10 Tips for talking to Erik & Friends

So we know by now that Erik talks to hundreds of people. (Probably, so do George, John, Marley, Kurt and who knows who else.) I’ve even gotten a few “get ready for the rollercoaster ride!” emails, and you can see one or two comments to that effect as well. It’s awesome, and I appreciate the head’s up.

I figured I’d share some tools I use in my life as a psychic that can help you guys, since you’re all talking to Erik and thereby becoming mediums yourselves. None of these are “rules” – every person needs to discover her/his best way of working, and everyone works differently. I just though I’d throw out what works for me:

1. Boundaries. Seriously, dude, no spooks in the BATHROOM, period. And around 7 or 8pm, I will say goodbye to pretty much everyone in spirit form. I have a very short “VIP” list of spirit friends and angels who are allowed in my house during my downtime. For me, Erik feels super-hyper, and while it’s a great way to wake up in the morning, I need him to leave my house so I can rest. When he goes, it’s like the place feels quieter. They don’t mind, and it’s important for YOU to get the rest that you need, so that you can function with clarity and precision the next time you talk to them.

2. Grounding. Ever run into a new age hippie type, or a psychic that seems to buzz and never blink and speak with an altered voice? The kind that’s almost repellant? That’s a lack of grounding, and the repellant part is your own instinct to keep clear that your energy field doesn’t pick up any of their crap. Grounding is our connection between Heaven and Earth – it’s literally a flow of energy from heaven, through our body, into the ground, down to the earth’s heart, and looping back up again. (I say “up and down” when really it’s resonating through dimensions, but you get what I’m sayin’) Google “Grounding Meditation” – almost every psychic has some free material out there (I enjoy Brian Weiss and Alea Dao). Use sound tones, imagery – whatever gets you there. Ground, stay grounded, then ground again. Search this blog for “grounding” because I have gone on and on about this topic.

3. Grounding. Did I mention how important grounding is? Did you know that sitting on the can is a grounding exercise? Seriously. Toilets have a water line and a pipe that goes right into the ground. If you feel buzzy, go find a toilet and sit on it!

4. Sleep. I sleep 8 – 12 hours a night since I started doing psychic work. Sometimes it seems like a waste of time, but I just have to trust I’m doing worthwhile things while I’m unconscious. I noticed a BIG jump in my sleep requirements. Get a sleep mask, use aromatherapy, use melatonin – whatever gets you there. If you have to wake up using an alarm, you need more sleep!

5. Expect respect. People and spirits will behave towards you how you expect them to behave. If a spirit (or human) ever does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, even if it’s filling your nostrils with fart smells, you can tell him to cut it out and never repeat it. This is why banishing “evil” or “negative” entities requires a firm force of will and confidence – it comes down to knowing in your being that you are worthy of respect, and the others will fall in line. If they step over the line, all they need is a gentle reminder.

6. Tell them what you need. Did you just get a “brain dump” – a big download of information you can’t unravel? Ask them to rewind and give it to you slowly, one piece at a time. Ask them to repeat, say it louder, show it to you differently, or say it in different words. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t a great spirit medium (because I always understood the animals immediately, but the spirit guides, and “people” spirits were confusing to me.) Turns out all I needed to do was tell them what I needed to understand them. EVERYONE is motivated to get the message through.

7. Get Help! Network with other people who are learning, the whole CE family is awesome because it creates a safe space to all be talking to the same guy. Read lots of books by a lot of different psychics, read blogs (ahem!) and take everything with a grain of salt.

8. Clearing. When you’re sensitive to energy, you sense it all. Clear your living space and especially your sleeping space of clutter, knick-knacks etc. Crap on every surface will trap all kinds of energy, and you’ll walk around feeling it without realizing it. I love the book “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui” – and whenever my life needs a boost I start selling my stuff and things get moving! It’s like magic! In addition to physically cleaning your living space, I suggest you incorporate some way of energetically clearing your space too – smudging, ringing bells, using salt, holy water, crystals – there are a million different ways. Do something that feels right to you – just be sure you DO IT. All your thoughts, emotions and the thoughts and emotions of other people can hang in the air, and as you become more sensitive, these residual bits of thought litter will make you feel tired, or they’ll interfere with your medium work.

