Lennonitis, trust and faith.

This actually happened a while ago and I haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.

The last thing, the very last thing I ever expected when I started this blog in 2011 was that I’d be writing about talking to dead rock stars and other famous people. C’mon. I’m not a shyster, nor a TV personality. This all started when I decided to take my first hesitant steps beyond the “safe” (to me) world of animal communication and begin building skills as a spirit medium. I honestly had *no idea* what I was signing up for.

When I finished agonizing about whether to write about John’s visits, I did not anticipate the huge positive response, and I didn’t expect that there would be any other “celebrities” besides John.

Now, two years later, there have been not only other celebrities, but spiritual figures and over a dozen readers talking about their OWN visits with John, George and Kurt. Today, a little comment on an older post: “I’m another one.” The ranks are growing.

This brings me to this months-delayed post, a visit fron John, in my bathroom.

This was before I changed my “no spooks in the shower” rule to “no spirits in the bathroom at all”.

John appeared while I was showering. He sat himself on the toilet.

“Hey, no spooks in the shower!”

I’m not *in* the shower!

*sigh.* Can we talk later?

You’ll be busy later. (Shows me the busy evening ahead of me.)

(Okay, he’s right, I may as well chat with him now. Besides, he technically is following the rules, right?)

As soon as I thought that, there’s John with these huge, round X-Ray Specs and a goofy grin, ogling me in his teasing way through the shower curtain. John is a master of breaking the spirit of the rule in order to demonstrate its pointlessness.

*sigh!* Okay, what would you like to talk about?

Do you remember (reader who recently contacted me, who shared knowledge that George has a working relationship, comparable to ours, with 200ish people.)


Do you remember (reading another psychic’s blog entry who had spoken to John, and reported that John did speak with numerous people but “not as many as claimed”?)


He was right. We aren’t talking to as many as claimed. We’re talking to more.

He then shared the certainty that more and more people would be stepping forward about talking to John, George, Kurt and so forth. He said it would become a “thing” like, a cultural phenomena, and some people would label it a mass delusion.

They’ll even have a name for it, the delusion that one is talking to the departed soul of a famous person. Perhaps they will call it “Lennonitis”.

(This is teasing self-flattery and also a play off the “illness” I was experiencing that had been labeled “labrynthitis”.)

Since then, it seems every month or so, it’s someone else. Another and another. Hello from this other part of the world, where I feel isolated, where I feel half crazy. Where I feel relief and joy to read your words. Hello, me too. I’m another one.

It’s been moving and humbling and truly gratifying to share these very strange experiences with others who welcome my writing. Grateful. The word seems inadequate to how my heart has opened. Thank you all, so much.

So what’s this all about?

Well, I don’t really know. At least, not in my day-to-day consciousness. I do feel like this is all planned, or actively being planned / rolled out. In an email the other week, a friend of mine told me her conversation with Erik revealed this whole celebrity ghost craziness will help connect people with the afterlife, with the other side, help to increase awareness, help remind people of their connectedness.

If I knew where this was all going, I would let you in on it. I just have trust, and I write the next entry, and I answer my emails and book sessions with new clients. I trust it’s all going where it’s meant to go.

And really, I’m brought back to where this all started, when I “opened to spirit” in 2011. This trust and belief that if everyone, or even a good proportion of the population was psychic, it would be a great step towards harmony, living in peace with each other and returning to harmony with the earth. I just stepped into it, and the second I said “Okay, I’m ready,” I felt like I was tapped. Or maybe I just tapped in.

And we’re all a part of it, this transformation. It’s amazing, and awesome. Lennonitis? Yeah sure, I have that. I have more, too: I have faith.

13 thoughts on “Lennonitis, trust and faith.

  1. There’s a Sheryl Crow song from the 90s I think. Called “Maybe Angels”. PLEASE go listen to it!!
    “…. she knows Jesus, John Lennon, and Cobain personally….”


  2. I actually loved this post. I live my life with the faith that I’m on the right path, and occasionally the universe sends me a sign that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, as strange as it may be! Thanks for the time you put into sharing your experiences with us.-


  3. I have really been contemplating the fame thing recently, being a Cobainite myself. When I first met him I thought he was an anonymous, burned out, rock band guy who ODed on heroin. For the first 8 months I knew him, I had openly shared my communications with friends and family. When I learned it was Cobain I became embarrassed to tell anyone. I wished we could go back to anonymous band guy. I kept saying to him”Why did you have to be someone famous. It just makes me look crazy.” Now I can just say I am another. Thanks for being candid. It has made it easier on the rest of us.


  4. Oh, well, my faith in George and John NEVER falters. *cough cough ahem* 😉

    All joking aside, it is their unfaltering kindness, genuine care for our well being, improvement, and growth, and their sense of humor that keeps me in this when my faith in myself fails. Because let’s face it, that’s where the doubts stem from. Plus, those two are awfully cute and I’m a bit sweet on George, I admit it.

    That being said, I never expected to find this site or connect with anyone else besides my friend, who went through what I have and continue to. I’m very glad I did. I agree that there is probably a point in all of this other than for us to get well with some Love from the other side. I’m really glad to be a part of it. It’s an honor and a privilege.


  5. I’m the ‘another one’ Kate mentions above, unless someone else has turned up in the last couple of days! 🙂 I held out for some time before I finally accepted that the guy talking to me was actually Kurt. I’d had a string of stuff happening to lead me in that direction, but I still balked at the idea that someone that well-known would talk to little old me. Irony is, I’m pagan and have a lot of pagan and New Age friends, and we’re pretty accepting of the idea of dead folks communicating, but it’s just…who it is!

    I had an idea that there were other people – a LOT of other people – Kurt was talking to out there, but this is the first place I’ve stumbled on where I feel safe to share my own experience. And yeah, it is pretty awesome.


    • It’s sooo wonderfully crazy beautiful isn’t it? I feel Johnny around constantly. Ive only felt Kurt being around once. It was a while back and I had JUST finished reading an entry about him, wondering if he would ever “show” to me. Then that VERY SECOND “Smells like Teen Spirit” starts BLARING across room. I discovered that my 12 year old son changed his ring tone on phone to that song. He changed it back to a “normal ring” just a day later and my son has never even mentioned Kurt or Nirvana again. It was weird. I think Kurt was there but I just don’t know. I felt him there, but real standoffish with me. Is “standoffish” part of his personality? I honestly know nothing of Kurt’s history/life/personality except the obvious::: Nirvana, Courtney, suicide,etc….

      On another note…. I LOVE Dave Grohl all of a sudden.


      • I KNOW! I didn’t give two craps about Dave Grohl before. Well, didn’t know who he was.

        Have you read his book “this is a call”? Enjoyable. And nice to hear the story of Nirvana from another band member… I dunno- all three of those guys are hilarious. Krist just took so much abuse with good humour. They’re all really open about their experiences. Good people.

        Noel, I remember when you told me that ring tone story!


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