Walking in Shadow and Sunlight

Sacred grandmother is a wise and beautiful friend on the other side, who I met when she appeared to take home the spirit of a little boy who was too shy to talk to me. Since then, she occasionally visits and shares her knowledge.

Grief is an old friend, a wise elder who lives on the outskirts of every practicing psychic’s life. We’ve experienced it so that we can understand it, so that we can relate to it, so that we can recognize it. When a client calls me in deep grief, and I can feel the heaviness in her/his voice, and I can feel the energetic conversation slow and thicken like molasses, I think to myself “This friend is walking in shadow.”

Sacred Grandmother Speaks:

Have you noticed (the effects of) being close to someone who is walking in shadow? It’s not a bad thing, even those who CHOOSE to stay in shadow for longer than we may have chosen ourselves.

Grief will attract its own (energy) back to it, (like anything else). Grieving people will find each other. They trade this energy around and around, and for those of us who are not walking in shadow ourselves, the activity of grief is repellant.

That (is just fine). We’re repelled not because it is “bad” energy, only because it’s different. It’s not a good match for our own way of travelling.

Our own way of travelling may be to walk in sunlight – our energy high, smiling and optimistic. We will likewise seek each other out, and trade this energy around among ourselves, reveling in our blinding brightness. It is important to remember that our way of light is no better or worse than the path of shadows, merely a different way to go.

Both ways of going, in shadow or in sunlight, will attempt to affect those close to us. And so, one who walks in shadow will attempt to cast shadow upon the sunlight, just as the sunlight will attempt to overwhelm the shadow with sheer energy and optimism. Neither traveler will appreciate the assimilation efforts of the other.

And so it is important to remember, when we walk in shadow, that those who shine their glaring, insistent light upon us in our time of darkness, are not there to anger us, merely to remind us that one day, we may return to the path of sunlight. So too is it important to remember when we walk in light, that it is not the intention of those who walk in shadow to drag us down to their depths of sorrow, only to make themselves more comfortable in their time of grief; for the wounded do not walk about in daylight, they retreat to shelter and darkness to heal.

This is the way of the world. I have spoken.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Walking in Shadow and Sunlight

  1. great post. After we lost our son I remember others emotions felt so heavy. it was so hard for me to want to be around them. NOT because I wasn’t grieving but because I instinctively knew there was more. Soon after our loss I found the Channeling Erik blog and then this blog. It was exactly what I needed: validation, hope, and light. Thanks for all you do.


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