New Friend’s Secret Identity – REVEALED!

My agonizing is finally over.  Thank God!

We had a lot of good guesses and no one got it!  I have a sneaky suspicion he popped into some people’s heads, but they wrote off their initial reaction because of who he is.  Surely, Kate would not have an issue with this guy, eh?

It’s Erik Medhus.

erik 1

I hope you’ll understand my hesitation, my worry about posting this one.  Erik is a different kind of famous, and, AND he already has a full time blog his Mom is busting her butt over!  Seriously dude?  You talk to so many mediums, why do you want to talk with me?


Ha, right as I wrote this a new CE blog email popped up.

Okay – It started over a year ago when a client asked me to ask Erik what would help with depression.  I had never spoken with Erik before, but he was right there answering before this guy was done asking:

Go see the therapist lady with the big tits.  That way, not matter what, you’ll leave feeling better.

I don’t remember anything else about that session, but I do remember that gem of Erik Advice.

The second time was a few months ago when I was trying to get in touch with the deceased female relative of another client.  I couldn’t seem to get her, which sometimes happens, and as usual someone else was stepping forward.

“I’ve got a young male with a big smile and…”

“ – *gasp* is it Erik?”

Erik begins laughing.

“Uh, he’s laughing and nodding.  Is he another relative?”

“He’s Erik Medhus, from the Channeling Erik blog!”

Oh for heaven’s sake!  I will admit this pissed me off for a second – here I am trying to do this *utterly serious* work of helping this client reach a dead relative and this kid busts in on the sacred space of the reading?  WTF??  In a flash I remembered the eye-rolling one liner of advice from months earlier, and I thought “BEHAVE, You!”  But it seemed that Erik and this client were already good friends, so all was well.

These initial encounters slipped into the back of my memory and I continued as I had been going, until I read the Mother Theresa entry and posted about it on this blog.  That seemed to clinch things somehow, and Erik began to pop into my head all the time.

Riding my bike, there’s Erik.  At work, scrubbing a speculum, there’s Erik.  At home watching a movie, cooking supper, playing with the dog, there’s Erik, peeking in, offering to engage in conversation.  He is a lot of fun to have around, so I didn’t mind, but it was getting quite intense.  He even broke my “bathroom rule” (no spooks in the shower) and popped in while I was in the bath!  (Which is technically not the shower, as he points out.)

All the while I kept pushing him away, I was still stuck on this idea that I have to keep a separation between me and the Channeling Erik blog.  See, we Aries can be a bit stubborn.

“Erik, you talk to so many different mediums – why do you want to talk to me?”

Shows me the blog, shows me the ripples of people connected to it, shows the ripples pulsing outward and getting more intense, shows me Elisa, gives me a grin and says “Join the party, Babe!”


So there was my week or so of agonizing.  How the fuck do I contact his mother and say, “Hey, you don’t know me but I know your dead son…”  I said, “Okay, dude.  Just let me think about it.”

Later that night, I was looking at my iphone and I decided to look for new podcasts.  I’ve been listening to my main four: Laura Stinchfield (pet psychic) Karen Hagar (regular psychic) Dan Savage (sex advice) and Lisa Williams (British psychic).  Yet I was suddenly possessed with the idea of new content.

I opened the search and Erik started to shout:  SEAN AND JEN!  SEAN AND JEN!  SEAN AND JEN!

I would be inclined to spell “Sean” as “Shawn” but he was yelling the spelling at me somehow too.  I did remember mention of a show on the CE Blog, but I hadn’t investigated until this point.

Search for Sean and Jen and Channeling Erik!  Five podcasts popped up.  Download!

I spent the next day at work unpacking medical supplies and listening to Sean, Jen, Elisa (learned I’d been mentally miss-pronouncing her first AND last name) Jamie and of course, Erik.

For the first time in over a year, I was again questioning my sanity.  I was questioning my motives.  I was worried what other people might think (ridiculous) and I wanted to respect Jamie’s work and not horn in on this thing in which she was ALREADY participating.   I wasn’t feeling very confident, so I said to Erik, “Okay, I need your help with this.  If I really am talking to the same Erik that’s in this podcast, I need you to *prove it to me* until I am convinced!”

At that point in the podcast, we came to a commercial break.  I started to hit the “forward 15 seconds” button to skip through it, which results in hearing pieces of words, like flipping TV channels quickly.  Then the pieces of words started matching up to make new words.

Fuh-k!  Sh-hit!  Ass!  T-its! 


Hilarious!  Nice one Erik, and very clever!  Score one, but I need more.  I haven’t put any spirit through the ringer like this since we first started talking to John.  I even tried to convince him he could remain “anonomous friend” on my blog, and that there would be some sort of advantage to this.

That is BULL – SHEEIT and you know it!

And just like John, Erik came through – in this gentle, humorous, utterly persistent manner, he came through in a thousand tiny ways in the next week.  At one point, a guy was yelling in the hospital, “ERIK!  HEY ERIK!”  At other times, I’d be thinking about my hesitation on moving forward with this, and in that moment the podcast would skip forward and Sean would be saying, in that deep, confident voice of his, “You can’t let fear hold you back from what you’re meant to be doin’.”

