John & Erik: Truth & Reconciliation

This entry was written over the course of the past week and a half:

So, I gotta level with you, Erik. I’m a bit concerned that my personal blog may become “the Erik Show”, or that you guys are getting all my best stuff. And I haven’t really talked to anyone else in depth since we engaged. (he laughs at my choice of words – sorry sweetheart, I can’t marry you, I’d break too many hearts!)

*pause while I un-roll my eyes*

He asks me why I’m concerned about that, and points out that I’m intuitiely aligning myself with other people’s expectations, I’m hearing it when people are thinking “I wish she’s talk to John.”

You gotta bone up that psychic armour a bit more, that’s not shit you need to hear, and you need to listen to *this* (taps my chest)

Awesomely cheezy, yet profoundly true.
(he flashes back a “statement of the obvious” quip)

So like, what do you *want* to do?

I want to be happy. (mental check-mark because I *am* happy, I’m just declaring the intention to continue to make this my top priority) What makes me happy is walking in nature, talking with people (mediumship) writing things that bring joy and laughter to other people-

(fart noise)

You totally broke my concentration. Oh yeah, and money makes me happy too. Increasing my income, continuing and expanding this economy of awesomeness!

Tell them about your rule –

Okay, well in general I only spend the money I earn as a psychic on things that make me happy, and I’m particularly joyful when I can do something like take one of Jamie’s teleclasses, or buy a cat tree for Sunshine (finally) from my friend’s pet store, or expand my business / blog in some way, like when I bought the domain names – it was quite inexpensive, but it was a real red-letter moment, you know?

It’s a great rule, and (shows me getting to a point where I can pay the water bill with the same love and appreciation that I pay my entrepreneurial friends. Shows me paying my ambulance bill with gratitude.)

Oh yeah, that’s actually something I *should* be grateful to pay. In BC, whenever you call an ambulance, you get a bill for $80. I’m not used to even seeing healthcare bills, having grown up in Ontario where the billing system is different.

But seriously, what am I bitching about it? It’s only $80. I can afford it, and wouldn’t it be much better if I paid it with gratitude, knowing I *can* afford it, and that I live in a part of the world where you can call for help if you’re very sick?

A few nights ago, Sweetie got a movie called “Across the Universe” released in 2007. The only description she gave me was “it has Beatle’s music”. Well, I thought “magical mystery tour” was as exciting as watching paint dry, so I didn’t have great expectations for this one.

Turns out through, it was a *really great* movie, beautifully filmed and the dance choreography was absolutely fantastic… yet it was desperately sad too.

John plunked his bony butt on the end of the bed when the movie began, not saying much. I would occasionally ask Sweetie about the songs – one was John’s, one was George’s etc. Finally I asked “Are these ALL Beatles songs?”

“Yes! Oh my god, I can’t believe you didn’t notice that!” Sweetie teased me. She also had told me it was all Beatles songs at one point, but I’d forgotten.

This exchange was quickly followed by John’s mock-horror, “Have I taught you nothing???”

Which brings me around, finally to the topic at hand: Our spirit friends and what they teach us.

Recently, Elisa posted on the Channeling Erik blog a new disclaimer reminding readers that Erik is only himself, not an all-knowing, all-seeing demi-god.

I appreciated it, because it echoes one of my favourite litanies:

Being dead does not make you right.

I think it’s important to honour your intuition on what is true, because truth (and spiritual truth in particular) is all about context. What is true for another may not be true for you; it may not mesh with your experience, it may not resonate or make sense to you, it may not describe a reality in which you wish to participate.

So you don’t ever have to believe anybody when they tell you how it is, because they’re just telling you how it is *for them*.

The cool thing is, by listening to other people, the alive ones and the dead ones, you can pick up a lot of different ideas, perspectives that will shift your kaleidoscope of truth.

(I’m hearing “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”) The girl with kaleidoscope eyes…

Erik & John (why not, right? I was trying to figure out which one of them was there, until I let myself realize it was both. Hi guys!)

Erik: The thing is, there is no one single “REAL” reality. It’s not your reality and everyone else is delusional if they don’t see shit your way.

John: Everyone’s delusional. (At some point) it was decided that delusion was a bad thing – (shows me dropping a ball, symbol of dropping judgment.) Are you ready to allow everyone around you to have their personal delusional reality?

Dissonance is what is creating this (Shows me refugees, looks like India, and I get the words “have / have nots”) These people have nothing because other people believe they are incorrect. That is all. Just, disparagement of what they believe.

What if people where just allowed to believe whatever in their hearts they know to be true?

Imagine, if instead of turning to Erik, or myself, you turned inward for truth?

Because there, my friends, is where you will ultimately find it.

Wow, John, thank you so much. This is a truth that rings true to my own heart, so I think I’m going to keep it, and incorporate it into my reality.

My truth about truth may not be your truth. What you decide to do, my dear friends, is up to you.

PS: I had to look up “dissonance” because it’s not in my usual vernacular. This is one of those cases where I get confirmation I’m channeling, because I didn’t actually understand what it meant until I finished the entry and looked it up. The definition made me smile; it’s so appropriate. It’s so John:
1. inharmonious or harsh sound; discord; cacophony.
2. Music.
a. a simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of unrest and needing completion.
b. an unresolved, discordant chord or interval. Compare consonance ( def 3 ) . See illus. under resolution.
3. disagreement or incongruity.

The definition of dissonance could double as a definition for our overlapping realities. Beautifully put, my friend.

I had to look up disparagement too. (John’s British vocabulary is fancier than my own.)
1. the act of disparaging
2. something that derogates or casts in a bad light, as a remark or censorious essay.

