The Technical Aspects of Psychic Life

There are some interesting side effects of psychic development, one of which is a business. When starting a new business, there are a lot of familiar landmarks, most of them technical, such as the website, the paypal account, the media page. Some of them are *very* techie indeed, and as a psychic I actually have some interesting requirements.

Sometimes people ask me if they can do the reading by skype. Well, not right now. The wifi signal from either my laptop does something to screw up my psychic frequency. When the computer wifi is on, I can’t communicate nearly as well telepathically, and it takes ten times the energy. Sometimes, if the person’s voice is digitized too badly, say over a bad cell connection or a slow / choppy skype connection, I can’t “tune in” to their people or animals at all.

The funny thing is that the wifi signal from my iphone doesn’t bother me nearly as much. There is a possibility I could do skype calls from the iphone, but the iphone / ipad skype app will not record phone calls.

The other thing is as soon as you use a skype headset, whatever recording app you use is only going to record the voice from my mike, and I’d rather provide clients with a complete copy of the call. At this point, I don’t even want to introduce a Bluetooth signal from a wireless headset, which is what the apple store sells for the skype app for use with ipads.

One client suggested I invest in some “spy” equipment, which is an idea I like. It would be a recorder that I attach to the phone somehow. If anyone has any suggestions for products, please share! I googled and I have no idea what I’m looking at or for. Keep in mind that the landline I use is a shared phone, and I don’t actually have a phone outlet in my apartment. I was given a cordless extension which just plugs into a regular power outlet, so any recording device that has to go into the phone jack isn’t going to work for me, it has to be something I can use with the cordless handset.

I may bring my father into this, as he and his brother own a computer store in Ontario. For the past ten years, they’ve been my technical advisors. The laptop I purchased from them almost 10 years ago is still going strong, and I’ve never really had any issues with it, other than normal wear and tear.

(the brand is MSI.)

The thing is, when we got the iphone, I just fell in love with the damn thing. I love the practical functionality. It was flipping expensive to run as a cell phone, so – this is the hilarious part – I have a separate cell phone, and I only use the iphone on wifi.

See, the thing I’m discovering is that all these new gadgets that you purchase *thinking* it’s going to replace something doesn’t actually replace anything. An iphone didn’t replace my cell, an ipad won’t replace my iphone or my laptop. I use my laptop for “business” when I settle in and look at my schedule, book readings and send paypal invoices. I stopped using the iphone app to send paypal money requests because once I thought I was requesting money and I actually SENT money to that person because my finger slipped on the iphone. The iphone paypal app doesn’t come close to the functionality of the full PC version.

I’m actually using the iphone as an ipad most of the time… except when I’m using the iphone as an ipod. It’s actually an essential part of my weekly routine – catching up on all the psychic podcasts, the weekly comedy, the weird science things. This is how I stay on top of my game, people. It’s the only reason I know new-age buzz words like “Self-empowered confidence!” and “Abundance!” and “Right-action!” and “Highest, best good!”

I think that some people who are completely enmeshed in the new age world have lost touch with the vernacular of the masses. Most people I talk to haven’t heard the term “ascended master”.


I would like to get an ipad, which just might replace my kobo ebook reader, but if experience is any indication, it probably won’t. (E-books will never replace actual books, anyway.) What an ipad would do is make it easier for me to do my “fun” internet stuff without going blind. I have this crazy idea that I’d use it to blog, but unless I could hook it up to a keyboard, that’s probably not going to happen either. I certainly wouldn’t use it to keep track of my professional schedule unless I could use excel on it, or something similar.

AND, you’ll remember, I’m saving for a new car! I’m hoping we can get one by the end of June, so we can begin to take this show on the road. Ideally, I would like to be able to do readings from any quiet place with a wifi signal.

So any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Another side effect of psychic development for me has been the physical affect this whole process is having on my body. It’s all good, it’s just interesting to note. Ever since I decided I would always be healthy and well, and I programmed three crystals to help me move into this new habit, I’ve needed an extra ice pack in order to sleep.

