Past life recall, health and healing.

Interesting past life recall last night.

For the past couple of weeks, as I lay down to sleep, I’ve noticed George show up beside me to rub my feet. Weird eh? I figured it must have something to do with whatever we were doing after I went to sleep, or maybe it affected the quality of my sleep, or maybe it was balancing my energetic body somehow.

I never asked him why, because by the time I notice it the part of my brain that asks such questions is already asleep. It has just become this routine. Almost asleep and Oh yeah, there he is again.

It’s nice, and I’d never reject a foot rub.

Well last night, in addition to George, I had another spirit friend pop in, who shall at this time remain nameless because for some reason I’m struggling with coming “out” with this one. Want to test your own psychic skills and try to guess? I’ll give you a hint – it’s yet another male energy.

Last night New Friend shows up while George is handling my feet in this loving way, and I suddenly get this fear I used to get right before going into a past life recall. I just sat with the fear for a minute, New Friend offered his hand, there’s George sitting at my feet, and this memory just floated down to me.

It wasn’t anything like the past-life recalls I’ve experienced before, where I was virtually re-living parts of it. It was like this past life of mine was a blanket floating in the ether, and it gently descended onto my body and my mind, and in that moment I completely remembered what I needed to know from that life, just as though the memory was already there.

Oh. I said to myself.

In this past life, I recalled being a woman in China with bound feet. I understood this lifetime of restriction as a result of my feet, and I accepted it without protest or question. My feet caused me pain and illness, but these were not things to be avoided or denied in life, they were simply there, like breathing. There was no sense of *suffering* in this life, although there was fear and vulnerability of not being able to run when I felt like I needed to get away.

The thing about having bound feet that I loved, especially as an older woman, was the daily care and attention I received. My daughter / daughter-in-law (not sure which, but we loved each other) would bathe, doctor and dress my feet every evening. It was the only loving contact I ever received in my whole life. It was the only time I was ever touched with tenderness and caring. These feet which caused illness and imbalance were the only reason I felt love.

And so this is where my illness = love & care association began. This recalled memory was appropriate for me now at this time when I am reprogramming my body, my cellular and energetic structure, to be perfectly healthy and strong for the rest of my life. I needed to recall the origin of my desire for illness in order to release it.

Suddenly it explained a lot about my current physical body too, little quirks I’ve always had, like a tendency to stand or walk on the outside arches of my feet, knees locked. When I stand in this posture, my pelvis locks in the same restricted position, which is shadowed in the low-back tension I’ve had for almost two decades, (recently released through a month of gentle yoga postures.)

It explains the immediate familiarity when I first sat in the kneeling yoga posture. It lined up my spine perfectly, but my feet felt so huge! I thought they felt like giant flippers, and I could only sit in kneeling position for a few minutes at a time before the pain in my feet forced me to move.

It was funny too that I kept working at such an uncomfortable posture for me, only because I loved the way my back lined up. I literally said to myself, “The pain in my feet does not matter.”

It was after listening to one of Aleya Dao’s healing meditations while sitting in this kneeling posture and declaring I was ready to let go of fear, that I received the healing that released my low back. After I released the posture, I lay on my back, knees tucked up to my chin, and I rocked back and forth a bit – CLICK! My back was fixed.

Even as I type this I just noticed how again I am sitting with my legs crossed, and the foot that has contact with the floor is curled so that only the outside arch of my foot is making contact.

That life I spent with bound feet was a time of imbalance, literally and energetically. I could never become grounded once I could not walk barefoot on the ground. My feet barely touched the ground, and everything I experienced in that life, all the emotions and illness, was stored in my energetic body without a pathway of release.

I asked New Friend to stay with me all night, and he did, which I know because I woke up several times and he was there, reassuring me I was not alone. There’s something about past life recall that makes me feel very vulnerable and frightened for a time, and having a friend there to oversee and be a protector of sorts is incredibly reassuring.

