Hot ears and wine


So funny I’ve been noticing a pattern here. My ears have felt uncomfortably hot all day. Not red, blushing external hot, it feels like my ear tubes are steaming. The base of my spine is also hot, as is right behind my shoulder blades.

I didn’t sleep well last night, and I slept for most of the day. Weird. I even thought I had a fever… Except I don’t feel *sick* exactly, more like worn out.

And friggin hot. I am going to have to buy more ice packs, they are melting too quickly now.

I googled “hot ears” and came up with a few things that don’t feel right. Then I found this:

Seems about right.

In other news, jean claude, our French Chef has been teaching us about French wine. He recommends which cheese and bread should go with the wine.

(Chef Jean Claude made his debut appearance in a mention here: He has stuck around and has become a spirited companion in our kitchen and on shopping trips.)

A few weeks ago, he suggested we drink only French wine for a whole year, to educate our pallets. I can’t tell you much yet, other than they were delicious. I didn’t even bother to look up the wine we drank – we’re just becoming familiar with the bottles and the flavours right now.

It’s surprising to me how much I’m enjoying the wine experiment, because I’m not a drinker at all. Generally, maybe I’ll drink a half glass, and probably experience a hangover. I’ve been known to abstain from alcohol for years at a time… But Chef Hean Claude has had me drinking two or three glasses a week!

And really enjoying it. He will go on to describe how the “living beings” in the wine actually helps my body to properly digest the cheese and bread, and shows me an un digested curdle of lactose in my gut if I were to eat the same meal, but drink water instead.

He said that there was a time when wine was considered a human right in France – even prisoners were afforded a basic wine with their meal (depending upon when and where you look).

I was surprised that today’s wine made me feel well-nourished and merry. In general, I believed wine made me weepy. only if you drink the least expensive wine. This wine itself is sad, it is a failure at (the only thing it should be good at) being wine. Of course you cry when you drink the sad wine!

Wine is a celebration for the grape! A good wine is the essence of all life – it has been loved, from the very seed of it’s creation to the moment it dances upon your lips! To know wine is to understand it’s joy, it’s perfection, it’s magnificence! Non, there is no other drink, not even Perrier!

Chef Jean Claude informed us we should spend a year in study of Italian wine after French, and then six months for Portugal & Spain, before re-integrating domestic wines. This will ensure our pallets know what a wine should celebrate, and we can appreciate the energy of the wine, not merely it’s label.

This is not a hobby to which I had aspired, but I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun! And after my second glass this afternoon, I didn’t care that my ears were hot. Sweetie & I took the dogs to the beach, had a nap on the sand, and I came home feeling much better.

Oh! And while I was on the beach I heard our Chef say his second name clearly. Claude. J’mapelle Jean-Claude

I think I hear Jean Claude in French because I do speak some French, and he prefers that language to my usual “Englush”

I realized in that moment why my ears were hot – they are working on them again, in preparation for the readings I’ve booked tomorrow.

My psychic ears are burning!

7 thoughts on “Hot ears and wine

  1. One of my biggest current symptoms are my ears. It’s nice to have you bring it up. My ears ring all day, every day, and I get a lot of burning. The left ear seems to be susceptible to the burning and tones, but the right ear gets that way as well. It becomes especially loud and intense in the evening hours. I don’t mind, to be honest. I also get the feeling that my ears are being “stuffed” and sometimes I have mild pains. For awhile I thought I’d be able to hear more clearly, but I’ve learned to release my expectations and just roll with the flow. Recently I saw a picture of George, in his early 50s, grinning and wearing a gardening hat. Immediately I got a loud tonal blast in my left ear. I went to the mirror and my ear was beet red, hot to the touch! I’ve wondered who has the ear symptoms as strongly as I do.

    Wine sounds delicious.


  2. You get pains too? It’s almost like my ears constrict…pop a little. Like a fish eye lens for ears. There are no physical causes, everything is normal
    and it only started with meditation and contact with George. I think I’m just being caught up to speed or something. Whatever that is!


    • Yeah, I had a whole battery of lab work done, several visits to the doctor – all negative. No apparent cause, just symptoms.

      The young doc (who was in town for only a few months on training) was very puzzled by it all, symptoms so severe as to get my butt dragged in by the ambulance, and no confirmed cause.

      I told her I didn’t really care to continue to investigate, since it was down to a bacterial / viral thing in my ears / nose / throat (which it still could be, hot ears is another symptom of that) or a full system virus like mono or swine flu. I’ve had swine flu before and I didn’t feel *sick* exactly.

      I just feel like my whole body is being rebuilt on a cellular level. How do you explain that do a doc?

      Well, I think I’ll call my reiki friends for more assistance. That helps me A LOT.


      • My friend who George also works with had so many symptoms like mine and yours, but they started back in 2008. She went through a barrage of tests and they found nothing. I’ll text her, like “Do you ever get tapping on your forehead?” Or “my ears are going nuts tonight.” She said it happened a lot as she developed her hearing but I think a lot is energy related. Thank goodness she went through a lot of this stuff first or I’d have been to the doctor a dozen times. Not sure what George and his pals are up to, but I don’t sense anything bad. Just change. Ow. As I typed this my right ear started to hurt. Pressures and ringing, always strongest in the evening.

        I feel like my body is being reworked as well. Let me know what your reiki guy has to say, if it’s something you feel like sharing.


      • Yeah, I’ve had a headache since Saturday. Finally figured out that part of it was bad seasonal allergies, so I got a steroid nasal spray for that which is relieving the stuffiness factor, but not the hot ears or the general fatigue.

        Part of it is that I need to clean up my diet again – I’m not as careful this year as I was this time last year. Part of my fatigue (as I was teasingly lectured this morning) is a response to the sugar, dairy and wheat in combination with all the other things my body’s doing like dealing with seasonal allergies and all of the energy shifting.

        So to make it easier on myself, I’m dropping sugar and wheat from my diet again for a few months, and I’ll cut dairy waaaay back.

        I set myself up for success eh? Of course I’m going to feel more tired if I’m eating sugar all day long. We just had “pie week” at work, so avoiding the sugar this spring hasn’t been easy! Oh well, it’s time to get back into balance.


  3. Interesting, because I’ve cut way back on my sugar intake. I know I eat way too many carbs and not enough fruits and veggies. I feel really good energy wise, I find I get by on far less sleep. I find it fascinating that we are all being nudged into the same healthy habits. I’ve always felt encouraged, but never pushed. Which is so helpful for me since if I get pushed, I tend to push back. Real adult like, huh?

    I see people going through similar lifestyle purges and changes that aren’t even aware of any energy changes or spirituality. That’s really wild to me, but evidence that there is a big picture here. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    This solar eclipse energy is doing a number on me today. Seems to be tons of extra energy in the air.


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