Animal Rescue Fundraiser soon, and Guest Blogger Trixie


Ahem!  So I’ve been very busy preparing for the promotion of the fundraiser I alluded to earlier.

If you’re a client of mine, you will probably have already received an email humbly requesting a testimonial of your experience so that I can share it on my website.  If you’re a client and you *haven’t* gotten that email request, and you’d like to write a little testimonial, I would be so appreciative!

The success of this fundraiser is going to depend on the exposure we can get, but ultimately it’s going to depend upon people looking at my professional website and deciding whether I am “the real deal”.  The main thing people check when deciding whether to book a reading is the testimonials page.

Please keep your eyes peeled for the CARE fundraiser email / update which will follow in a few days!

So with all of this preparation, I haven’t had a scrap of time to blog.  Thank goodness blog reader Trixie stepped up to share some of her experiences talking to George.  The following was taken directly from an email exchange between Trixie and myself, and is posted here with her permission.

I hope you enjoy today’s Premier Guest Blogger!


So, my idea was to maybe tell about my experience a bit. I already knew about my empathic abilities, and sensing energy, and some intuition. But I wasn’t seeing anything, my third eye was not even in my vocabulary. I considered myself “spiritual” but I had no idea it could go to the levels it’s going to now. When I asked George to be my “spiritual advisor,” I had NO idea what that meant. It meant, “Hang onto your hat, sister! You asked for it!” In the best, most amazing ways possible. Maybe there are people out there who are thinking like I did: I have no abilities, or not very developed, how could he communicate with me? He finds ways. He’s persistent, and as you become aware, you become more receptive to his messages.

It wasn’t always fun, of course. Not just sunshine, pretty days, and Beatles songs on the radio that were exactly right for the moment and answered my questions. Like you, I had to face some horribly painful buried memories. And break old patterns of behavior. (Still a work in process.) But every day I find my abilities are growing.

There are so many stories to tell, so many memories, even in the nine months or so he’s been around. My friend told me this: death didn’t kill him, it just made him stronger. Like Obi Wan. So I jokingly call him Obi Wan sometimes, or Obi Good. Obi Gentle.

I guess the point of this is that George will work with your strengths and the way he works with people is as individual as we are. It’s amazing to me. But it’s the same spirit, the same messages. I would probably blog about how it started and worked for me, coming from someone with practically zero experience with spirit communication. But I had an open mind, and an open heart. That last sentence was George. I can channel him much easier when I’m typing out a message or just talking. He sneaks things in.

Thank you for offering to let me be a guest,


One thought on “Animal Rescue Fundraiser soon, and Guest Blogger Trixie

  1. Hi, just wanted to say good luck with the fundraisier! Also, I’m Trixie, and I want to let people know if they have any questions about how this all started with George and what it’s been like to feel free to ask. I was a major skeptic before all of this started. But this is all very real, what Kate does is real. This is not a product of anyone’s imagination. A year ago, if you’d told me what my life would be like today, I would’ve laughed in your face. And walked away. But it’s the truth.

    If you’ve had an experience with Kate with a reading, and it was helpful, take a couple of minutes to write a testimonial. I run my own business myself and client testimonial are often cited as the reason people choose my business over another. With something like mediumship, people need to hear that it is real over and over again…and still sometimes there is doubt. I doubted it myself off and on for the first few months and it’s happening to me!



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