The Wish

Last night I was up ridiculously late, writing. When I work with people on the other side to create a piece, most of the work is done in 30 – 60 minutes, but then I can spend up to two hours revising to ensure it’s pleasant to read and the communication is clear. Several spirits have forbidden this revision process by assertively (but lovingly) demanding I post it as-is. Some of them tease me about it, and some of them watch quietly as I stay up way past my bedtime, reading the same entry over and over again.

So it was with last night’s piece, which will appear on the CE blog this weekend.

It was about midnight by the time I finally shuffled off to bed, but as I fussed with the bedside sleeping paraphernalia, I felt George there patting my feet, gently asking for my attention. It means, Hey, please talk to us. We’d like to talk to you.

Instead of lying down, I crossed my legs in seated meditation and turned my focus to George.

Do you trust me?

Oh crap. This must be a tough one. Yeah, of course I love and trust you.

I stretch out my hand beside me, George takes it and we walk away from my body together, into the ether. We are walking across a dessert; it’s beautiful, and I don’t feel tired or hot – a perk of not being in a body… and then there’s John walking on the other side of me. The three of us walk across this dessert together, in silence. I am not sure what’s going on.

Then, at the end of the dessert terrain, there is a mountain range. We enter the foothills, and there at the base of a huge mountain is a wide mouth of a cave, leading into darkness beyond.

Okay, now I really don’t know what’s going on.

The three of us enter the cave. It’s completely dark.


Candles flare to light all over the cave, and there, in front of me, laughing and shouting and singing is every spirit I have ever talked to in my entire life. Hundreds of them.

It’s a surprise birthday party, for me.

“It’s not my birthday anymore!”

Never mind! You were too busy last week – this was the first time we could get your attention!

I was hesitant to write about this today, but it was just so wonderful! Those brats, setting me up like I was going to be doing some intense service or work!

Everyone I’ve ever blogged about was there – Albie with a birthday hat sideways, drinking Yager. Erik apparently was one of the instigators, when he found out I’d had spirit parties in the past at Christmas and served real alcohol as libations – he LOVED that. Kurt gave me this hug that was so long and sweet I can still smell him. (Yeah, this is one of those entries some folks will point to when they argue I’m crazy; I’m aware of that, but I don’t actually care.)

(For some reason, this came up in my image search. I have no idea what it’s for, probably a music festival on the anniversary of Kurt’s birthday this year. I just love the artwork.)

Not only were my blog/writing spirit friends there, but ever spirit I’d ever talked to in session popped in, most of them for very brief moments, just a flash, like turning a light switch on and off again, or lightening on a stormy night revealing flickering details in the darkness.

In those minutes where people were flashing in front of me to share well-wishes, to say hello, some to repeat words of gratitude, I remembered every single one of them and the whole conversation I had with their human on earth. THAT is a huge gift; that suddenly perfect memory, temporary though it was. I generally don’t remember anything about a reading once it’s over, so in my day-to-day life I don’t really have a concept of how many people I’ve touched.

It was amazing to see just how many spirits I’ve spoken with since I started doing “people” readings in 2011. Hundreds and hundreds of them. All of them sending me love, wishing me well. This thing that I’m doing every day, talking to them, writing about them, teaching other people to do the same – the people on the other side really appreciate it, the gratitude was enormous.

It’s tough to communicate this experience in a way that isn’t eye-rolling, that doesn’t come across as egotistical. It was so beautiful and intense and genuine, I have to try to share it. I hope you folks reading it will understand what I mean when I say they send “gratitude” – it’s a feeling of love without any sense of debt. No “Thanks, Kate, I owe you one!” None of that, just love, back-patting, encouragement, smiles, nodding, kind words, appreciation.

Some of them even had birthday gifts. George gave me this stone, like a rose quartz that vibrates on a very high, intense level of love. He gave it to me to place in my own heart chakra, to balance, strengthen and intensify this part of my energy field. I have needed this support, and it’s a sweet, wonderful gift I will carry for the rest of my life. Maybe longer.

The strangest and most wonderful gift was this: A Wish.

We’re giving you one wish, love. One wish that everyone here is going to support (put energy into creating the opportunities for manifesting it in my reality.)

The gift is more than the wish itself; it’s the expansion of my mind around this concept of a wish. Because they’re telling me they’re giving it to me, I *believe* that whatever I wish for is going to happen, magically and rapidly it’ll come into my life. THAT is the gift, this opportunity to truly believe in and feel that support from the other side.

