neat timing – happy birthday George

  1. Ha! I’ll cop to being one of those women who see Kurt from time to time. He’s very comforting but not very talkative with me. 😉

    I got the impression that I’m supposed to start working on and teaching “meditation, mindful thinking, intuition, healing and learning” [just quoting your words, which struck me as a synchronicity.] Maybe George would be willing to help me out with that?


    • A while back, George said he’d help anyone who asks for his help. If you search through the archives you’ll probably find the entry – sorry, WordPress’ search tool brings up both comments and posts which makes it confusing when you search for “George”. Try ” George help”


      • I think I had a brief visit from John, George and Kurt last night. Still hard for me to trust whether it was real, but we’ll see what happens. 🙂 After I was searching Google images for something unrelated, and a picture of the Beatles popped up though, so that made me feel good. How did you start trusting that it was real?


      • It was a long series of “coincidences” that helped me get there, but mostly it was these conversations we’d have; they’d talk about things I didn’t know about, like health issues for example, and then I’d find out later that information was correct.

        With Kurt, I’d had my first conversation with him the night before, and then Sweetie downloaded the MTV unplugged show for me to watch. When Kurt started talking I blurted, “Hey, that sounds just like him!”

        Sweetie laughed.

        It’s nothing that would convince anyone else that we’re *really* talking to anyone at all, but things like that confirmed it for me, helped give me the confidence to write about it.


      • Ah, it sounds like your experiences have been similar to mine then. I remember talking to a spirit “teacher” and he gave me directions to start taking hemp tonic especially if I wanted to avoid cancer in the future. I had never heard of it and when I Googled it, I found out that hemp oil is believed to fight cancer or something like that (I don’t know if it’s really true or not, so don’t take my word for it). But it was neat because that was definitely not something I would have made up on my own.

        As for sound-alikes, I noted that I don’t really hear my spirit friends like they were in person. They don’t have accents for example. Like last night, George didn’t come through with an accent, but John did! I have no idea why that is, maybe because it takes less energy or telepathy doesn’t come with vocal inflections?

        It’s nice to have people to talk to about this. If we’re crazy, at least we’ll be crazy together!


      • I think there’s a point where our brains and bodies are *translating* the energy. John always came through with an accent for me, and Bob Marley always starts as a super-base, barry white voice, that gets higher as I tune my radio into his frequency. Bob’s pattern of speech is always very rhythmic, like a drum beat, and often Biggie’s is as well (bustin’ the mad rhymes.)

        Developing mediumship technique is a sheer experience, trial-and-error, hours logged skill. I explain it as the “spirit” communicating to me through “energy” and my body and brain will translate that energy into language, physical sensations, visuals etc. If I don’t have a reference built in my translation system for a name or word, my brain often finds the next best thing. Matieus becomes “Matthew” for example. Honestly the “psychic hearing” thing isn’t always as you might assume, like hearing someone talk in a stream of words. You’ll notice on the blog I often use (brackets) which is to indicate I’m streaming the closest approximation for the feeling / knowing they give to me, because they don’t always talk in actual English language. It’s handy because language is never a barrier. The French chef has no trouble talking to us, but I’ll get little gems like “You have found a hundred ways to kill your food a thousand times!” I’ll hear it in French, but immediately understand the meaning too.

        I tell ya, telepathic communication is the universal language, and it’s also humanity’s future language. I’m sure of it.


      • I find Johnny spends lots of time with me in the front passenger seat of car (when I’m alone). Also in the bathroom ( strange, I know). Anyone else experience this? I use to feel sooooo special. I have realized that Johnny will hang out with anyone that will listen…. HAHA…. He’s hysterically funny.


      • Oh jeez, I have a story. I have about ten blog entries I haven’t taken time to write yet. I’m hoping to get a few down soon, and one of them actually is a John in the bathroom story!

        He’s nervy, because I have a strict boundary, no spooks in the loo!


  2. I wonder to where all this is headed….I wish all the KC, GH and JL communicators could hold a conference. Wouldn’t that be a gas? I actually had this goofy OOB experience where I was on a bench with an African American psychic woman who was speaking to Kurt Cobain. We were both getting advice from two spirit guides on a bench next to us. We were able to ask any question we wanted. When I was done asking the guides my questions, I turned to the psychic and asked what KC says about his last incarnation. The psychic said that KC told her “It was like pulling off a band-aid. It went fast, and it stung.”


    • Yeah that could be fun. I think it would depend greatly on the atmosphere that was set, and hopefully it could be managed by someone who could facilitate respectful boundaries and a calm, grounded environment. When people are going through their “waking up” phase it’s very exciting and intense for them – some people want to bounce that energy around with other people, and some people prefer to be with it by themselves.

      There’s also a temptation to want to claim ownership over spirit friends, which I think is an ego thing – or to react emotionally when it becomes evident that other people have the same / similar / more intense relationships with the same spirit friends / guides who work with you. I’ve seen that come up when I write drafts of emails in reply to the ones I get – I have to go, “Wait, am I writing that to share information, or is that my ego talking?” It sneaks up on you.