Some of it was funny, some of it brought chills to my arms, and sometimes tears to my eyes.  This Erik is one special guy.

But I don’t have to tell you, do I?

This morning, I went into work to find a message from Elisa – “Elisa has sent you a message on…”  It was spam.  WTF?  But it was cause to initiate contact with her, and I took it as the gentle prod I needed to just up and email her already.

I can’t believe you’re afraid of my Mom, Erik chided.  She’s like, the nicest person in the whole world.  And I know this because I can see EVERYONE!  Muah-ha-ha-haa!


(Oh yeah, that’s another habit I’ve picked up in the past week or so, the “evil laughter” thing – that’s Erik.)

So I finally screwed up the courage to email Elisa and tell her what I’d been experiencing, and did it make sense to her?  Was there something I could help with the blog?

She replied immediately – she would *love* help with the blog.

So there it is, folks.  I’m soon to be a guest blogger on Channeling Erik.  Let’s see what comes from all this!

Muah-ha-ha-ha-haaa!  (Erik’s talking about taking over the world!)


25 thoughts on “New Friend’s Secret Identity – REVEALED!

  1. Ha, I’ve been reluctant to even attempt to find out who your New Friend was. Now I understand why. 😉 I have so many conflicting feelings/thoughts about that blog (and about Erik) — my issues/challenges, for sure, not yours or his — that I just wouldn’t even want to go there. LOL


    • I feel I should clarify: it’s conflicting feelings/thoughts about the blog and the “Cult of Erik” that is growing up around it much more than Erik himself. I like his blunt approach (and who doesn’t like a spirit who swears like a sailor). Reminds of what you’ve written from George Carlin. But I find the general energy of the blog (maybe the comments more than the blog itself?) incredibly draining (like being ungrounded at a public spirituality conference like “I Can Do It”). Like I said, they’re my challenges to address or own, not a judgment on anyone else. I hope things go well for you over there. 🙂


      • Well I think your observation is valid – I am sensitive to that “holy crap this is AMAZING” energy too. It’s like the hyper energy of spiritual adolescence, when you’re discovering a whole new facet of life and it hasn’t incorporated into your daily life yet.

        Funny you should mention Carlin – I’ve been thinking about him a lot, and how Carlin is a big reason I *love* curse words. Because they’re just words! All the heaviness and negativity they can carry is just what we decide to place on it, and it’s so easy to turn a curse word inside out, take all the power out of it – make people laugh!

        I curse A LOT in day to day life. I have a social filter, because as a woman there are different expectations on how I should express myself – but when at home with Sweetie, we’d make a sailor blush.


  2. I NEVER would have thought Erik! That’s awesome Kate. My daily favorite blogs are CE, yours 🙂 and Golden Age of Gaia. That just brought a huge smile to my face to read it’s Erik. I feel giddy even…now back to the post (I’m commenting before reading) cant wait to read what you two talked about. Have a great day!


    • Yay! Well, I think it’s more like Erik just got one more mouthpiece. And he’s definitely pushing some boundaries with irreverence and phrasing, but I call him on his shit a bit, which I think he appreciates. This is going to be a lot of fun 🙂


  3. sooo funny. I actually thought Erik for a second, but figured it was more of a celebrity. Im sure he is poking me, Im not a celebrity? Anyway, that’s what I get for thinking.

    Shauna I read those same blogs on a daily basis 🙂

    Louise, I hear where you are coming from. I have been on CE for 2 years (huh like prob today is the anniversary). In my opinion for many it is the place of introduction to all things spiritual. I have gone from totally into it to frustrated and then OMG I am so moving on. I still read daily, I feel like I need “more” . There is a lot of doubt, negativity and fear in the comments, and I get defensive if I spend too much time reading.
    I love Erik…what’s not to love? And he brought my son to Jason via the blog. I could never express how life changing that was. Everything works out for the best. I would love to read what Kate gets from Erik. I am sure it would be awesome.


    • See I freaking KNEW at least SOMEONE was getting it!

      I still have no idea what the ATV pic was about – I guess Erik liked that kind of thing? He picked the photos.

      And he says that movie is awesome and fuckin’ funny, and a perfect mix between the two of us because he is the “woo woo guru” and I’m Canadian (like mike Myers)

      He also likes the “guru” part being irreverent. “Cause I ain’t no one’s Jesus”


  4. I have always thought you are achieving greatness, now there is just more opportunity for the world to see it. I think big things are in store for you. Congrats!


    • So sweet L, thank you 🙂

      I will confess: ever since I started writing with dead “famous” people I’ve been fearful of this blog getting too much exposure, like being on a tiny sailboat in a storm.

