KAAAW! Saturday almost booked

I have the most wonderful clients.  Thank you, you guys, you’re fantastic.

Every time I get a booking for a new client who reads the blog, I get a little excited – because you guys know the *back story* and I already feel like we’re friends.  It’s *especially* nice when it’s commenting people who book.  I’m all “Yay!  Now I can hear this person’s voice!”

It all makes me very happy, and profoundly grateful for you all.

Have a fabulous weekend, people.  Kate

4 thoughts on “KAAAW! Saturday almost booked

  1. I wish I could have booked but I’m having problems with Hotmail. I’ve got to get new email address so can’t receive emails at the mo.

    Loved the Ascended Masters chat with Erik. Tell him if he’s an Ascended Master then I’m a Descended Mistress lol!!! Only joking. Hope you make it Erik.


  2. Guys, I just had a session with Kate yesterday and it was awesome. She’s lovely and some great stuff came up. It was so nice to “meet” her and have a personal session. Hope you get very busy, Kate!


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