Once in a while, the wolves will come into town. A few days ago, they were heard howling near the hospital. For a couple of months a huge, bold male has been seen trotting through town in the early morning. He looks into the windows of residents and stares at the domestic animals inside.

He is hungry and fearless.

Whenever a wild animal comes into town, here is what you can do:

Take three deep breaths. This clears your mind and gets you ready for “transmission”.

Picture the wolf clearly in your mind.


Picture him walking through the town, doing all the things he has been doing.

Then picture the humans, watching him, and feeling scared. Then say in your mind when you come into town and people see you, they get scared.

Wild animals of course don’t know verbal language, but it’s the *energy* that will transmit and be received. As long as you are very clear and picture clearly in your mind what you want to communicate, they will understand.

Next, see in your mind, what scared humans will do in response to a wolf in town. In our case, they will get a pack of beagles and guns. They will hunt the wolf down and shoot the wolf. Or they could come suddenly out of a house and shoot the wolf. Picture this from the human perspective, feeling the fear and anger. Then picture it from the wolf’s perspective – the surprise, fear and excruciating pain of being shot.

Picture all the blood, the fiery pain, the inability to walk, the terrible fear and helplessness as the wolf watches the human walk towards him with a gun to finish him off.

Then say, When humans are frightened, they will shoot you. You must run away. Picture him running away from people. Picture him walking on the outskirts of town. Picture him travelling only at night. Picture him being secretive. Then from the wolf’s perspective, feel in his body how caution of humans feels. Feel the precautionary fear that keeps him safe from harm. Smell the humans food and pets, and associate it with fear and danger. Picture him turning away from town and leaving. Then take three deep breaths and clear your mind. End transmission.

Send this message again and again over many days.

I have been doing this with the local wolves who have gotten bold enough to howl through town. There is the one large male, in particular, who just seems to be ignoring me… and sometimes that happens. That’s the thing with animal communication – just because they understand, that doesn’t mean they’ll do what you want. They are wild creatures of free will.

I asked the wolf why he continued to come into town. Does he have a message for us?

Where are the ducks? He asked. In recent years, we had a flock of white-fronted geese that wintered over in the downtown park. This year they didn’t stay.

“I don’t know,” I replied. Then I showed him the downtown construction. Maybe the noise bothers them, and they left.

He showed me all the noise in the backcountry – logging in progress. He gave me this feeling of anger and entitlement, and the sense of the town is rich with food. Showed me dogs running lose, cats. Public garbage cans.

I said, “There are so many people who are fighting for you.” Showed him the logging and the people who looked at it and saw it was wrong. “You must hide from people. When some humans see wolves, they get frightened. They will shoot you.”

He showed me travelling by himself. He showed me a bear mother travelling with her young cub, and how he tried to get the cub. He was a lone wolf at the time, and could not get the cub. He showed me how a pack would have distracted the mother so that one wolf could dart in and snatch the cub. He gave me the understanding that he had to go where he could get food.

I showed him the dump, and I showed him the long stretch of park land outside of town. There is food in there, and it’s safer from humans. The dump has rats (showed him rats leaving through the electrified fence that keeps bears out.) I showed him the long stretch of beaches and all the birds that land there, tired.

I got the sense that he was taking this information under advisement… and it was that night the wolves were heard howling through town.

I hope they have left.

28 thoughts on “Wolf

  1. You know it’s funny, I stumbled upon this painting, totally randomly on someone’s blog, a few hours after reading your latest post and the description next to it completely clicked and I felt I had to share it with you:


    St. Francis has popped up a few times in my own life in recent years, perhaps because I also love animals deeply and believe them to be on the same level as us and admire his dedication and understanding towards them. Maybe this is his way of saying he approves of your reaching out to the lone wolf? I’ve actually wondered if such a “transmission” would work as a way to warn animals of the savageness and violent actions of mankind. If only animals could be warned to be wary of poachers and hunters and flee in advance or defend themselves only against those who wish them harm and not attack innocent humans or their domesticated animals. There is a big misunderstanding/communication between our species, sadly. If only we could bridge that gap and go back to the way it used to be…It seems you have, and I think it’s wonderful that you can communicate with animals as you do and admirable that you’re reaching out to the hungry wolf. It’s clearly a Saint-approved move. More power to you. & him 🙂


