A beautiful day.

My birthday was April 3rd – I took the day off. This is the first time I’ve intentionally gifted myself a day off on my birthday, and I tell ya, it was exactly what I needed.

This week I’ve been busy doing all of those readings I booked with the wonderful folks who donated to the C.A.R.E. Fundraiser. Between readings and enjoying my vacation, I haven’t done a ton of blogging – but! I have taken a ton of photos, which I thought I’d post in lieu of an actual text-heavy entry.

I hope you enjoy your virtual vacation!

Sweetie got called in to work at the hospital, so I had the day to myself. I took my dog Happy and my landlady’s dog Stella to the beach for a dog party.

Super Happy!

First we explored a cove of Hole-y Rocks. These must be some sort of volcanic formation, they’re full of burst bubbles like pancakes cooking in a pan.

At first I thought it was some weird sort of water erosion.

But then I found other types of rocks imbedded in the lava.

We explored the shoreline,

Hidden coves,

Beautiful sculptures,

And exposed tide pools.

We discovered baby sea creatures. Tiny sea snails,

And miniature sea anemone,

And some massive, mature specimens too.

We stayed until the weather shifted, and it got colder.

But it was still beautiful.

My birthday was a very good day.

4 thoughts on “A beautiful day.

  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Sounds like you spent it well. What I would give for a day alone to myself completely. Love the photos. Congratulations.


  2. Happy Birthday! It does sound like a great day…. being in nature, finding some inner peace, enjoying the critters, just ‘being’. I like it. :0)


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