Do it yourself Past Life Learning

I wrote this in response to Nikki’s comment on the previous entry, and then I realized this needed to be its own entry.

If you’re interested in learning about your own past lives, you can do it on your own. One way is this:

Prepare yourself in a way that has you feeling relaxed and safe. No one should interrupt you, and you should be able to fall asleep afterwards so that what you learned can "set".

Preparation can be a nice bath, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, anything that will calm down that inner monologue in your own mind. This is good to do on a regular basis anyway, so you can learn what a quiet mind feels like!

Once you’re ready, ask for someone to step forward to help you learn about a past life. You can also add qualifiers like, "I want to learn about a past life that influences my health / whatever phobia / whatever thing you want to release in your current life."

Then give your imagination permission to just run with whatever comes. This experience can feel a lot like you being a little kid and playing "let’s pretend" games. Forget about doubt or self-editing, who cares if what you’re experiencing is believable? You don’t have to tell anyone. This is a private experience for you.

You’ll sense / feel / see in your mind’s eye / imagination someone come forward to help you. They’ll ask for permission to work with you, and you can assess how safe you feel with them.

If you feel safe, take their hand.

They will lead you where you need to go, kind of like the Ghost of Christmas Past did for Scrooge.

That’s it!

Then there’s aftercare – this is why it’s important for you to be left in peace, phones unplugged, wifi turned off etc. You need to be able to sit with whatever information and whatever you’re feeling, so that you can integrate it. It might be a feeling of overwhelming love, or confusion, or as with me, vulnerability. Your spirit friend can and will stay with you until you tell them you’re okay. In general, I ask mine to be with me all night.

I also tend to feel them with me the following days too, checking in on me.

It’s a wonderful feeling of being loved and cared for, helped, supported. And although past life memories can be sad or scary, the emotion or trauma will fall away from the memory and you can incorporate the information as part of your background, as part of how you understand yourself and your relationship with the world today and your current incarnated form.

There are a lot of theories about how often or how many past lives we have had… I encourage you to search the blog for "soul bubbles" to learn more about how complicated a question "How many past lives have I had?" can be – and that’s considering time as linear. You have future lives too, that can be explored in the same way.

*kapow goes the mind hole!*

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