    • That’s awesome! And another synchronicity… Recently I found myself reciting the prayer of St Francis. I forgot that I knew it, I was taught the prayer as a child attending catholic schools. When I stopped and truly took a look at the words I was amazed. “Lord, make me a channel of your peace.” There are no coincidences. It is moments like these that I truly believe we are all here for a purpose and that these are indeed amazing times to be on earth. Much love. Here is the prayer (not trying to get anyone to pray, just find it so beautiful)
      Lord, make me a channel of your peace,
      Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
      Where there is injury, pardon;
      Where there is doubt, faith;
      Where there is despair, hope;
      Where there is darkness, light;
      Where there is sadness, joy.
      O Divine Master,
      grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
      to be understood, as to understand;
      to be loved, as to love.
      For it is in giving that we receive.
      It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
      and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


      • Wow. This is an amazing prayer, thank you for sharing it. It’s kind of the prayer for my life, or what my life is transforming to become. It’s wonderful.

        I have very little religious instruction, however St. Francis has always been my go-to saint, along with Mother Mary and the “father”. Since childhood, I just picked up the vernacular to address these presences I felt.

        I knew who St. Francis was thanks to all the psychic books I read – he’s mentioned in Penelope Smith’s books, other animal communication books, Sylvia Browne’s books and Doreen Virtue’s books as the patron saint of animals. Whenever I was attempting a healing on one of my animals, and as they were on death’s doorstep, I prayed to St. Francis like crazy. Sometimes, I feel like he walks beside me. I’ve never had a conversation with him the way I have with other consciousness(es) but then again, I’ve never tried to engage him in conversation. Huh.

        Anyway, thank you for that.


      • Okay, this comment is very synchronistic for me too. I was reading the Ya-Ya sisterhood book last night, the part where the priest prescribed six “hail marys” to help Vivi cope with her alcoholism.

        I knew what the “our fathers” were – I had memorized the lord’s prayer in public school in the 90s before religious schooling was rightfully withdrawn from the public curriculum. (there were three kids that actually had to leave the room when we said the lord’s prayer, what a way to make ’em feel different, eh?)

        But I didn’t know what the hail mary prayer was, and I like the first line, which I knew from that same cultural osmosis.

        Hail mary full of grace.

        Lovely, eh?

        But as I go through this online list of common catholic prayers, there is no way I could ever devote myself to the whole thing in meditation. What’s all this about us sinners? Why do we keep addressing her in the context of the holy fruit of her womb?

        So I find it funny and delightful that you came here and dropped probably the only catholic prayer in my head that will ever stick – besides the lord’s prayer.

        As for the others, I find my brain automatically changing them, like:

        “I believe in fairies, guardians of the earth…”

        I actually really like the idea of a prayer that reinforces my positive beliefs. Maybe I’ll write one to suit myself.


      • Thank you for posting that prayer! I really enjoyed it and do feel it’s fitting. It’s full of great messages. I love life’s little signs & synchronicities. Makes it feel like all the craziness that happens has connections we can’t see. It’s comforting to think of someone as filled with compassion and love and Light as St. Francis being near…So much work going on in the background, behind the scenes. We may be tiny but we still have our parts to play 😀


    • Absolutely we can.

      One thing you can say to animals who are subjected to the cruelty of humans or human culture is:

      “There are so many people who are fighting to help you. There are many people (picture all the people who write letters, who speak good words, who teach their children kindness, who stand in front of protected habitat, who even lay down their own lives in protection of animals.)

      There are so many people who are working to change this.”

      Then you can remind them to picture a future that is different from their present and different from their past. For cows on their way to slaughter, for example, you can explain to them what heaven is like. Imagine a cow heaven, with lots of fields, grass, freedom and friends. You can tell farm animals to imagine themselves at a sanctuary, and picture what a sanctuary is like, and how it feels to be safe and loved.

      Just like people, animals can affect a new and different future with their thoughts.

      I will also send them love, surround them with bubbles of love, and I make sure to “backfill” my own heart chakra with the infinite love from the other side, so that I myself don’t get depleted or tired for my efforts.

      You can also send mercy vibes to the drivers and farmers of slaughter trucks, slaughter houses etc. Compassion has a way of creeping in. You can ask the angels to help the people perpetuating this cruelty to wake up and feel empathy for the animals around them.

      It works, it truly does.

      Even if we don’t see the immediate effects, that doesn’t mean nothing happens – you’re sowing the seeds of a new world with every thought.


