Internet Interrupted

Typical Mercury retrograde stuff, if you buy that explanation – the internet and phone lines are out in our area for an indefinite period of time. Hopefully only for a couple of days.

So if you’ve sent me an email, or commented on the blog, I won’t see it for a few days.

It should all be resolved shortly J

2 thoughts on “Internet Interrupted

  1. wow. so a week or so ago you post about the internet going away and it happens on a smaller scale. Did you manifest this with your thoughts? Or did you have a psychic moment and predict this? Either way all will be fine.


    • I don’t know. It was caused by someone’s vehicle slamming into a hydro poll and taking out Internet and phones for half the town. Lucky we didn’t lose power (again). No one was hurt.

      Maybe I picked up on something and my imagination ran with it?

      Last Saturday I took a class online through – paid for it and all, then the power went out the night before the class.

      Luckily the power came back on two minutes before the class started!


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