Defining my Joyful Purpose

I thought I’d share a bit about my “process” to help those who are learning and also to further explain to people who might assume I could look over my shoulder and toss a question to any dead person in the universe.

For me, telepathy is not like picking up a phone. It can be simple and easy, but it does take work, focus, time and skill. I don’t strain, but it is intense.

The first thing I do is clear my mind. This is like clearing a path and opening a door. What blocks that path is my own thoughts, logic, assumptions and personality – so to my clients, I might immediately forget information they just told me, because I’m literally shutting off the thinking part of my brain.

For me, most of the initial “work” takes place when I’m first making a connection. I ask my client to physically describe the person they would like to contact. What this does, is it gets the client to clearly picture this person in their mind and heart, and *they* are the ones that are “bringing in” this person from heaven.

For my part, I listen to the client describe their person, and I draw my mind away from the conversation, allowing myself to relax into the client’s voice and the image forming in my mind. For me, this is like listening to a humming note, and using my ear to locate the same note so I can hum along.

If I am not getting a good connection, I might hum or tone to myself, and create a rising slide, to help me tune into higher frequencies. In doing this, sometimes a figure will immediately pop in, where I had nothing before.

At the moment of contact, there is a “snap”, like something clicks into place, and I’ll say “Okay, I’ve got them!” Then the conversation can begin.

From that point forward, the conversation happens like I’m standing in an energy shower. It is very pleasant, can be warm or quite hot. I’ve never experienced a cold sensation, but I do get goose-bumps in confirmation when I translate / communicate something correctly.

The information is coming in across every aspect of my physical and energetic body. I’m a visual person, so I tend to get visuals first. The next thing I tend to get is a flow of information that I like to call a “brain dump”, and it’s my job to choose the appropriate words from my knowledge base, to describe to the client what has been downloaded.

Sometimes the person in spirit will draw forward individual words or sentences from my vocabulary. Erik refers to this as my “dictionary”. The trick with using my dictionary, is it has to be reflexive. It doesn’t work as well if I’m applying “effort”.

I am continuing to develop clairaudient skills, so that I can physically get words that I haven’t heard before. As I write this, my accuracy with names has improved from 10% to 50%, and it’s going to improve over time. Again, it doesn’t work well if I’m “trying”.

I understand why people will ask me to “just ask this one thing, next time you’re talking to ____” It seems like a very small request, right?

It’s tough for me to summarize why I need the boundaries I have in order to do this work. The short of it is, this is just how I work. I need to honour my own process.

For the long story, I need to get into the nitty-gritty of my reality. Settle in folks.

Regarding: “Could you please ask ____ next time you’re talking to ____?”

The next time I’m talking to ___ I won’t be remembering your question. It takes an enormous amount of concentration to *remember* “Oh yeah, someone asked me to ask you something…. What was it?” And it’s another herculean task to remember the friggin’ question. If I’m going to ask any question that is not coming from the organic conversation that’s already happening, I really need to be on the phone with you in a session.

I need formal sessions to establish healthy boundaries for myself. When I take the time to get into “medium mode” I can trust that any information coming across in a session is good and clean. This is the only way I can work with confidence. I also book only as many sessions as I can handle. This ensures I’m rested and ready to work, and that I have enough time to myself to create good balance between work, recreation and rest.

Can’t you just ask this one quick thing? – Well, again, not really. To get the accuracy, I need to make the connection between you and your spirit friend, because the question needs the context of YOU asking it. The technique I utilize to make the connection takes just as much energy for me as an hour-long reading. It’s a great technique for facilitating conversations between people in different dimensions, but it’s not remote viewing.

What is remote viewing? Well that’s a whole other tangent. RV is a really cool skill set that can get highly accurate data. It’s like a google search in the collective unconscious.

For example, a missing pet: What happened to my cat, Princess?

I, the medium, will talk directly to Princess – but Princess may not know what happened to her. Princess may not know if she is alive or dead. She may just see darkness, or have a story about getting picked up or trapped somewhere, but Princess doesn’t know the address.

You need someone who can go up into the ether, sort through all the strands and locate Princess. You need someone who can zoom in on Princess, and sort through the probability of which potential future is most likely, zoom out, look at the address on the house and give that to you. You need someone who can access the linear strands of time, and travel backwards to see what happened in this timeline, and then zoom forwards to observe likely outcomes.

