Now, it’s easy!

Look up! Waaaaaay up!
(That’s a “Friendly Giant” reference, a Canadian Children’s show from the 70s & 80s)

Do you see anything different? Perhaps a little smaller?

Why yes, my domain HAS gotten smaller! Thank you!

Now all you need to do to find me is type:

Easy – peasy. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Now, it’s easy!

  1. The problem with the “scroll infinitely” setting is that it, well, scrolls forever. Every time you scroll down near the bottom, it just keeps adding more content automatically rather than paging. So changing the number of posts displayed or added each time wouldn’t make much difference. If you happen to be using a computer with limited resources (like a netbook), you start to get bogged down pretty quickly.

    But, listen. It’s your blog. If you like the setting, keep it. 🙂

    (Hey, I see you’ve gone for the full domain thing at your other blog, too, and are now there. So, double congrats.)


    • You know, I don’t think I meant to set it at infinite scrolling, but I’ll see if I can find it in the settings later on.

      Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, right?

      Yeah, there’s story behind that: Did I mention on here that I screwed up my business cards? I sprung for these very pretty business cards from, which I love.

      I finally ordered these beautiful business cards, they arrived and!

      The fricking phone number is wrong.

      I checked many times, Sweetie checked it, I don’t know how we screwed up the phone number. UGH. But we did. It’s not moo’s fault, all the data & printing is automatic.

      So I have 100 beautiful business cards with the wrong phone number on them. Could be worse, my friend with a pottery business had bio cards printed up with an error and she was stuck with 3,000 of them.

      I talked with her and she advised me to just bite the bullet and get new ones, that I deserve it. Well that got me thinking, I may as well spring for the domain, to clean up my new business cards. And that let to getting, which is just a good domain to have and I have plans for this site, my friends 😀


      • I think the infinite scroll thing was set automatically with a recent upgrade to sites — I know I never set it on mine, yet there it was. It’s easy to disable: Settings – Reading – remove the check mark next to “scroll inifinitely”.

        Have you thought about actually setting up the sites as self-hosted sites, rather than ones? I like but you can have more control over add-ons and other things if you install WordPress on your own. Domain registration is like $10 or so a year (versus what charges) and I can give you hosting space for nothing, if you wanted. (If you wanted to play around with things before you decide, I could always set you up with a playground to muck around in, too. And I can offer my own help, if you need it.)


      • Wow, that’s really generous! I think I just may take you up on it… Right now I want to do what’s *easy* so I just registered the domains through wordpress. What’s easy and low maintenance for me is important. Migrating to a new platform feels like a project, but also feels inevitable.

        I have been checking out things like, which is prohibitively expensive right now, considering wordpress does the job just fine for free.

        Thank you for the very specific instructions on “infinite scroll” I’ll fix that next time I sit down to do computer work.

        I’m going to email you about the “playground” thing.


      • Email me any time — it’s a standing offer. 🙂

        I understand wanting easy and low-maintenance. What I was suggesting is still pretty easy and low-maintenance for you because it just means running WordPress software from your own hosted site rather than using And I would help you get everything set up to the “easy-to-maintain” point (and help if/whenever you got to the point of wanting to do something else with the site). You can do a surprising amount with WordPress and a few plug-ins.


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