    • St approved move – that’s hilarious 🙂

      Yeah, I think it’s important to remember that humans are also animals, complete with varying levels of instinct and hunting drive. Sweetie and I were just talking about the cold savagery of a wolf pack ripping the bear cub away from his mother – there would be nothing she could do.

      Just like the orcas in the video I posted earlier – they were terrorizing the sea lions. They sent two females in on radio silence to the interior part of the inlet, then the two females make a big noise and whipped the sea lions into a panic – driving them blindly towards the five orcas who mauled many if them. After crippling several sea lions, the orca boxed the wounded animals in so the babies could play with them and learn how to kill.

      They’re like dinosaurs – massive, powerful, merciless.

      So when we think about the savagery of humankind, I think it’s appropriate to remember the savagery of all predators.


      • Thank you for that. There is savagery and the old statement that animals “only kill for food” is absolute to the point of falseness. Remember the eagle proudly stating that they “massacred” the nesting birds in their territory?


      • Yes! I know, it makes me nuts when people speak in absolutes about animals. Some predators are utterly lacking in empathy, but that doesn’t mean they’re scary animals either. It’s just another way of being, neither superior nor inferior


    • It is absolutely possible and advisable to communicate in this way to animals like deer during hunting season. Another animal communicator – I’m not sure IV it was Dane brunke or Marta Williams, talked about advising the deer to come on to her property during hunting season – she had lots of signs forbidding hunting on her land.

      During hunting season, she ended up with something like 60 deer in her 10 acres.

      Another phenomena is cat and wildlife rescue – when word gets out that this house helps animals, they start presenting themselves for help.

      So yeah, DO IT! 🙂


      • That gives me much hope to know it’s possible to communicate and send love to animals. I’l definitely send more love their way! How do you go about “backfilling” your heart chakra with love? I should learn that because it’s hard not to tear up when I think about animals suffering (probably my biggest weakness/soft spot) and get too emotionally involved. I want to be compassionate without being too emotionally attached or affected. I’d love to give them comfort if I can.

        It’s true that nature is a savage place. It’s hard to watch what animals of prey do to predators. It can seem quite cruel but at the same time they’re acting out of instinct and a need to survive. They kill others to feast and nourish themselves so they can live. I can see how hard it would be for an animal to see out of a human’s eyes when the human’s intention is to kill for profit or sport. It’s not like how it used to be with native tribes that felt the animals they hunted were equals and asked God if was okay to take a life to feed their own, thank the animal for giving up its life, share the bounty with the tribe and use all the elements of the animal’s body so its life was not a waste. It’s different when someone just wants a deer head mounted on their wall or to make bank on selling the creature’s fur or tusks. Animals haven’t the same blind greed man has so it would be hard for them to understand why they are being killed for such a reason. To let them know how men behave could give them a heads up. I’d like to imagine animals sensing when a hunter/poacher approaches and getting the heck outta there before the gunmen arrive. It’s quite comforting to know that folk like you are sending the ones on their way to the slaughterhouse love and peace. I will start doing that too. Anything to ease the pain and fear the poor creatures have to face. Even though I feel teeny-tiny and insignificant it’s awesome to know I can do something to balance out the cruelty of mankind. Anything to help 🙂


      • I think it’s really important not to focus intensely on the suffering of the animal, which reinforces and perpetuates that reality, but instead focus on the good that is being done, the changes that are being made / happening, and to send them positive images of getting to a sanctuary, or getting to heaven and what that will be like.

        I try to remember whenever I say “Aww, poor animal” to change that thinking and send strong affirmations instead, like “I can imagine a future that is better than our past. The future is bright and amazing. The future is better than we can imagine!”

        It tough not to get sucked into the sadness of it all, but it’s important not to dwell on what’s wrong because *that* is going to suck the life out of you faster than anything. At least, that’s the way it is for me. Focus your thoughts on the positive things that are happening, and think of a way you can take action to support it, even if it’s just writing a kind email.

        Backfilling the heart chakra, it’s like feeling / receiving this river of love and strength from the other side directly into the back of me filling that heart chakra. Remember the care bears? It’s like if you were doing the “care bare stare!” with your heart and sending love and empathy out when you are facing a sad reality that needs to change, and the clouds / heaven / the love of the universe if fueling all that energy you’re sending out as fast as you need it, so you never get depleted.

        You start thinking about pain differently too. You can pray for the animals to leave their bodies so they don’t experience the pain and fear of their last hours, you can ask your friends on the other side to find people to help them.


