Channeling Mother Earth

New Friend’s been hanging out, giving me some pretty cool ideas. One of them was, “You’re a medium – channel your money! Talk to your money!”

It’s funny, I never thought to do such a thing – have a conversation with the energy that is my money. I’ll do it in the near future, and I encourage you all to do it as well.

The second thing he suggested yesterday was in response to what has become constant background noise in our life: HUMANITY IS RUINING THE PLANET. Or so some would have us believe.

I think I’ve written previously in this blog that I don’t believe for a second that we’d be here one minute longer than Mother Earth wants us to be here. Like children, we’re dependent upon our mother the Earth for our very existence in these bodies. We’re utterly vulnerable, and as Kurt pointed out (I think it was Kurt if memory serves) that it’s not the big things like earthquakes or asteroids that would remove us from the planet – it would be our normal flora. The teeny tiny bacteria in every one of our guts that we need to survive. Like the “lysine contingency” in Jurrasic park, that’s our “abort mission” button as a species on this planet. The second Mother Earth withdraws consent for us to be here – we won’t be here.

Not that I think it’s okay to continue to mine and burn fossil fuels for friggin everything when we have the technology to convert to sustainable power. It’s not acceptable, and of course we need to change our culture, our society, the way we as a species manages ourselves on the planet.

Yet we must, for our own peace and well-being, be able to live in a world where fracking exists (at least for now) without taking all that anger and pain and incorporating it into our souls.

At this point in my mental rhetoric, New Friend says, “Well, why don’t you talk to the Earth and see how she feels?”

Oh, of course.

I think I’ve also written previously about how the earth itself has an energy “consciousness”. Everything does – plants, rocks, even manufactured things like cups and saucers. At this point I could get side-tracked into how one might define consciousness, but that’s not the point I’m trying to write about at the moment. All I need to say right now is that as a medium, I can hold a carrot and have a conversation of sorts with it. Learn where it grew, how that felt (as a carrot) whether there was a lot of noise, whether the sunshine was natural or artificial, how it was harvested.

It bit me in the butt yesterday when, in a “I really need to eat chicken” fit I bought a grocery store chicken, took a bite and immediately knew this bird had been dead for over a week. It was fucking disgusting. Yes my body animal really wanted chicken, so it kind of felt like being starving and eating out of a garbage can. I’ve *got* to source better food animals.

Back to Mother Earth: I grounded myself, and asked:

“How does it feel when (showed her the oil fields, the fracking images, the tar sands)?”

She answered immediately, and it was not what I expected. I’ll paraphrase in English, what came in as clairsentience: I am incredibly joyful that my children are growing up!

(Showed me a female dog with a litter of puppies. The puppies were nursing and cutting teeth – they occasionally bit their mother and hurt her, yet she felt proud her puppies were growing up, strong enough to cause her mild pain. She would gently and firmly teach the puppies to not hurt her, yet she did not judge or condemn or feel angry or victimized by being bitten by her children – she was so joyful her children were growing.)

My human children are growing. (Shows me the time span of all human history on planet earth, and the time in which we’ve engaged in hurtful practices with regards to pollution, oceans, forestry and mining is such a brief blip in the history of her existence as a being that it really is just like a sharp nip, one that quickly passes and causes no real lasting harm.)

She assures me of this mechanism of rapidly rebuilding / regaining balance, and shows me the normal flora – there’s a biological chemistry for the oceans, and she’s showing me humans adding something green to the oceans and suddenly the ocean bursts into life again. In a very short period of time, life in the ocean thrives again. Nothing is irreversible. She shows me the time of humanity, as we “wrap up” this three-dimensional human experiment, where we assist her with resorting her balance, and that this is centuries of learning to speak directly to her, to nature spirits, to live in harmony, and I keep hearing “the golden age” – like it’s humanity’s mission accomplished, and so humanity becomes stewards of the earth, and that this is already true of other planets.

She also knows / shows humanity becoming more transparent / higher frequency, less dependant / in need of sustenance gained by removing actual three-dimensional raw resources from the earth, like trees for houses and heat. We will have no need of artificial housing and heating.

“Why do you think (humanity was created) with the need for these things? So that (humanity/you) could learn these very lessons. (Feeling of joy and “you are growing up!)

flashes me a 16 year old totaling his first car (sounds of joyful laughter – it’s all learning!)

flashes at me the images that built in my imagination after I read the book “Planet Two”. That “life” on earth is not just in our current dimension, but it is thriving upon / with the earth in many higher frequencies that we can barely perceive in our bodies.

Reassurance we are loved, we are doing exactly what we should be doing, what is expected in our development, and that the point of this environmental crisis is to create this opportunity for our soul collective as the species of humanity to overcome and to heal it, which is the completion of the circle, the great sphere, just like her, as she is a reflection of all that is and shall be, as are we all perfect children, as we are all loved so utterly and completely by all our creators, in heaven and especially the mother of our bodies, our mother the Earth.

I was also given to understand that *right now* our job of learning in response to this crisis is to assist in our culture’s evolution towards our future balance, and to hold in our minds the future of humanity, living literally in peace and harmony.

There are so many assisting us to this outcome, and ultimately, it’s inevitable.

So my obligation to Mother Earth is not necessarily to live without a car. This would restrict my learning and development in many ways, as there is a lot of travel in our future. It is not my job to live in a house barely or unheated by our electric baseboard heaters. It is our job to work with what we have available to us, to make each decision every day that feels intuitively right to us, and not to carry guilt but instead to carry hope.

7 thoughts on “Channeling Mother Earth

  1. Yeah. You know, I believe it’s wrong to hold all this “rape of the earth” anger in our hearts. That is not the right language at all, for a lot of reasons! It’s all about perspective, and it makes sense to be concerned for our survival as a species, but the Earth? She’s going to be fine.

    I’ve been saying for years, “Nature ALWAYS wins.” In this way, I refused to see the earth as a victim, it just didn’t seem right. Lately I’ve been firmly rejecting the idea that she’s even angry. She’s not! Sure, we need to shape the fuck up, but she’s our MOM, she will help us through it! We don’t need to be afraid of her, she wants to take care of us.

    You know that saying, God doesn’t give you a challenge you can’t handle? Ditto, Mother Earth. Yeah, we’re hard on her, but she’s helping us, and we’re learning, and we’re having all of these experiences and feelings and thoughts we couldn’t have without living on a planet that is going through all she’s experiencing.

    So let’s be frickin’ GRATEFUL! Thank you, Gaia for all you do to birth humanity into our next stage of being! We love you!


    • My father and I have had frequent conversations over the last couple of years about how the Earth could just shrug us out of existence the minute we become too much of a problem. *We* don’t have to be on the planet for the planetary entity to continue to exist and thrive.

      Gratitude, I think, is the thing. The main problem we seem to have as a species in general is that we have this greedy idea that everything exists solely for its usefulness to us; it’s all about me, me, me. So we take more than we should — or we rebel strongly and advocate taking nothing at all — when really the middle road seems to be the road to take, the road where we use and enjoy what is provided with gratitude and not greed. But again, that analogy of being children or puppies is so apt. Children can be greedy and self-centered and lacking in judgment as they’re growing and learning. But hopefully they grow out of it. So can we.


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