6 thoughts on “It’s up!

  1. Nice job on the blog entry. It’s interesting, in addition to my other goals and things I am currently working on with George and the others, at the very end of my talk this morning to Erik after he turned up, I specifically mentioned letting go of fear. And guilt, the unfortunate byproduct of generational Catholicism. (Ok, to be fair, there were some good things that came out of it. I’ve also accepted that as well, the good and the bad.)

    Letting go helps. Give up the reins to God, the Universe, Gaia, whatever you refer to the unlimited Source of life giving energy that sustains us. Put a tap in that keg of Love, it’s waiting for us to drink up. And when that love and peace hits you, it’s far better than any drug I’ve ever experienced in my life. And trust me – I’ve tried quite a few.


  2. Loved your post on the Channeling Erik blog – thank you for joining in and helping be a guest there. I have visited Tofino and absolutely loved that place, so when your website link mentioned it, I had to click over here too. I read just a few of the most recent posts, but was blown away by your channeling of Gaia re: climate change stuff. It’s been at the very top of my mind recently and had actually emailed Elisa just a couple of weeks ago to ask Erik about that same thing. I guess we are all connected. 🙂 Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your posts at CE, and want to do a bit more catching up on your blog here too. So much interesting information, and your gentle style and humor are a joy to read. Thank you for sharing yourself.


  3. Found your wonderful blog via the Channeling Erik guys where I was a lurker! It was around the Biggie time (who by the way has helped my relationship to money enormously). I like the energy in here and would like to stick around if that’s ok. It’s pretty chilled here. Loved your first time over at CE. Well done!

    Love Lisa


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