Just two more spots available for KAAAW!

I’m going to recycle Panda’s dirt-schnauze pic because it’s so cute:

pandasandface 2

Almost booked up for this weekend!  I have just two spots left on Sunday, April 21st, 2:00 and 2:30.

That could be two, 20 minute appointments for different people, or one 40 minute spot or a single person!

I wanted to give you folks a heads up too – this is the very last time I’ll be offering a session at $40.  I will be increasing my rates, very gently, beginning in May 2013.  Over the course of the fundraiser, the message I heard several times from clients was “Your rates are far too low!”

One dear friend even referred to my rates as “ridiculously low!”  That makes me laugh to remember, she is such a warm person.

It is also becoming clear that eventually, this will become my living.  I am slowly shifting myself to dedicate my life to teaching, writing and providing services to individuals.  This will be a baby-step process, and I have a vision.  This will be good for everyone.  It’s all in The Plan!

3 thoughts on “Just two more spots available for KAAAW!

  1. I so wish I could sign up , but I’m working at hospital all weekend. Good luck!!! I’ve been thinking FOREVER this obviously would be your “living” so I’m incredibly happy for you!!


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