Crazy Friend’s desk

I don’t know *what* was up with the last month. I tell ya, I felt like there was never enough time in the day or week. I have a new project I’ve been wanting to launch, but I just haven’t had the energy, really, to get into it.

So maybe now is not the right time to do it. It’s summer, anyway. It’s time to just slow down and enjoy.

This morning, in the Joyful Telepathy group, I shared that I’d neglected my own “psychic hygiene” for the past couple of weeks. It’s silly, but when I’m tired and most *need* the benefits of meditation, yoga and clean diet, that’s when I’m more likely to just skip it – you know, because I’m *tired*. It turns into a bad cycle pretty quickly.

I’m just sharing to demonstrate that this whole “energy cleaning” thing never goes away. It can become habit, but it will always be important. It’s actually really interesting to me to discover how much I depend upon these routines to stay functional now – I simply couldn’t do this work without a good energetic hygiene. This week proved it.

When I do get down and out, I have discovered the Big Guns: Going into the ocean. There is something about going into the ocean that fixes everything. It’s better than reiki, better than yoga. I can understand now why thousands of people put surfing as their absolute top priority, and spend their lives travelling around to various surfing destinations and working whatever café job they can pick up. Live to surf. I get it; because when you’re in the ocean, nothing else matters. There is no future, no past, nothing but the water, the energy of the motion.

There is something energetic about my back: I have noticed that if I neglect a daily yoga practice, a pain will begin to build in my right hip. My chiropractor has given me a few exercises and has linked this to the misalignment of my left knee – the tightness in my right hip causes my left knee to overcompensate. It can become incapacitating if I ignore it.

However, if I have a good daily yoga practice, this pain will disappear. Makes sense, right? Yoga is good exercise, surely that’s all it is…

Except that should I neglect my yoga practice, and this pain has build up to an uncomfortable, stabbing insistence, all I have to do is walk into the ocean, and the pain is gone.

It’s gone.

And it stays gone for at least a week.

Yesterday, I was too tired to play in the waves for more than a half hour, but I’m as pain-free as I have been on longer trips into the surf. It’s like magic, and it reminds me of reiki healing. This is how I know it’s energetic.

The thing about energetic burdens is you don’t always know they’re there until they’re gone.

Sweetie & I decided to sell this beautiful old desk we’d aquired from a woman who was a friend for a short while, but who suffered from intense paranoia and ended up pushing away or alienating all of her friends with false accusations of theft and betrayl. She left town just a year after she arrived.

This encounter was confusing and upsetting, but we kept the gift of the desk, because we needed it and it was beautiful.

Since we moved, the desk no longer suits our needs and we decided to sell it – and a strange thing happened: Sweetie and I began to have silly arguments about this desk.

It was almost like the desk didn’t want to be sold. We resisted taking pictures of it, resisted posting it, I snapped horribly at Sweetie when she interrupted my thoughts of posting it for sale. Even the people making offers seemed to want to complicate things, and were unusually demanding.

And then, we understood: this desk has Crazy Friend energy. Holy crap, we’d been living with the thing for 3 years and never cleansed it!

I smudged the piece (process described in the “personal Rituals” entry) and immediately it felt better. I didn’t want to send this desk to a new home with all that angry energy.

We noticed the difference immediately, now that the oppressive cloud had dispersed. I have cleansed our living space more times than I can count – how the hell has this desk hung on to that crap?

Well, patially I think it’s because I remember my friend whenever I look at it. We could have been re-intorducing that bad vibe every time we looked at that piece… which makes me look at the rest of my furniture differently.

I will cleanse every individual piece of furniture in my house this week, and we’ve decided to sell another piece that has some negative associations too.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about furniture, it’s that you never have to be without something you need for very long. Sweetie and I gave away or sold almost all of our posessions in 2009 when we moved west, and we’ve never had to sit on the floor.

It’s funny, the little associations we have with our stuff that we might not notice. For instance, I hung on to a cutting board with bad memories for almost 10 years. It was a really nice cutting board with a drawer in it to store knives. I really loved it… except that my ex had burned it by carelessly placing a hot pot on it just a week after I’d brought it home! He scrubbed the scorch mark off of it, but it was never “new” again, and I didn’t realize it but every time I looked at that cutting board, I felt a little big angry.

And I looked at that thing every frigging day for almost 10 years. It wasn’t until I decided to let it go and *not* move it out west that I realized I wouldn’t have to feel a little bit angry every day anymore, because I wouldn’t be seeing it. I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed how I felt about that piece until I let it go.

Energy is a funny thing – it clings to objects, it gets reinforced by our associations, beliefs and memories. This can happen with things as small as an inherited piece of jewlery you feel guilty for never wearing, but you hang on to it for decades anyway – to as large as a whole house that you’re trying to sell and can’t seem to unload.