      But this, working with the whole CE project, damn it feels safe and supported and awesome! All my fear is gone, it’s all optimism and hope for the future and amazingness. 🙂


  5. I just sent you an e-mail, but I’ll comment here too. 🙂

    Erik will visit/chat with anyone that visits his blog, and probably this blog now too. He’s pretty good at communicating so even if you don’t feel you have particular psychic skills just listen for thoughts that don’t seem to be coming from your own mind – many of them will probably contain swear words though! I’ve been chatting with/seeing Erik ever since I first found CE and he’s become a good friend, and sometimes an annoying little brother. But whatever he says and does is out of love and good humour, and there’s always a learning experience in there somewhere. He keeps saying that I need to fight with him more but I find it difficult because he’s so darn adorable (he’ll probably get me later for saying that).

    I can’t wait to hear about your experiences with him. Be prepared for lots of bad smells and feeling like you’re going crazy when you sense items are moved but you’re not sure if it was you or him. I’m sure he’s taken the blame for lots of things that he had nothing to do with. 🙂

    And Elisa is just lovely. She’s taken on such a process in sharing her son and his messages with the world even if some may not understand or agree. Although she’s really busy, I know that she considers all of the CE community as her family.


  6. Sorry, let me clarify. When I said “even if you don’t feel you have particular psychic skills” I was saying that for the benefit of any readers who don’t consider themselves psychic – not you in particular, Kate!

    And I understand your questioning yourself and reluctance to contact Elisa because I went throught the same thing. But she was so gracious, kind and responsive, and she helped to confirm some personal details that came through from Erik that I would never have known beforehand. That helped convince me that I was indeed talking to Erik and I got further confirmation later through a session with Jamie Butler.

    I also got a sense a few weeks ago that I should channel Erik and do some guest posts for CE but my life is pretty nuts these days so I wasn’t sure I had the energy to do so. I’m glad you’re picking this up and will be contributing to CE – I can’t wait to read your posts! Hugs!


  7. I’m very grateful you have the courage and willingness to share your gift with us. I consider it a blessing and so wish I had those abilities. Thank you for all you do and all you touch. You’re helping to awaken the world, what could be more satisfying than that? I’m just glad Marley brought me to your blog 🙂 I hope to some day meet you.


    • That is so sweet! Thank you 🙂

      I believe most people can attune to this kind of communication, and everyone has their own style. You just need to figure out how your own instrument works. There is *so much* material out there now on how to learn how to do this.

      If you want to learn, just start learning! I suggest starting with meditation, grounding, and protection exercises. Take in what feels right to you from what others have put out in the world.

      Also, search the blog for keywords like”lesson” or “teacher” – a lot of George H’s entries are very instructive.


  8. No wonder I wasn’t getting anything! I’d never heard of Erik. Sorry, pal. I just haven’t been in the spirit circle very long. It’s funny, you looking for confirmation that this is the “same” Erik that other people are communicating with. I sure put George through the wringer big time, and John too. The ones that come in truth with intent to help don’t mind confirming.

    I think cursing can be a big tension release. I do believe I hold some kind of record for how many F bombs I can drop in a five minute time frame when I get really upset about something.


    • Yeah, totally! I think I put John through the ringer for like a month, and I had a near panic-attack when I first emailed Linda Keen. She is another amazing woman.

      Erik takes cursing to more of a boundary-pushing level than the others. Like, I had to actually edit out “motherfucker” – I’m like, “Dude, I am sending this to YOUR MOM. I’m not writing “motherfucker” in the first post!”

      Of ALL of the curse words I routinely use, he sussed out the only one i never say.


    • Oh heads up Trixie, Erik’s gonna “haunt” you now 😉

      Let us know what transpires. This guy takes multi-dimensional mischief to a whole new level, but he does it so each individual will feel / know they are included. Part of the family.

      You’re about to get “jumped in” girl!


  9. Lol! Go ahead, Erik. Bring it. Ok, he’s totally watching. Yeah, he’s around. BTW, my dog Addie came to me in a dream again last night. Things are really picking up for me these days. Life is so much more interesting.


  10. Update: as I was typing that, I felt the energy change around me and was very aware of his presence. I went out to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and felt him watching, not in a bad way. I set the ground rules: no bathroom, no bedroom, except dreams. Only George has the “all access” pass and he ha to earn my trust for it. I told Erik, with a half smile on my face, that he’d better behave or he’d have to answer to George. Immediately the image popped in my head of a mid 60s grinning moptop George hanging out with this kid, plotting pranks. I just laughed. Oh well, some threat. Then I started getting this strong urge to look up Erik’s mom’s site. Pushing, pushing. So, just to give him a hard time I really poked around in the kitchen a bit longer. I also told him what I’d like from him for help, what my current goals are.

    His presence became extra strong when I read his site info. He has a very nice energy. Very upbeat and happy, pleasant. I surely didn’t expect this but I’m sure he’s here for a reason.


    • Yeah, that Erik seriously keeps tabs on everyone who reads the blog – that’s got to be hundreds or thousands maybe. I’m not asking him because I just booted him out for the evening – his hyper energy was making me tired!

      Boundaries, baby! 🙂


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