2 thoughts on “The Truth: Channeling Erik

  1. That is nice!! And whatever beleifs are working for us then that is fine to me. Or by me. Even if it is the really rigid Baptists. Maybe some people need that kind of thinking and regimen. It maybe not my thing but maybe for some. I just add on to what I am doing now and don’t discard too much. I love to have variety and alot of thinking to pull from. Now many don’t agree with this. There are some ideas that fit in all religions and philosophies all at once I am sure. That is love. I love what John says., All we need is love. There it is. So simply put. I love Christianity and churches myself. I have been exposed to them in a very positive way. So they don’t bother me but I only use what fits too for myself. Maybe kind of selfish but it seems to work. The structure, mode and package is fine with me. It freaks alot of people out especially if they have not been exposed to it. Like anything else it is just getting use to if one chooses. God is love and is everywhere. Doesn’t have to be in church. I love new age rooms too and eastern thinking too from Indian Gurus. Love them. So, whatever we can identify with for love that is healthy. Some will not agree with me here. Oh just my 3 cents here. Sorry it is so long. Love the subject!! Jan xx

    Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 11:54:14 +0000 To: jandrake007@hotmail.com


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