      • That all makes total sense. Find the positives in the situation and the light in the darkness to bring the creatures suffering some comfort. That elusive silver lining. I can see how creating reality with our thoughts has a lot to do with what we’re feeling…that’s definitely something that can be applied to other aspects of life. A big challenge I find is not being dragged down by heavy emotions/vibes. I need to work on remaining empathic but not being as absorbent of the heavy vibes of others/situations. This sounds like a good way to start.

        Perfect visualization with the Care Bear Stare! I can totally use that to help me try and backfill my heart chakra. It sounds like it’s a way of tapping into the infinite love of the universe and being an instrument of that power to direct it at something specific. Right on. Sounds like a pretty awesome feeling. Thanks for all the advice 🙂


      • Exactly – and I totally get you feeling dragged down by all the suffering. I have *been there* and the place that road leads is not a happy destination.

        We’ve got t take responsibility for *ourselves* and our own state of being. It is okay to be happy and joyous in the midst of this world and our shared challenges. In fact, that is what I believe our friends on the other side want – just like they want us to be free of poverty and other forms of oppression.

        Getting dragged down by the sadness of the world is a way of oppressing ourselves, our own light, our own natural, birthright state of joyous being.

        I noticed that when I’m sick or tired or feeling run down – that’s the time I’m more likely to click on links to like, elephant rescues, animal experimentation etc – where I *know* intuitively I’m going to see images. If I do see one, I’m instantly there in the animal’s experience, and I think a lot of people go there.

        I think that with the internet and 60 years of animal rights activism, we generally know what goes on in labs, factory farms and basements around the country (and planet). So there comes a point where we have been educated, now we need to protect ourselves from these images that damage our energy – and if we’re confronted or obligated to address it, to build these tools of communicating with animals who have known these experiences and give ourselves – and the animals – something positive to do when we see this, rather than just absorb the sadness of it all.

        And observe yourself – I noticed that when I feel a little sick(ish) I’m more likely to eat crap food, which seems like a function of the same thing – matching my current energy with the news stories and food that resonates with it. When I feel good, I eat well. When I feel tired or sad, I am drawn to sad news and crap food.

        So it’s a matter of noticing these things and making loving changes.


      • I definitely think we almost unconsciously seek out more sadness or make poorer health choices when we’re low. Misery does love company and it’s easy to get stuck in a downward cycle. It seems to be a negative energy that likes being fed on more pain, convincing us we’re right to be so sad, encouraging more bad thoughts and feelings and feeding our brains the lie that we’re supposed to feel and behave in such a way. It can be hard to get on an upward path again. I think a lot of it is remembering or trying to internalize the idea of self-worth. Being worthy of joy & happiness even if so many out there are suffering. Not to feel guilty about being happy. I notice that I inadvertently “vacuum” up the issues/angst my friends trail around & instead wish to stay detached enough to be the strong friend they need and not drown along with them in their sorrows. That helps no one. Does backfilling the heart chakra help in that regard? Trying to heal our companions instead of being affected by their pain? It seems compassion fueled by strength is really the way to go…


      • Oh jeez, I think there are a lot of different things you’re speaking to here.

        Backfilling heart chakra is something I was talking about in the context of already being balanced and maintaining balance.

        If you’re making choices that keep your vibration lower and cause imbalance in whatever physical/energetic/emotional body, then backfilling just one chakra isn’t going to fix that imbalance.

        First things first – fix yourself before helping others, otherwise helping others will perpetuate imbalance in health, finance, friendship, everything.

        Does that make sense in relation to your comment?


      • It does actually. I do realize I sounded a bit scattered in my questioning, which I probably was. I’m about to enter a very emotionally heavy situation with a close friend who is dealing with multiple issues and being as sensitive/absorbant as I am, I want to find a good way to build up a strong sense of inner strength so as not to be weighted down by her almost palpable feelings of despair and depression and instead bring her some light and joy and positivity. I need to stay high amongst the lows, as it were. After reading your awesome suggestions on sending healing and loving thoughts to animals suffering, I wondered if perhaps I could do the same with friends who are also suffering, albeit in (thankfully) completely different ways. Being quite balanced in order to do so makes total sense. Can’t fix anyone until you fix yourself first.


      • Thank you for the link and advice about grounding and protection. I searched your blog and many entries popped up which I look forward to reading through. Lotsa good stuff on this site 🙂 Hopefully now I can learn how to bring my friends up instead of being dragged down.