I understand intellectually that we all have unlimited wishes in our life, but that’s a tough concept to actually put into practice. This, this one wish, what will I choose? What would you choose, if you knew you could wish for one thing and it was guaranteed to come true?

It’s interesting because it also reveals the hesitancy that I actually have about manifesting certain things in my life. That old cliché “Be careful what you wish for!” isn’t the right analogy in this case, because this isn’t the monkey’s paw – this is a gift from my friends who love me, and would never punish me. I know that. It’s more a question of, if this or that were to manifest in my life / reality, am I ready for it? If not, what’s holding me back?

That is the real gift, and it’s truly amazing.

I thought I’d clarify exactly what this “personal wish” thing entails. Could I think big and wish for world peace? Well, that’s not exactly what a “wish” is, in this case. A wish is something I create for myself, in my life. There are tons of people working on the whole world peace thing, it affects millions. That’s not a wish, that’s a transformation our entire planet is working through. Besides, were we to wake up in perfect peace tomorrow, we would be denied the expansion process of actually getting there from where we are right now.

This wish is really a practice, an opportunity to truly believe, to KNOW that whatever I wish for, I’ll definitely get it. Do I wish for money? A new car? Kittens? Some of this stuff is coming into my life already. Do I wish for a trip? To meet a certain person?

I’ll tell you right now, I’m not going to share my wish with the readers. Doing so would dilute my belief by introducing this anxiety “Oh, people know what I wished for and they’re waiting for me to tell them when it happens!” The point is this delicious, private, loving gift and teaching.

I am profoundly grateful. I love you all.

Just as a final little ear-tweak for me, as I finished my last obsessive-compulsive revision sweep of this entry, the power to my computer was disrupted and the whole thing shut down. It wasn’t a power blip, it only affected my computer – it didn’t even affect the lamp that was plugged into the same power bar.


16 thoughts on “The Wish

  1. WOW! This is soooo cool! While reading about your party, I got intense goosebumps. I really hope I was there… LOL!!!! So beautiful and wonderful!!! Happy belated Birthday. Love to you.

    Btw. I think Eric has been around me in past. I’m not sure though. Again, it’s always that persistent “I’m just imagining it”. I have a long weird history with people named Eric too, so it just “fits”.


    • Awww! John patting you, giving you goosies??? 🙂 Love you too, Noel, thank you.

      Re: Erik – yeah, it’s all lumped into this big ball of wax, eh? Apparently he goes and checks out every single person that visits his mother’s blog, so if you’ve ever read it, certainly Erik’s paid you a visit.

      He’s quite talented at manifesting foul smells and rude noises, not unlike someone else we know, so maybe you’re attributing pranks to the wrong guy!

      (btw it’s “Erik” with a “k” not a “c”)


  2. WOW! what an amazing experience. It is a gift you will never forget and priceless! I hope you met my Eric (with a C not a K) he hangs out with Erik. It really doesnt matter. What matters is that you are happy and full of joy. Love is all that matters! If we have love we have it all!

    The wish concept is a wild one. I have mentally gone thru that process…do I ask for happinesss, peace, joy, contentment, ability to talk to spirits? By trusting that you’re capable of manifesting you have given yourself an unlimited number of gifts.

    I see more and more kittens lately 🙂


  3. How lovely! Happy belated birthday as well 😀 How magical & encouraging. I think it’s really bold and ballsy and awesome that you dare come forward and speak of your interactions with all these spirits, seeing as some of them are A-list celebrities. All your similar experiences and heartfelt advice have helped me so much. At times I’ve thought I’ve fallen too far down the rabbit hole of madness and the only alternative was to move deep into the woods away from humankind who wouldn’t be capable of understanding. I’m not nearly as advanced as you are in your psychic abilities but things seem to be leaning in that direction more and more each day as more messages, dreams, signs, songs and movie-worthy moments keep occurring. You totally deserve all the love and appreciation you received from all those spirits. I hope they gave you even more confidence to keep moving forward and doing what you’re doing. And a wish! How awesome & sweet of them. Such love. More peace and power to you ^_^


    • Sally you are awesome 🙂 thank you ! You know, moving into the woods is basically what we did – we exist on this fringe of our country, on an island facing out to the pacific – VERY isolated and I LIKE IT that way.

      I was thinking today about the first time I talked to John. It was when I was practicing talking to spirits by interacting with Sweetie’s dead relatives, and she mentioned she used to talk to John Lennon, so I gave it a try. For me, it’s exactly the same as talking to anyone else, and I didn’t have a clue who John was the first time I talked to him. I was like “hey, he’s got a British accent” and sweetie was like, “yeah, that’s probably him”.