So how do you get rid of it? You recognize it, you say thank you, and you let it go.

20 thoughts on “Crazy Friend’s desk

  1. Ha. You did an image search for “stink lines”, didn’t you? 😉

    Ugh. Before I understood this stuff, in my 20s, I had negative attachments on almost everything I owned. Guilt, sadness, fear, etc. I don’t really know if these things came into my possession that way, or if it was the way I acquired things, or if it was my own energy that got into them. All I know is my stuff made me feel bad, and I couldn’t get rid of it. Not quite like Hoarders, but I did hoard scraps of paper for a while because I was so afraid of losing track of something that I needed to remember, or afraid that people would learn something about me that I didn’t want them to know. Classic OCD stuff. I didn’t know about cleansing, or energy in that way. I was just *experiencing* it, and experiencing it in a way that didn’t serve me. Eventually I did get rid of my stuff and I felt a *lot* better.
    But you know, I just realized that while I’ve been taking a neutral attitude to my things and being wary of re-forming negative attachments, it means that I’m not really in appreciation of them, either. Which I also think is important.


  2. wow, funny. When I read the post I immediately thought “maybe this is a cleansing period” for a lot of us. Or maybe its just a coincidence.
    And as I was reading the reply above it struck me or I heard or whatever…I have redone every room in our house since Eric has died except the great room furniture remains. This sudden realization is Wild lol. There was a week delay between his death and the funeral and a coinciding ice storm. We were holed up as a family and spent those days and nights doing whatever. We were not interrupted with food or those who wanted to help because we were iced in. And in a way, it was perfect.
    At one point I picked up a book of paint swatches and picked out new paint. Eventually all the bedrooms had new bedding and color schemes, the kitchen a new to us table and new paint color.
    The great room was painted a different color but the same old furniture remained. i often see Eric in my head sitting on the couch or napping in the chair. This past weekend I found a new area rug for the great room. As we laid it down, it looked beautiful. However the furniture now looks aged. Hours later the dog scratched a hole in the leather chair. Yesterday I bought a new chair and have plans to replace the couch and loveseat. So…long story short. I think I was holding on to an Eric connection. But it is time to let go. He is still around and will always be around. That furniture now/suddenly feels heavy and dark to my soul.
    I just know in my heart this is a letting go/cleansing. Heck we even got hit by a horrible storm a year ago that got us new siding, roof, windows, A/C, Furnace and patio doors. It is crazy, but not a coincidence. We are so much more than an incident or a moment in time. We are bright shining lights that need to recognize all of our awesomeness. Thanks for letting me ramble. 🙂


  3. Thanks Kate!! That was so interesting!!! We gave away a really nice couch once becasue one of my healer friends said it contained really bad energy and would cause alot of allergies. So we did. I was kind of sorry too. I got more ill anyway and so did my Mom. But that did get me into feeling like furniture holds stuff. How cool to read this!!Thanks for your time and help in the room too in Joyful Telepathy. It is wonderful!!So very helpful to so many of us. You are teaching me so much!! Blessings to you!! Jan xoxo

    Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 17:39:22 +0000 To:


  4. I am totally on board with this. It’s so true. I’ve been encouraged to detox both in body and home. I actually started a detox diet a couple of weeks ago and I feel much better, lighter already. It’s also rewiring the way I view food, the energy it gives me, what I really need vs. what I think I need.

    Interesting story about a couple of days ago. Your story about the desk and energy in objects made me think of this. I was in sort of a funk. Woke up in the middle of the night worrying about physical world minutiae…bills, laundry, stuff that shouldn’t keep you awake at night. It’s out of character for me. Just sort of felt “off” the next day until I took a long hike in the woods. Gradually, with the healing energy of the living things around me, I was able to regain control of my thoughts and my the end of the walk I literally felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Ok, here’s the interesting part. Out of the blue, my friend sent me a text asking if I was ok. Had anything happened today? I told her I was feeling better but relayed my day to her. She said she was just sitting there calmly knitting when she felt an uncomfortable sensation at her crown chakra. Very intense. Her husband checked her and cleared her energy with divining rods but they indicated there was a problem with something in the house. They followed them to a box I’d sent, a gift from the previous month. Somehow, when I released the negative energy, it found its way through the box. She’s extremely energy sensitive. I hadn’t talked to her all day, but somehow the message was relayed that there was something wrong.

    It was a bit puzzling, because I’d blessed the box and all the items in it before sending and my intent was to bring joy to them. Which it did. But somehow, I was linked to that box and my unusually unpleasant energy found its way in. She didn’t mind, she said she caught on quick to what was going on and found it interesting. That it is!