There are so many challenges with this now. Back in WWII, when my great-grandmother Alwina earned her reputation as a psychic, the work she became known for was actually the above-described remote viewing. She could locate missing soldiers, observe their condition and predict their return home (alive or dead.) With a world war going on, there was a lot of momentum rolling our reality forward. I believe the future was not as complex during the world wars, because so many millions of people were all charging forward, so many decisions had already been made. There was less free-will diversion from the world momentum, so outcomes could be more accurately predicted.

Now, I believe our species is pulling this great rolling momentum back around, and gaining a new momentum. Like the elastic force of gravity, or a swinging pendulum, I think we’re at a turnaround point where it appears we’re standing still, but really, we’re changing direction.

A side effect of this is that our “future” has become less predictable, because there are a lot of people down here really utilizing their free will. There are people, like me, who are changing their “life plans” or pushing them forward. We’re becoming aware of the power of our minds and will, and we’re actively participating in Creation.

With all of this going on, the world turnaround, massive free will exercise, I believe the “future” is more difficult to access and tougher to predict. I literally saw potential futures leap up in my friend’s reading which did not exist a month earlier – and the only thing she did differently was meditate. I have developed a healthy respect for the fluid nature of the “future” and this isn’t even getting into the nature of linear time itself. We experience time as linear, but that doesn’t mean there’s only one timeline, or that we’re living only one life. With such a complexity of timelines and factors, how do I zero in on one?

Can you begin to see the complexity of the question, “Where is my cat, princess?”

“Can you ask my relative in heaven to check it out?”

If I ask your grandmother in spirit where Princess is, she may reply in an instant with all the possible outcomes, all mashed together for my brain to unravel. She might even place more emphasis on certain outcomes that are more likely than others, so at first it can feel like contradictory information. THIS COULD HAPPEN (but maybe this will happen if something changes.)

The question of what happened to Princess is just as complex. There are a lot of timelines, and say Princess is missing in all of them… but Princess could have chosen different ways to go missing. In one timeline, she snuck out of the window, walked down the street and got trapped in the neighbour’s garage. In another timeline, Princess was picked up by animal control. In a third, you’ve already found her. In a fourth, she was hit by a car.

The big issue is that when you’re distressed over a missing loved one, you’re really not in the place to talk about parallel realities / potential futures. You want to know *where* she is, precisely, *right now*.

The trouble is that until the answer is known, it’s a lot like Schrödinger’s cat. Princess is both alive and dead, lost and found… potentially.

For me, with my techniques, the boundaries between dimensions and parallel realities soften. It is possible to develop a skill set like remote viewing, but it’s a specialty. Just like animal communication is a specialty: John Edward’s specialty is talking to people spirits. He accidentally discovered one day that he could also talk to animals, but would John be as skilled an animal communicator as someone who has specialized in it for years? Probably not. So maybe you wouldn’t call John Edward to talk to your dog, but you would call him to talk to your grandmother.

For me, it’s a similar challenge when people ask me for very specific information, such as an equation from Einstein or the secret code for Dr. Stevenson’s locked cabinet.

In the first case, Einstein would have to work with my rudimentary knowledge of finite math, physics and quantum science. He has a very limited dictionary to work with. It’s much better that the engineers and mathematicians of the future develop medium skills so they can ask Einstein themselves.

In the second case, the random numbers selected for the locked cabinet are RANDOM! Therefore, every possible combination of these numbers exists as an unlocking code for the cabinet. I think that if the cabinet were locked with a set of numbers grounded in reality somehow by association – such as the birthday of his grandmother – then this information could come through via mediumship. I may not get the numbers, but I could see him point to his grandmother, see a birthday cake in front of her. I could conclude from that to try all of his grandmother’s birthdays to see if it works.

And BY THE WAY, the point of the locked cabinet was for Dr. Stevenson to PROVE that reincarnation exists. If I or a remote viewer were to pull this information from the ether, that wouldn’t prove reincarnation at all. Besides, I think Dr. S has already reincarnated. He only died like, five years ago, so it would be an unusually quick turnaround, but it happens. I think he’ll walk up to that cabinet one day and unlock it himself, in physical form – I think that’s how he’ll prove reincarnation exists.