      It never felt like “a-list celebrities” to me when I started, and I think that carries through most of this whole project.

      But yeah, when you lump them all together in this spirit party it seems like a giant delusion when described!

      John calls this “Lennonitis”


  4. Happy belated birthday Kate! 🙂 this post brought some tears to my eyes. What a great surprise! The quartz stone from George made me go awwwwww. I love that guy, he sounds amazing. I love how they tricked you too, so funny…lucky gal…I’m slightly jealous…enormously jealous actually, lol, music lover that I am. Anyway, hope your birthday was great and once again belated wishes cyber psychic lady I don’t know.


    • “cyber psychic lady I don’t know” – LOL! I freaking love that!

      Thank you Shauna 🙂

      So this came through while I was responding to an email this morning: George is apparently holding “lectures” for people who are incarnated and go learn from him while they sleep. Before you go to sleep, you could ask your guides to help you get to that class.

      Personally, I tend to wake up from dream lectures barely aware that anything happened, and I forget everything about it in minutes as my day-to-day brain awakens. I’m not a big lucid dreamer, but it is a skill that can be acquired if you have the inclination.

      The thing is, whatever you learn while you’re out of body is STILL THERE and you pick up where you left off the next time you attend a nighttime lecture. You just have to trust in the process, and in meditation and other “mind quieting” exercises you can gradually learn how to bridge the divide created in our consciousness between in body and out of body experiences.

      Does that make sense?


  5. Oh man, those two. It so sounds like something they would do. What a lovely story, and thanks for sharing it. I also have a habit of reading and rereading things and I’ve had the computer shut off on me a few times like that when I get carried away. Lol! I know just what you mean. A wish…I already feel so spiritually and physically blessed, I can’t even imagine what I’d wish for,

    George loves to surprise me. In fact, sometimes he renders me absolutely speechless when he really goes over the top with something. They get a big kick out of that, me standing there, with tears in my eyes, opening and closing my mouth like a fish. In fact, if I get pushy about wanting to hear a song, or something, he’ll hold out until I am absolutely not expecting it or given up. There was a prank, a joke, the other day, and I strongly suspect John was behind that one though.

    Oh, I thought of Erik the other day. The movie “Harold and Maude” was in one of my dreams, and the next day that Cat Stevens song he quotes to one of his relatives in his mom’s blog turned up on my FB feed. I figured he was just saying hello, since I made the connection when I read the blog between the song and the movie.

    And yes, the spirit parties certainly feel delusional. Or they don’t feel delusional I mean, they just sound like it. Glad you had a nice birthday!


    • Yep, that’s what they do! I’ve had some funny “hello from heaven” moments with twitter and facebook too. Just this morning Elisa posted something about erik’s facebook profile messaging

      I find that when there’s an “intensity” about asking, asking, asking for something, especially when people are asking out of fear (like financial trouble) or pain (like grief) it can create a block and actually prevent any progress on that front.

      But if we can place our order and just trust it’s coming, it opens everything up to flow peacefully and perfectly, with that gorgeous divine timing.


      • OMG that is so true regarding a block. Sometimes I have attributed it to my intense desire to have it NOW or at that moment that prohibited it. I never feel we are punished for wanting or asking, I am not implying that. Just that often I am sooo focused on what I want that I can’t see it. For instance daughter had a knee injury and it came at an untimely moment as she has an audition coming up. I begged and prayed for healing and wanted some sort of sign that SOMEONE was hearing me lol. I even got kind of mad that no one was playing my game so to speak. Well I got home that day and crystals had arrived from a friend in another country. HEALING crystals. As I was carrying them upstairs I noticed my daughters light went on all by itself 🙂


      • You are absolutely correct. When I first “invited” George to help me, the first song I heard was “Got My Mind Set on You,” a song of his that was a hit in the 80s. I stood there, gaping, thinking “Is THAT George Harrison?” I had a sort of tunnel effect in my vision between me and the radio as the line “It’s gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time, it’s gonna take patience and time, to do it right.” I knew immediately he was there – that he was focused and ready if I was – but it would take time and patience on my part. He was so right. Patience is not always my strongest trait, and like all of us, I can be stubborn. I expected immediate results as far as communication and “visual” experiences, voices in my ears. I opened myself up, told God I was ready. Progress was not exactly what I expected but every day is growth.

        The Facebook and radio signals are really funny. It must be fun for them to set that stuff up.


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