      • Heh, I understand that ego thing totally. I felt very “unspecial” when I found out that some of my guides talk to many others as well. But at the same time, it helps to know that if others are talking to them that means my experiences are probably real and not just made up by my own subconscious.

        I’ve only ever done my communicating in private (except for one reading for a friend) and it would be interesting to share it with others in a group setting. I haven’t come across such a group where I live though.


      • I facilitated a group reading here with Bob Marley – a venue had a “reggae pancakes” event where they served pancakes for breakfast, played reggae music and I was off in the other room doing a little speech / channeling of Marley. It was neat because the room was full of friendly skeptics, and they all had a good experience. It was mostly men in that room, and marley had a lot to say about the role of men in the world.

        So yeah, I can see how it would be neat to get a few people in a room who’ve talked to George / john / kurt etc. At the same time there’s something in my brain that wants to put the brakes on it. Maybe it’s the same fear / insecurity that comes through everyone’s mind when they write to me, saying it’s okay if *I* think *they’re* crazy.

        I think I wrote the exact same letter to Linda Keen (author of John Lennon in Heaven) It’s a leap of faith, the first time you reach out and say something nuts like “I talk to dead rock stars” even if you’re reaching out to someone else who says they’re doing the same thing. Maybe it’s self-doubt, like, this person must *really* be talking to him, so she’ll be able to tell I’m actually crazy.

        Oh, I’m re-reading “The Electric Hummingbird” – an autobiography or sorts by a woman who had very similar experiences, but her rock star is still alive. Sammy Hagar. She experienced all the same sort of coincidences, synchronicities, and ultimately confirmations that brought her out of the crazy closet enough to write and publish a freaking book on her experiences. It’s a good read, if you’re interested.


  3. I’m the one who contacted Kate about George. “Trixie Wilbury” is a name I came up with one morning while giggling about what my Traveling Wilbury name would be. (Google it if you don’t know, it was one of George’s groups and they all had Wilbury names.) anyway, I’d always loved the Beatles, and George, but not in a “fangirl” kind of way. Not in the way I’m familiar with him now. He’s a joy to work with and he’s said the same thing to us….he’s eager to work with people. It’s odd, I wasn’t in a spiritual vacuum when he came to me, I attended church regularly, have a wonderful family. But I needed help. More than I realized. Turns out he was the man for the job. I love that I can be open with him about everything. No secrets. No guilt, no shame. I would never have felt comfortable discussing my sex life with Jesus. Sorry, Jesus, not your fault. By the way, did George ever get around to having that Friday sex talk? I’d love to hear what he has to say. 😉 he’s a real charmer.


      • Well, my clairaudient abilities are still in development, and with something as personal as this I’d want to make sure I was 100 % accurate before I start quoting the guy! But what I do know is that George *loved* women. He was, and still is, a hopeless romantic, when it comes to all forms of beauty, both inside and out. He’ll have you take a sudden turn when you are driving to show you something like a forest full of fireflies at dusk, or a golden moon rising through a pink sunset. He and John both had plenty of experiences with sex….but I do know George was full of magic and wonder at the world and seduction for him was more than likely very easy. Listen to his song “Let it Down” off of his All Things Must Pass album, if he hasn’t already had you pick that up. He was very quick to have me buy his records and his book, “I Me Mine.” Funny about his book: almost immediately after I invited him to help me, I had this sudden strong urge to buy his book and found myself running through the bookstore about 5 minutes before close since it seemed so urgent to buy it NOW. After talking to my friend, she said she had the same experience. Haha!

        A guest blog is a fascinating concept, though. I’d love to try sometime! However a verbatim conversation for me is very difficult at this point, and you seem to be at that point, as is my friend. So I’d be curious to hear what he’s got to say. 🙂


  4. I suppose each of our interpretations of the spirit would be so different, too. Also, in a timeless universe there could be an infinite number of versions of the incarnated Kurt Cobain…the one who took his own life, the one who was murdered, the one who never got famous, etc. So trying to get us all together might be like a NOVA episode on steroids….yikes. It was a fun thought. Hey, maybe in a different dimension we are all getting together!


  5. (takes very deep breath and edges forward, nudged by grunge boy with butt end of Fender Mustang…)

    Hello. I’m another one. I’ve been lurking here for the last few weeks since I was looking for a particular picture of Kurt for my personal art journal, googled ‘Kurt angel wings’, ‘accidentally’ clicked on Web rather than Images and came across your post of March 2nd. Kurt’s been with me for a few years now – he turned up when I was at a very low ebb (no, I wasn’t a Nirvana fan back in the day either) and, well, basically, here I am still breathing. He’s been helping me heal from a bunch of my own past issues, and I know I’m meant to be moving towards using art and creativity to help other people heal, mentally and emotionally, although I’m still working out with him exactly what that might involve. (I’m a writer, mixed-media artist and guitarist/songwriter – all of which, bar the writing, have only really started to take off since he’s been with me.)

    And of course, I absolutely have that ‘Oh God, please don’t tell me I’m crazy, don’t tell me I’m imagining this’ thing going through my head right now. So pardon me if I’m still a bit reticent about all this…I knew there were other people out there he was talking to, but I’d never actually come across any of them till now.


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