Dreaming of kittens part II

I don’t think I actually wrote about the other dreams Sweetie & I have been experiencing about kittens.

A couple of weeks ago, Sweetie had a vivid dream of Sunshine being in the oven. It was upsetting to her at the time, because the oven was ON, but Sunshine walked out of the oven unharmed if slightly warm. I thought, perhaps, it could be an amalgamation between the phrase “there’s a bun in the oven” and “a cat can have kittens in the oven but that don’t make ‘em biscuits”.

A dream I had around the same time was of picking up our two kittens, the Snowball and Leo returned kittens. I was watching them being born from a large white cat, who had either a damaged or missing tail. I understood at the time that it meant our kittens were “in utero”.

I asked Sunshine about the dream the following morning, and thank goodness Sweetie was there to remember the conversation. Apparently Sunshine had said that this white cat was a friend of hers, who consented to have our kittens. She is a “mostly outside” cat, but had access to a nice warm house where she could go inside to have the litter of kittens. She gave the impression of being a VERY independent cat who tended to keep her interactions with humans to a minimum, and I wondered if she was a stray.

So dreams, eh? Weird. I don’t think I blogged about it at the time… but it has since taken on a new significance.

Last night, our lovely friends Hernan and Satwant were visiting at our house, which may be the last in-person visit we get for a few months. On their way over to our house, they saw a cat they thought was Sunshine – a large white cat. They were talking to her, greeting her, and thought it was strange she was so far from our house. The cat ignored them, and then finally turned tail and walked away – which was when they noticed she did not have a tail.

They mentioned this to us casually last night, like, “Oh hey, we saw a cat that looked like Sunshine, but then she didn’t have a tail!” And then this dream I had came rushing back to me – the mother of our kittens, in this dream, was a white cat with no tail!

It never even occurred to me that when Sunshine said the cat who was birthing our kittens was a friend of hers, that it could be a cat in our very neighbourhood! We have never seen this white cat ourselves. Hernan and Satwant didn’t know about my dream, and I’d actually let it slip from my mind.

In the dream, our kittens were one white male, and one orange tabby.

While I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about Leo’s new body, because I want it to be easy for Leo to come back to me in whatever body manifests, I have been seeing a LOT of orange tabbies on my twitter and facebook feeds. Today, while I was riding my bike to work and thinking about this tailless female, the possible mother of our kittens, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. There, in the annex of the roof, I don’t know how he got there, was a large orange tabby. He had the pinched, slightly stressed look of a feral cat. Could this be our kitten’s father?

Twenty minutes later, as I was almost at work, ANOTHER large orange tabby showed himself to me. He walked out of the bushes, looked at me, and then went bouncing back into his yard to play with a small Pomeranian puppy. He was leaping high and athletically, and it reminded me of Leo when he was young.

I’m tempted to interpret all this as confirmation that Leo will be an orange tabby.

I’m beginning a search for the caretaker of that tailless white female. Think good thoughts for us!

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of kittens part II

  1. I guess I always just assumed that the white cat mother would be somewhere near you geographically, all the better to make sure you get to the kittens, right? I realize it’s only been a week since you posted this, but have you had any luck finding the cat or her caretakers?

    By the way, you have me dreaming of ginger kittens/cats now. LOL


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