I think a good tip for learning to become a medium is to READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Anything to build your “inner dictionary” will help the spirit friends bring it forward. I don’t use these words, but John could use them because I have encountered them in the past. I’m so grateful I just wrote them down as they came, because it’s expressed more beautifully than I could have done with my usual vernacular.

18 thoughts on “John & Erik: Truth & Reconciliation

  1. “Being dead does not make you right” – omg – that really is brilliant and I will use it – many times ;-). Love that movie “Across the Universe” – beautifully made and the use of the music is so visceral to the story. Another great post! Thank you. xoxoxoxo


    • True – totally, and I think it’s so important to remember that no one, no dead person, no psychic, no guru or religious leader, no celebrity has something or is something that you or I are not.

      Living or dead, famous or not: we are all sacred.


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  3. Timing truly is a brilliant thing. I took an interactive class with Jamie & Erik this morning where he discussed something similar, that we’ve been raised in a society to listen to so-called “authoritative” figures who think they know everything, including what’s best for others. Instead, we need to turn inward for real answers and simply listen to other’s opinions, since that’s all they are, and feel what resonates and what doesn’t and why. Feel it with our hearts instead of our heads. Do self check-ins and look at how & why we react to such opinions. We need to learn to trust our internal compass & do plenty of self-exploration since we’re all on our own personal paths. Right after the session, a friend of mine called, a highly intuitive mentor-like figure in my life who has been in my thoughts recently. He echoed some of the above lesson in his impulse to contact me. His timing was amazing and then your post followed suit, with of course, a cameo appearance by Mr. Medhus himself. Even when life seems its craziest or must absurd, at least it is all highly entertaining and well tied together. All these spirits may snicker at us with our limited perspective (& really, who can blame them?) but we manage to learn so much in the process. Our own reality is such a personal thing. There’s magic amidst the confusion and questioning of one’s sanity and delusions. I don’t know what’s coming, but whatever the outcome I look forward to it and embrace the growth that will follow. Thanks for always being open to sharing your own amazing growth process and spiritual journey as it happens 🙂


  4. That’s so John.
    I was just recalling the other day some of the early conversations I’d had with him when I was a kid. I was barely into high school and was supposed to be planning my “academic career” so I asked him what he thought about university. He said something like, “it’s a great way to become an expert in other people’s opinions”. Which in retrospect is more or less a neutral statement, and accurate. But my reaction was, “Well that sounds like a waste of time. What if those people are wrong? People are wrong all the time. What makes their opinions more valuable than mine?” (I ended up going anyway).
    But yeah the whole idea of subjective reality came up really early on.


  5. And coincidentally (not!) someone just shared this on my Facebook page:
    “Do not believe the road signs. There is no one way. If it’s your truth, then it’s the right way. There are many paths beyond the rules of limited thinking. Trust your instincts!” – Bryant McGill.

    Seems to be an idea that’s very much in the air at the moment. Definitely resonates with me, because I know I have issues with letting go of my need for external validation (which goes with an automatic ‘what if I’m the one who’s wrong?’ anxiety when I encounter someone with radically different views). Thank you for this.


  6. “‘Magical Mystery Tour’ was exciting as watching paint dry”….(tries to hide face palm and inner cringe. Unsuccessfully.) I love your honesty. One thing about working with spirits is you come to realize you can’t bullshit. They KNOW how you really feel, even sometimes before you acknowledge it yourself. I found an enormous relief and release in that.

    I also got a few big lessons in discernment, from George, and from other spirit direction. I didn’t know what was going on at the time and I got a bit freaked out. But once I figured out that sometimes you’re given a message as a riddle, and it means you need to define your truth for YOU, not just what someone else’s message was for you. Does that make sense? “Think For Yourself,” is one of George’s earliest songs with the Beatles. And being really new to the whole spiritual realm I automatically assumed that being dead = complete and instant enlightenment and everyone who had left their body had the same experience and understood God’s creation immediately. Um…NO. Just as one person’s life can be a far different experience from birth to death, I think the same thing continues. It’s about perception, how our very being perceives what’s going on, based on what we experience and what we learn, both in this life and previous ones.

    Last night, George appeared to me in a dream but as a different person. He was a young British record producer. We were with Paul McCartney and we were rerecording the “Let it Be” album (as if it needed it!) At one point, the record producer had Paul switch keys to better match his voice on one of the songs. Still the same song, and most people wouldn’t see a big difference. That almost was the same message here in a way. Anyway, I know it was George because he revealed himself to me at the end of the dream before I woke up. What a goofball.

    Anyway, it’s fascinating to me how all these messages align for people. I’ve learned so, so much from working with George. It’s funny, I’ve talked to John recently about welcoming his input more. It will be interesting to see how things progress for all of us as the world continues to change. Fascinating times we live in!


    • Um, I’ve just heard a bunch of joking and laughter about my choice of words in that George “revealed” himself to me in my dream. It wasn’t like THAT. He just showed me that it was him at the end of the dream. Funny, guys. Really funny.


    • “I automatically assumed that being dead = complete and instant enlightenment and everyone who had left their body had the same experience and understood God’s creation immediately.”

      A lot of people believe this, and I think on a level it’s true, however you don’t have to be dead to realize complete and instant enlightenment.

      I’ve had a few clients express surprise when their loved one on the other side was relating to them as the same flawed personality they had in life – or sometimes they present a different attitude, like being timid and shy, until they adjust to being dead. It takes some time for some people.

      Even though time is relative.

      In particular I remember a client who asked her brother to watch over her kids, and he said it’s a better job for her father (kids grandfather) to do, because he, the uncle, was concerned he’d be a bad influence. Which was true in life, actually.


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