9. Laugh. About everything. It’s like vitamins.

10. Meditate and Exercise every day if you can swing it. Try and avoid “junk food” too. You already knew that!

5 thoughts on “10 Tips for talking to Erik & Friends

  1. Something that I also find works for me, is, “Talk to yourself”. Out loud. A lot of the time I’ll find that someone is actually listening and will offer some help. Or a smart ass comment that will make me laugh. Or some insight into something. It works with basically everything.
    Lost objects in the house. I’ll just be like, “Where is my…” and then my eyes will fall on it.
    Or I’ll need to pull up super-obscure information that I haven’t accessed in a long time. Like, “Who is that artist who make this thing? (huge paper mache woman with walk-in vagina)” And the answer emerges.
    The other day I was trying to find a blog, and I couldn’t remember anything about it except that it had a photo banner and its author was wearing cowboy boots (not overly helpful). But I asked for some help and some key words emerged, and I found it in 20 minutes or so.
    Sometimes it’s just random input. Like I’m working, walk into a supply room, forget what I came in to get, and ask the empty room “…What am I doing here?” And I hear, “Oh — are you having an existential crisis again?” Another time I was PMSing, and cursing my fresh-out-of-the-dryer pants. “Stupid effing pants! WhyTF don’t you fit!!?” And immediately I heard, “Because you have a hot ass?” (Which is definitely the correct answer, btw). So yeah, all questions might be answered — rhetorical or otherwise.
    I have a list of “Usual Suspects” who pop in, but I do talk to myself a lot when I’m puzzling things out, or opining. So it’s also happened sometimes that I’m reading someone’s book, or thinking about their work, and they’ve simply popped in. I’m always happy when that happens but sometimes it’s like having a house guest stop by unexpectedly. Not like, “Oh, I should have put on some tea”, but more like, “Oh, I wish I had some intelligent questions to ask — can’t think — too much pressure!” Just that feeling of not having prepared something in advance.
    The first time it happened I was really surprised though, totally caught off guard even though I was asking a specific person a specific question. I think I was expecting a vague answer to emerge over time, maybe. Or no answer at all. Instead I got something specific and immediate. So that’s one caveat: They WILL answer you. 🙂


  2. I can only say one thing at the moment as I struggle with what to write: The Universe will always keep us guessing. And It also seems to have a lot of fun…This is hard for me type out and I was quite hesitant to do so but I think it’s time. This past weekend I had a dream with you in it. We were in an adorable cottage-type house and I think your Sweetie was there too though I don’t recall seeing her, only being aware of her presence inside while you and I went out to look at this absolutely beeeeaaaaauuuuutiful vast green pasture surrounded by trees in the distance, filled with grazing sheep and horses. I made a comment to you about how my (deceased) mom loved sheep and you responded that she could see them soon enough. We flew, for lack of a better word, to another part of the field where horses were galloping and I recognized that they had been humans previously because I could see “That horse was a man from New York” etc. as they ran by us. One began galloping right towards me; a big, caramel coloured beauty, that stopped right when it got next to us, and we could both tell it wanted me to mount and ride it but I commented that I wasn’t that skilled a horse(wo)man, especially bareback. Not long after this part of the dream I was “sucked” up and dropped off somewhere like a K-Mart where Elisa and Jamie were, and possibly an invisible Erik. I woke up thinking that these dreams must have some significance or I was simply a big spiritual-blog creeper and this was a result of me “haunting” these websites too much. Then you posted whom your mysterious new pal was. And then the fear entry shortly after, which was the exact reason I was holding back writing to you and have in the past: mother-effing fear (not entirely sure if that curse came from me, but I did vanilla it down a bit) Fear of sounding utterly and totally batshit, what it means if I’m not batshit….I’m really not a person who gets starstruck or likes to make divisions between “celebrity” and otherwise because we’re all just doing different jobs in life but I can’t fathom why the various entities that have been popping up in my life are doing so. I cannot grasp why iconic figures would bother with me. But if I in fact to have Heavenly work to do, I want to do a damn good job of it. Again, I hope it’s okay to reach out to you with all of this because no one (living) in my life understands or can even begin to. There are obviously some connections going on behind the scenes. It just continuously trips my head. I’m super grateful for your blog, and the Channeling Erik one as well. And oh yes, after the first email I sent to you where you mentioned being shown a hamster/gerbil creature and the word “squeaky” by Kurt turned out to relate to an entry you wrote about a hamster on a wheel to represent mind chatter, which has been a problem I would really like to fix. All this overthinking is doing me no good and I want to quiet it down. Make my logic smoke a Marley-like doobie and just relax and get on the same level with my intuition which has been far more accepting of all this weirdness. My issues have been acceptance of it all. I just need to get to a place where I can be totally open and receptive and actually hear what is being said to me. You and your blog are awesome and quite helpful in that regard. I’m down to work with Erik & Kurt and anyone else who wants to show up but just need to be mentally ready. Hopefully thanks to your continuously awesome advice and tips, I’ll be able to do so. Thanks again, Kate. It all helps me feel less lost and like it’s all something to willingly & happily embrace 🙂


    • You’re welcome Sally 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve had a couple narly dreams lately too, and I can only assume and trust that I’m involved in a lot of work while I’m sleeping.

      Thank you for sharing your dream! I don’t recall being there, but I don’t remember readings either, and I know they happened! At some point I just came to trust that it’s all happening as it should. There is no “pass/fail” so try not to worry about doing a good job – just be calm and focused on the next thing in front of you 🙂


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