Oh yeah, the flipping ice packs! This is something that’s been developing over the past two years. I used to get headaches when I would feel overwhelmed, and I found that lying down with an ice pack on my head or neck helped tremendously. From there, I began to take an ice pack to bed and fall asleep with it either on my forehead, the top of my head or the back of my neck.

Well, ever since the “perfect health” declaration, I’ve been taking TWO ice packs to bed: one for my head / neck, and one tucked at the base of my spine. This is when I became aware that my “sacred spine” as Aleya Dao addresses it, has been heating up.

There are a lot of different ways to describe the pathway of energy that links us to our bodies to heaven and to the earth. For me, I experience it as a flow of energy or electricity from “heaven” or “above” through the top of my head, down my spine and into the ground, where it connects to the core of the earth, loops back up, through me and back to heaven again. This is the wifi signal that connects us all.

Since my “perfect health” declaration, I’ve found it easy to maintain a nearly daily yoga practice, and I’ve been incorporating meditation and a conscious effort to widen and strengthen this signal between heaven, through me, to the earth and back again. I have perceived the energy column to be about the with of a pop can. Through a variation of the “tree” pose, I have been opening this pop-can sized channel and widening it until my whole body is standing in a column of shining light. This feels wonderful. This has been going on for about three months.

Well, this weekend I noticed my core body temperature was rising significantly during readings. On Saturday and on Sunday I was sweating by the second hour. I began to ice my head and neck between readings, which provided a lot of relief. By the last reading on Sunday, I was sitting on a large gel ice pack and feeling pretty darn tired, like I’d been hiking uphill all weekend.

It’s not a bad thing at all, it’s just a profoundly new experience for me. I was glad none of these readings were in person – I had whipped off my bra and was sitting in rumpled sweats with messed up hair and an ice pack on my head and butt!

Last night I went to sleep with THREE ice packs! It’s getting ridiculous! One big gel ice pack for the base of my spine, and two for the top of my head. I slept deeply and I dreamt I had a baby. The birth was easy and I recognized the infant from a past life, which was a great relief – she recognized me too and laughed, just minutes after her birth.

This morning, Sweetie commented on how often I was swapping ice packs between readings, and I told her what I was experiencing. Sweetie tells me this searing heat through my spine is a commonly described side-effect of the “kundalini awakening” and she gave me her copy of Cindi Dale’s kundalini book. She tired to get me to read this book more than a year ago, and I wasn’t drawn to it at all… but I guess it’s the right time to read it, now.

I was never concerned about this rising heat, I just assumed it was the equivalent of my friends “cranking up the power” and the increased wattage is causing the circuit, my body, to heat up. My body will evolve and change to adapt to the increased charge pulsing through my physical instrument. Like working out, eventually my body will adapt to the increased workload and I’ll be able to handle the workload with less perceived effort.

I think that my birthday present was really a request to increase the power or the density of the signal through my body.

Man, it’ll be cool when we have some mathematical formulas to express what I’m experiencing.

10 thoughts on “The Technical Aspects of Psychic Life

  1. Years ago we had to record harassing phone calls and we picked up a recording device at Radio Shack. It was a suction cup like attachment that you stuck directly to the phone handset (receiver) and then you plug the other end into a tape recorder. I wonder if something like that would work for you, or if you can still find something so “primitive” with all the new-fangled gadgets there are today. 🙂


  2. In terms of recording calls, the easiest (and cheapest) thing to do is what a number of psychics and others who offer counselling at a distance do — have the person you’re reading for sign up for something like where they can register for a free account that gives them 1000 minutes a month (in up to 5 calls) with a recording option. They’d provide you with the access number and at the right time you’d both dial that number. The reader can initiate a recording in that “conference call” and it would be available to them at the end of the call as an MP3 file.


    • Oh, that’s a good question. I’ll ask her.

      Ahmed, I didn’t mention that my only access to reliable internet is via wifi from my landlady. It’s far superior to the internet I could purchase through the services available to residents.

      The internet isn’t like a regular utility out here, not everyone can get it because the infrastructure needs updating, and those who can get it can’t always get a decent speed. Some people still use dial up.


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