James Herriot: Kindness & Compassion

james herriot

Who is that strapping young lad?  Why, it’s James Herriot!

Mr. Herriot, thank you so much for coming to talk to me.

My dear, I am flattered.  I (reciprocate appreciation for your writing).

I always loved your books.  I read and listened to your recordings so many times I have most of them memorized.  I think a lot of people loved your stories because you were able to engage them in the whole life you led, and the lives of the animals.  I loved Trickie the Pekingese as much as if I’d known him myself!

(chuckles softly) Trickie had many fans, I myself among them.  (Refers to the personality of small dogs) as royalty among the canine kingdom, and well aware of it!

Ha!  I always wondered – did you talk to animals telepathically, as I do?

No, I’m afraid I did not (engage on that level – shows me his deep empathy for the animals he attended who suffered, in particular a horse he had to shoot for humane reasons.)  Thank God I couldn’t hear him beg to kill him, poor beast.  I have him here with me (he never forgot that horse, always kept the heart connection) and I stroll with him in the fields (looks like Scotland but sunny all the time) whenever I feel pensive or unsure.  He is a wise animal, and he gives me great comfort.

What do you think about that makes you pensive or unsure?

Oh, my children, mostly.  My grandchildren.  Now, my great grand children!  I am fiercely proud of them. 

Do you worry about them?

One never ceases to love one’s family, my dear.  I do worry for them, at times, (shows me it is how he expresses his love.)

The horse (the big, dark brown draft horse) helps you when you worry about your family?

Yes, he tells me all foals must grow up to haul their own carts!  (laughs heartily!)

Do you talk to animals now?

Oh yes, from the moment I died, I always knew I would when I went to heaven, for to me it would be no heaven without animals!  Believe me, the life I led, I knew I deserved a place among my fellow creatures.

Me too.  What do you think about animal medicine now?  And animal welfare issues?

I think that the advances made in medicine come at a great cost to some creatures (animal experimentation, and shows me the juxtaposition of the suffering of one animal so that another may be cured.)  I believe we are coming upon a time when (humanity) is learning to embrace the animal kingdom as a (sacred) expression of God’s Creation.  (When this happens) there will be no more of this nonsense.  (the sad animal world)

James, I spoke with this horse, Nana, recently, who told me there is a place on the other side where Sad Horses live.  Do you know this place?

I do, and others like it.  (awww, there’s a sad monkey place, oh no more please.)

Are you a vet there?

No, not (in the same way.)  I share my love and compassion with the souls of animals in need; this aids in their healing.  It would be (useless and stressful) for the animals for me to examine them as a veterinarian from the turn of the century!

How do you help them?

I love them, I simply love them.  (Shows me him walking in the field, quietly with his giant horse friend.)

Tell me about your dogs in heaven.

(Dogs!)  Ha haa!  All my great friends are here, and my family/children/grandchildren know that I care for their dearly departed pets as well.  (Shows a mother telling her son that the pet is “with grandpa in heaven” and he will look after him from now on.)

Aww!  That is so sweet!  My eyes are tearing up.

(Shows me his eyes water too).  I continue to be moved by the love and compassion that exists in the world. 

Do you have anything you’d like to say?

Tell my family that I love them, I visit them every day, and I watch over them with great love and dedication – and I am here with Helen, and she is keeping me good company.  We have tea on the white wrought iron table in the sun in front of the old stone house with the blooming fragrant flowers all around.  It is the most beautiful of moments in one timeless existence, tell them death is nothing to fear.  Love, compassion, empathy – these are the qualities of Creation.  Cruelty, (negativity) this is the fire through which (life, energy) is transformed – it will always burn out.  This, (heaven, love, compassion) endures forever.  For this, I am profoundly grateful!

I am profoundly grateful to you, James Herriot.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world.

4 thoughts on “James Herriot: Kindness & Compassion

  1. A “place on the other side where Sad Horses live”? Can you say more about that? Is it (and the others like it) a place where the sad beings “reside” permanently, or is it like a way station where they recover and recuperate from a tough incarnation? Is there a place where Sad Humans live?


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