When I moved through some brief “wake up” yoga stretches this morning, where I reconnect with my body and realize it has been completely healed & restored through the night, I felt a new wave of utter gratitude as I said my exercise mantra: Thank you for this body that is so healthy, well-balanced and strong.

12 thoughts on “Past life recall, health and healing.

  1. Oh hey, I just remembered something.
    A long time ago (like maybe a year ago) we were talking to Happy (the dog) trying to figure out why he kept wigging out any time I would touch your feet. Then you had a realization that you’d had a life where your feet were injured and that there might be some residual vulnerability around that that you were projecting, that he was picking up on so he felt like he needed to protect you. I don’t think you’d placed it in context at that time though, just an understanding that feet = vulnerability.


      • It’s true. Actually I think we have that in common.
        I was thinking also about how New Friend was talking about these lives I spent in strong, male bodies, and how I never had to work very had to get people to listen to me because I had this commanding presence. Now I’m in a smaller female body, remembering how to be. I realized that that’s Happy’s situation too because he’s used to being big dogs, and he gets confused/frustrated when people and other dogs don’t take him seriously. Sometimes we snap at strangers, but we’re working on it. 🙂


      • Yeah, you’re totally right! You and Happy have parallel lessons. Awww. 🙂

        Yeah, Happy looks at me sometimes and is like, “Next time, I’m coming back big again. *sulk*”

        I always thank him for coming in small for me.


  2. So cool!! I am actually jealous as I would love to know my past lives. , Don’t you just love love when things click and finally make sense.?

    Ok…Ill guess MJ or Elvis lol.
    The only reason I brought those two up is because MJ is around me a lot and I had a recent dream about Elvis that then lead to a George and John moment.
    Have a good weekend.


    • Nope!

      Actually I’d have no issue writing about MJ or Elvis. I think a year or so ago Sweetie & I had a conversation with those two, within minutes of each other some Sunday morning. It was more to satisfy our own curiosity, and I never really knew what to think of Michael, given all the accusations leveled against him and his very public childhood exploitation. I guess I just wanted to understand what he was about.

      Neither he nor Elvis really *clicked* with me in a lasting way, though, which is just a personal thing for me. It was just a one-time conversation and then off they went. I don’t think we even discussed anything particularly profound.

      If you’re interested in learning about your own past lives, you can do it on your own. One way is this:

      Prepare yourself in a way that has you feeling relaxed and safe. No one should interrupt you, and you should be able to fall asleep afterwards so that what you learned can “set”.

      Preparation can be a nice bath, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, anything that will calm down that inner monologue in your own mind. This is good to do on a regular basis anyway, so you can learn what a quiet mind feels like!

      Once you’re ready, ask for someone to step forward to help you learn about a past life. You can also add qualifiers like, “I want to learn about a past life that influences my health / whatever phobia / whatever thing you want to release in your current life.”

      Then give your imagination permission to just run with whatever comes. This experience can feel a lot like you being a little kid and playing “let’s pretend” games. Forget about doubt or self-editing, who cares if what you’re experiencing is believable? You don’t have to tell anyone. This is a private experience for you.

      You’ll sense / see in your mind’s eye / imagination someone come forward to help you. They’ll ask for permission to work with you, and you can assess how safe you feel with them.

      If you feel safe, take their hand.

      They will lead you where you need to go, kind of like the Ghost of Christmas Past did for Scrooge.

      That’s it!

      Then there’s aftercare – this is why it’s important for you to be left in peace, phones unplugged, wifi turned off etc. You need to be able to sit with whatever information and whatever you’re feeling, so that you can integrate it. It might be a feeling of overwhelming love, or confusion, or as with me, vulnerability. Your spirit friend can and will stay with you until you tell them you’re okay. In general, I ask mine to be with me all night.

      I also tend to feel them with me the following days too, checking in on me.