  5. Interesting post. I never really thought about our home environments holding on to energy, except maybe if one felt a really bad, negative “vibe” coming off a place. But what about neutral energy instead of postive energy?

    I was just meditating on my life, and the things I want to create in it. I seem to be really stuck in the area of romantic relationships. So I asked “what is the one thing I can do to move in the direction I want.” I was expecting a response along the lines of “join a team” or “sign up for Internet dating”…. but what I got was a vision of me cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. Now, I’m not a hoarder but I live in a very small apartment so while I don’t accumulate much, the closets and cupboards tend to get stuffed. For some reason I also hold on to papers over the years.

    Then I realized that for years I’ve been hearing a telepathic voice, only in my kitchen, during times when my mind is blank – moving around, washing dishes, etc. It utters only one phrase: “Do you love me?” I never feel anything bad about the energy, just confused.

    I’ve never found out who that voice belongs to. Is it the energy of something or someone that is keeping me stuck? Is it a voice from my own subconscious? Why the heck is it in my kitchen of all places?

    There were only 2 previous owners in the place, both of whom were living when I moved in and I don’t think anything strange ever happened in my home.

    I’m going to try a kitchen clean out and then maybe sage the place and see what happens.

    What do you all think it might be?


    • Gosh that is really strange. You might try tossing some clear quartz crystals (cleared and charged with sunlight) into the cabinet, or putting a few small bowls of salt I there too.

      Just wiping surfaces does a lot to move energy.

      Hmmm. Ill think about it for a while.


      • Thanks, Kate. I actually picked up a clear quartz crystal last year (or rather, I think it picked me). I will leave it outside overnight (I’ve read that it gets cleansed in the moonlight) and in the sunshine (hopefully) tomorrow and then place it in my cupboards with some salt bowls. At least until I get time to fully clean them out. Ugh, why does it require cleaning??? Why can’t energy clearing include eating chocolate and reading books? LOL


    • I’m not sure if I responded to this about a place holding a “neutral” energy.

      I think it’s totally possible, and instead of “neutral” I would say “balanced”.

      A neutral energy I often think about something getting blown out by the wind or polished by the tides and a sandy beach. When a crystal is “cleansed” that usually means it has released any energy that it has absorbed, and it is ready to conduct new energy, absorb it or hold energy in the form of a program. So the “cleansed” crystal could be neutral or balanced, and the state of the crystal holding energy could be labeled as holding positive or negative energy.

      There are tons of ways to “cleanse” crystals and stones, and I think you just need to make the choice intuitively. Some crystals seem to prefer moonlight to sunlight, and I have a few friends who prefer to be buried in the ground, to sit in rain water or to live in the pot of a plant.

      I think I wrote about this in an entry called “stone people”


    • Just posting an update. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, put a crystal in one of them and a little bowl with salt. Now instead of hearing “do you love me?” I heard “I love you.” Still have no idea what it is all about, or who it is, but I’ll take it. 🙂

      I also cleaned out my bathroom, no big energies there. But when I approached my desk area (lots of old papers to clean out), I immediately got a headache and didn’t want to be around there. Hmmmm. Guess that needs deep cleaning next!


  6. unsolicited response…however as I read. I clearly got it was you asking yourself? Do you love me? Do you love yourself. We cannot love another until we love ourselves.
    Sorry to interject, but it was one of those really really strong thoughts that just seemed to pop into my head. 🙂


    • Nikki I think that could be it – kitchens ate the “heart” of the home, it’s the nurturing centre that maintains the health and life of the inhabitants.

      Our homes sometimes reflect our own bodies.

      I wonder if this resonates as true to her.


    • Hi Nikki. Thanks for your response. It’s totally not unsolicited as I did ask you all for your opinions. 🙂

      I have thought that that was a possibility and have asked myself that many times. But I’ve concluded that I actually DO love myself. It took a long time to get to that though!

      What comes to my mind that seems to fit more is… do I trust myself? (Long story which I won’t explain here). But those aren’t the words the “voice” used, so I’m still confused. Perhaps one day it will be explained.


  7. Kate, huh, if my kitchen represents my body, maybe this is my higher self’s way of telling me to eat healthy and lose a few pounds. Ha ha ;-P


  8. This is an issue I’ve been wondering about. I have a few pieces of jewellery left to me by a relative with a very controlling personality, which I’ve never worn but have been reluctant to get rid of in case other relatives asked me about them. We’ve been having a general purge recently of stuff that’s just been taking up room in the house (there’s definitely something in the air at the moment, isn’t there?), and I wonder if it’s time I did something about those items? Kind of hard when other people expect you to be sentimental about keeping things to do with a relationship that wasn’t quite what they thought it was (or ‘should’ have been)…


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