Our kittens have been born!

But we haven’t found them yet!

Last night, on Sweetie’s Birthday, Sunshine (our white cat) comes up to us and projects: The kittens have been born!  Shows me teeny tiny golf-ball sized newborn kittens. 

Then she says, They’re like, WOAH! Their ears and eyes are closed and they didn’t remember what it was like being a newborn kitten.  I’m telling them they’re fine – you tell them too.

So that’s what we’re going – Hey kittens who are reincarnations of my cat Leo and Sweetie’s cat Snowball, you are growing!  Drink lots of mother’s milk – grow your bodies! 

We’re also sending lots of gratitude to the mother cat who has volunteered to have our kittens.  No, we still have no idea where they are, and I haven’t found the house of the tail-less white cat yet.  I’m still not attached to the idea that she is literally the kittens’ mom, because it could just be simple confirmation that they *are* coming, rather than the literal translation of the dream of being born to a tail-less white cat.

I have complete trust that the universe and all our friends in heaven will arrange it so we find these kittens when they’re ready to come home 🙂

Time to buy a cat tree.  Yay!

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