      It’s a wonderful feeling of being loved and cared for, helped, supported. And although past life memories can be sad or scary, the emotion or trauma will fall away from the memory and you can incorporate the information as part of your background, as part of how you understand yourself and your relationship with the world today and your current incarnated form.

      There are a lot of theories about how often or how many past lives we have had… I encourage you to search the blog for “soul bubbles” to learn more about how complicated a question “How many past lives have I had?” can be – and that’s considering time as linear. You have future lives too, that can be explored in the same way.

      *kapow goes the mind hole!*

      Actually, I’m going to post this as a new entry – thank you Nikki!


  3. After you speaking with a variety of scientists and musicians, not to mention Jesus, I’m surprised to know that there is anyone you would struggle with mentioning. Was the camo four wheeler a hint? If so, it went right past me. LOL The only name that kept going through my head was Buddha (and I keep seeing a round, bald male face that could be Buddha, Alfred Hitchcock, or Winston Churchill) but you talked to Jesus so Buddha wouldn’t have been a big deal, and I can’t picture the other two being hard to admit to. (Aw, see, now I have to go listen to Supertramp’s “Fool’s Overture” after Churchill coming to mind.)


    • I’ve had “love train” in my head all day since writing that post, and I don’t think that’s exactly a hint. It’s more what he’s doing.

      People all over the world
      Join hands!
      Join the Love Train, the Love train, yeah!

      Yes, he picked both of the pictures in the post, and I can only assume they’re clues.

      Why the f would I put a four-wheeler in the post, anyway? I have no idea why he wanted that in there. I assumed it’d be a clue for somebody.

      Anyway, I’d apologize for the teaser but I’m not sorry at all! Haw!

      Yeah, I haven’t actually agonized over anything like this since my very first John Lennon post. I probably just need a bit of time to feel more comfortable.


    • You may be getting something by the way. The bald male face is not the spirit, but probably someone else’s photo I was looking at a lot yesterday. He is a large bald man, but he’s alive. And were I to tell you who that person was, I’d probably give away who this other person is.

      So close, my dear Kitty, but no cigar!

      (And it’s not Freud.)



      Do not try to think about this logically. Quiet your mind. Maybe do the same prep as described in the ‘do it yourself past life learning’

      Then ask who held my hand last night.

      The very first thing that pops into your head is likely the answer, even if it’s illogical. He’s going to help you, he loves this stuff! 🙂

      Try it! And EMAIL YOUR GUESS TO ME ( so that it doesn’t influence others who want to try this exercise. If someone gets it and posts it in the comments, other people won’t get a chance to try.

      Ready? GO!


      • Ha! That’s what I was trying to do (but in a somewhat distracted way because my ponytail was too tight) when I got the images of the bald guy. So I’ll go back and try it again later (sans pony tail) and email you if I get anything.

        Funny you should have posted The Love Guru poster image — I’ve been reading lately and his last two posts have been “The Foolproof Guide To Becoming A Guru”, a tongue-in-cheek guide to becoming a guru. (I’ve also been looking at maybe watching the documentary “Kumaré”, where a guy decides to pretend he’s a guru and film people’s reactions. I’m conflicted about it because it’s a mix of funny in a Borat kind of way but it’s also kind of cruel.) So silly gurus have been on my mind lately.


      • So we are learning! Excellent, my young disciples *evil finger tent* it is all falling into plaaaace… Muah – muah – MUAH HA HA HAAA!

        But seriously, two people have emailed so far and have correctly hit upon the personality!

        TIP: do not attempted to “interpret” or draw conclusions on what you get – just say what you get and REMAIN OPEN!

        Then try to ask for details to fill in the blanks, like: old or young? Fat or thin? Talk or short? Sad or happy?

        Sometimes honing your psychic skillz is playing 20 questions!

        Eventually you will program your brain to ask these questions automatically, and through experience and trial and error, you will find the information comes faster and more accurately!

        Be brave! This guy is committed to visiting any one of you who want to try.

        Talk out loud too, (not only in your head) they can hear you!


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