I received an email from a client this morning that has just made my whole day.

I got a name right!!!!

At the time of the reading, it didn’t make sense to my lovely client, but dear though she was she didn’t say it was wrong, she just wrote it down to do some investigation later. We then played several minutes of charades with another spirit who eventually managed to make herself known as my client’s great-grandmother.

I thought it was a good reading, but I didn’t particularly feel I’d made progress on the “name front”… until this morning’s email. Turns out, the name I got was the name of this great-grandmother’s son, who died in childhood. Oooo goosebumps as I write this.

People, it is working. This is stunningly fantastic! But you know, I knew it would work.

Just before the reading with this client, I was konked out by my spirit friends. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the need to sleep, so I set an alarm for a half-hour before the reading and lay down on the couch. I completely passed out for about an hour. When this happens, I believe that they just need to boot me out of my body for a few minutes so they can make some adjustments. It’s been happening incrementally before I go to sleep at night too – I’ll hear popping and toning. I know they’re at work.

I thought my “psychic ears” wouldn’t be completely ready until all the KAAAW! readings this weekend. I figured I’d try, but I didn’t set my heart on success this weekend. And yet, success was there!

Woo hoo!

It’s working people J I’m so happy!

3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting! I have a long list of names compiled for our reading…..can’t wait…….but first we need to schedule it – LOL



  2. Yay! I have learned not to dismiss anything that comes up during a reading because days, weeks, months, years later the penny can finally drop as to a particular meaning. It’s always nice when something can be corroborated through research. 🙂

    Hope this weekend is even better for your ears!


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