My point for this entry is not to communicate how mediumship itself is limited, because what is true for me may not be true for you. It’s just to share how complex a skill set this can be. Just like in medicine you can have your family doctor, your general surgeon, your specialist, your psychiatrist. They’re all doctors, they all went to medical school, but their skill sets are very different and consequently their offerings are unique.

Someone who is a spectacular remote viewer may not be as skilled as I in facilitating a heartfelt conversation between loved ones, between species or across planets. We all choose our specialties, and personally, I’m more drawn to medium work. It is essential for me to draw boundaries and help people understand how to work with me.

And I’m very good at what I do J

12 thoughts on “Defining my Joyful Purpose

  1. You are awesome! You told me that my mother would make herself known by ringing a bell or a chime, and i will know it’s her. I thought, “okay, that’s going to be something to pull off…” Well, yesterday the door bell rang, and I walked out of the house and looked around, and NOBODY was there! Later in the day I read the channeling Erik post, and it was all about that. Such synchronicity. So cool.


    • Awesome! Yay for you and Congrats to your mother for making that work!

      It’s not easy, you know, but they have a great investment in telling us they’re around and they love us.

      I had one client’s grandmother tell me she was “taking a class” to learn how to make the lights blink so that her grandkids & great grandkids would know when she was around saying hello 🙂


  2. Very cool post. I thank you for sharing your “how to’s.” I am not psychic, but I have my spirit friends who “talk” to me. I say talk, but really sometimes they are just hanging out by me sending love, and sometimes they play a scene for me like a movie in my head. But the few times they tried a send a name or a place, I just couldn’t get it. Totally frustrating. I suddenly understood why you would see psychics fishing for a name…is it Peter…is there a Paul, etc.

    I, also. travel out of body. My somewhat skeptical husband plays a game with me where he places various items in a small, locked safe and keeps it on the fridge. I, will stick my head in it and tell him what I saw in the morning. I am usually notoriously wrong, which of course, he takes as proof that I am just dreaming all this. But sometimes I get a hit. He put a Christmas tree bulb in there last week and I guessed Santa or something about Christmas. I really saw Santa in there. It is funny how our minds work. I like the game anyway. It is really fun and exciting when I remember to go down in the kitchen and stick my head in that safe.


  3. Thanks for describing the process, I had no idea it was that hard and complicated. About Dr. Stevenson’s code (I’m really glad you still remember, btw), he left it as a word or phrase and not a number code so it would be easy to communicate. Dr. Stevenson was very familiar with the SPR’s (Society of Psychical Research) research on life after death and understood that reincarnation was not the entire explanation, but a part of the whole, it was just the part he focused on.

    So, I don’t think his cabinet was meant to prove or disprove reincarnation, I believe it was meant to provide more evidence that death is not the end.


    • Oh interesting – so who is the guy with the completely random number cabinet? Is there one?

      So weird, I was totally seeing thousands of number combinations.

      Just to clarify, this entry is about how it works *for me*. This is not necessarily how it works for other people. I can only speak to my own experience.


  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I found it very, very interesting; I’m psychictraining as well and have a step-by-step ‘procedure’ that’s quite different.


  5. Kate, Thanks for the insight! It will help us work effectively with you too … understanding that much of the energy expenditure is involved in making that psychic connection. It’s so interesting, because the process works so very differently with different mediums.


  6. You are awesome Kate!!This is a great article here.It helps me to understand alotmore. I never knew we had so many posssibilities etc as you describe here. Like possible outcomes. I mean yesterday when I was trying to share what I thought the courts were going to do in the Jodi Arias case. I came up with a few possibilites. And didn’t think about how she had them just felt them. I was correct on one of them . The first degree but I did feel there was someone who wanted the second degree and that is why it took so long. Oh I know you are great at what you do. I wish I had the skills and gifts like you!! I wonder if by practice and training does someone develope these skills or is it just God given and that is that in general? I mean when I trained for dance I didn’t have the basics for years like the other dancers. I had a few years of the basics and then trained on my won later in life but I made it to the professional world and did very well. But I had to work extra hard for it. My parents did not afford ballet class for me like other girls had. Anyway, I don’t feel I want to train as hard for the skills here like I did in dance. I just want it to happen natually. I was hoping but maybe training can help it along. Thanks for these articles and look cforward to more. Sincerely, Jan xoxoxo

    Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 17:21:44 +0000 To:


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