      • Yeah, and sometimes it’s about letting go of the expectation of bringing anybody else up. Whatever they are doing is exactly what they need to be doing, because these are the choices they are making. All you can do is offer a different way, but the pitfall is getting emotionally invested in the decision they actually make.

        It’s a tough one too, because you want them to be making different choices, so it’s tough if they choose to put themselves through the same thing over and over.

        It’s up to them to break their own patterns, and it’s up to you to maintain your own energetic hygiene, by not picking up their shit and carrying it with you or spreading it around. (*sings* Drama!)


      • Totally true! I find most drama in my life belongs to other people and I’m just suddenly pulled into their soap opera. I logically know it’s not possible to save anyone else and that people have to want to change in order to do so but the empathetic emotions have a harder time matching up with that. It’s true she must break her old habits & patterns just as I must not fall into the same wannabe pseudo-savior role and just be supportive and let her make her own choices, destructive or not. I dreamed recently that she and I were dropped out of the sky & into the ocean, a thick rope attaching us, tied around my left wrist and to her right one. It was terrifying but I tried to tell her we had to swim together or we’d sink. She started to panic and cry and want to give in, believing it was hopeless & pointless and I told her that I couldn’t save her without her help and that if she gave up I would drown with her. Pretty straightforward symbology right there I suppose…


      • I was thinking about you while listening to another Aleya Dao podcast, where she was talking about the same thing.

        She talks about “holding a safe space” for people to be with whatever they’re experiencing. It’s a place completely free of judgment & expectation; including the judgment and expectations you might have of yourself to actually solve this person’s problem.

        It’s similar to what my sister was telling me she was learning in addiction & mental health training to service first nations people. Culturally, a lot of us want to do interventions or tough love, or make someone realize their mistakes. My sister was learning about aboriginal cultures where you just sit and be with the person, wherever they are, through whatever they are experiencing, without expectation or judgment.

        Laura Stinchfield talked about a similar approach, because she sometimes deals with really clueless people who are mistreating their animals and don’t know why they’re having behavioral issues. The second you start to get judgmental it begins to burn you out.

        That said, Laura has stated, “I’m taking your dog. You can’t have your dog anymore,” to someone who used to beat their dog because it was barking.


      • That expectation-free “safe space” sounds pretty ideal. Especially going into it knowing that I needn’t try and fix anything but just let my friend know I’m there and support and love her, regardless of what happens. My biggest challenge is changing the previously made dynamic/structure of our friendship. I’ve been the more supportive & strong friend and I’m happy to still support her but not to the point where I fall over or get pulled down by the weight of her needs or outright despair. I must let go of the idea of having to save anyone else (since saving ourselves can be a big enough challenge) & break this habit I have of being like a Wendy Darling to all these Lost Girls & Boys who are my friends. I’m too soft for tough love but I see where intervention is necessary if it becomes violent or harmful but hopefully it won’t become that extreme. Thank you for all this advice and wisdom. It’s really helping right now and easing my anxiety towards the upcoming situation 🙂


  2. You are very welcome, everything for a reason as they say. I had to laugh at the Hail Mary thing. I do say Hail Mary’s out of habit and have no idea what it all means. I remember during one of my
    c-sections I asked the Dr how much longer and he said not long. I replied..like how many more Hail Mary’s do you think Ill go thru? (I think that was exatly 24 years ago today. Son’s bday today)

    Anyway, I change prayers all the time now. A dear friend of mine reminds me, prayers are what We want them to be. There is no right or wrong. Someone wrote it because that is what they needed. I agree.
    So here is to…the rewording of prayers so that they that may serve our greater good. Cheers!

    oh yeah and funny thing…I got busted this morning by another runner when I was talking to a bunch of cardinal birds 🙂 She didnt really say anything but the look on her face was. Did you just stop running and say “hey there!” to the birds? Yep! and I talk in my baby talk voice to the deer as well. They love it, cocking their heads and making eye contact. Sure, Im probably nuts, but arent we all?


  3. I remember singing the Prayer of St. Francis at mass as a kid – the song recently came back to me during meditation and it brought me great peace. As for “Hail Mary”, I’ve taken the liberty of changing “Pray for us sinners…” to “pray for us HUMANS” – I know she doesn’t mind. :-).

    Amazing blog okay Kate!

    Thank you!


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