I experienced a teaching moment, years ago, when a friend of mine returned from a psychic reading and was quite angry and upset, because the psychic had predicted the death of her grandmother.

I was a teenager at the time, so I tended to be harsh and judgmental of others anyway – so you can imagine the scorn I heaped upon this psychic. That memory of my friend’s upset continues to affect my own practice today, as I am very, VERY careful when discussing the future passing of my client’s loved ones. I know a few of my readers can attest to the speech I give when talking about future events, and how hesitant I am to touch upon the future death of others.

Well, here is a perspective we may not have considered: how might it feel for that person to discover their own death has been predicted by a psychic?

I’ve cross posted Helena’s Healing Circle a few times, and this one is a doozy:

I hope that these people had good intentions when they emailed Helena’s partner with predictions of her death, but certainly no one thought of the possibility of Helena discovering the predicted dates of her death.

How much would that suck? What a black mark to put on someone’s calendar. No one likes to be the topic of gossip, and in a way this is the ultimate suckiness of being talked about. What a way to override / discount the power of one’s free will – Helena had stated in many-a-blog-post that given the choice, she would choose to continue to live. That was her will.

Predicting her death is like saying her will didn’t matter.

I am grateful to Helena for sharing this, because this too is a story I will hold in my heart for the rest of my life, allowing it to guide my own practice with wisdom and compassion.

For all you psychics in training out there, now is a good time to think about how you will handle the question of discussing the future.

Some psychics take the approach that if they see it, it is given to them by God and they are meant to pass it on. This is how some psychics feel it is possible for them to work – by handing over all ethical concerns to the spirits. I will not call it wrong, it is just not how I feel comfortable working.

When anyone asks me about the future, I have a little speech: I explain how the future is always in motion, and divine timing is constantly evolving based upon the choices that people make.

If you want to get really crazy with it, you could consider that each and every possibility does play itself out, but that sort of thinking is not often helpful when clients are looking for information. They want to know what will they experience in their timeline.

I have energetic boundaries set around my practice which helps prevent me from reading someone without their permission – I just see grey, or sometimes I see a “do not enter” traffic sign. It’s easy to slip over that line when you’re in “medium mode” and not always thinking about whether you “should” offer a response to the question. Sometimes you are passively channeling information, as directed by the questions of the client.

And yet it does come up, discussing possible futures. I am a medium, and so I work best when we are engaging an individual on the other side in conversation – so we might be talking to someone’s grandmother or spirit guide, and the client will ask about their future. I will say something like, “remember that (your grandmother) will be expressing her take on things, her opinion, and that you decide whether it rings true to you.”

I will explain how, through a month of meditation, another client of mine opened up her future to dozens of possibilities that just weren’t visible to me before – this amazed me and humbled me to begin to understand the power of our own sheer will.

I think about this and I wonder how my great-grandmother Alwina ever handled the ethical question of prediction. I wonder whether the potential futures were as complex in the 30s and 40s, when the world was gripped by the momentum of war, as they are now, when there is so much liberation and freedom of choice for so many. Alwina was the grand-master of future predictions.

Even if I knew how to do that, I’m not sure I would.

The choices you make in your own practice, is up to you.

5 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. I’m not a practising psychic but I have been asked to do a few readings for friends. I don’t really have a problem with giving predictions but always tell them that their free will is paramount (meaning they can change the outcome), that timing isn’t set in stone, and that the predictions are usually possibilities rather than certainties. I also won’t read someone without their permission. If the person asking for a reading asks questions on behalf of someone else, I will mention that and ask that they keep their questions limited to themselves because of consent issues.

    Regarding the prediction of death, I don’t want to have anything to do with that unless I’m getting the information so that I can help someone avoid it. (By the way, I’ve never received such a prediction from guides). I don’t think we’re supposed to know this information.

    However, I did receive a prediction about my parents from a well-known psychic/medium/channeler. That person accurately described the process leading up to a loved one’s death but said it would be “years” and it turned out to be only months after the reading. My loved one was sick at the time, none of us knowing it, and the reader didn’t mention it. I was completely shocked when it happened.

    That kind of screwed me up for a while. Why would my guides say it would be years when it was pretty imminent? Why was some of the information accurate while other information was not? Was it the reader’s misinterpretation?

    I understand, though, about not mentioning the illness in the reading. I couldn’t have done anything to change it at that point and my message, I gathered, was to be able to spend quality time with my loved one during the process.


    • My partner had an experience as a teenager of foreseeing the death of her friend’s friend. It created a lot of fear and blocked her abilities for a decade, because what are you supposed to do with that information?

      Do you walk up to someone and warn them? But look at the potential outcome of that!

      I hesitate to make a sweeping declaration about my own personal boundaries.

      It’s important to look at these things from all angles, and I will try to make these calls from the wisdom of my heart. I think it’s super-important to continually practice being humble, so that you do not factor your *own* needs as the medium into this decision, but balance the needs of the client and others involved.


  2. I have had several personal medium experiences that backfired. I asked the outcome regarding one event on several different occassions and always got the flowery rah-rah answer. This event came and went and the outcome was not the one predicted. The odd thing is, I had been telling myself that I was trusting what was meant to be would find its way. i highly suspect this was a good lesson in practicing what you claim to believe. If I trusted then why was I doubting/asking?
    i think asking about the future makes us one of two things, complacent or worried. We have the answers within. When we finally trust ourselves enough to go with our intuition we will no longer need to ask.
    I have found that the best messages are those that empower and encourage love.

    HSB, I had a thought last night. You mentioned TRUST in your response to the last post. To me lack of trust correlates to fear not love. Self doubt, lack of trust etc is just our ego getting in the way. Love resonates with fatih. Just my two cents worth.


  3. Thanks Kate!! I appreciate reading this!! I saw one of my coworkers one day at our massage spa and her eyes were running. This happened everyday for weeks it seemed. I did not know what it was but knew something was up!!I had never seen anything like this yet!! Well, a year later she died. And they thought it was a suicied. But I know for sure now it was a murder. She came to me in a dream and told me about it. And then I checked with 3 mediums and they all confirmed it. I rwe later in Sylvia Brownes book about running eyes and death. Then saw that movie with the card reader who saw this in a client who was also murdered. So, that floored me. I am aware of this stuff. Someone asked me the other day if they were going to die and I saw and heard no. But I would not tell them anyway. I don’t want to give that info to them. But I have asked this myself. So, I know that people do want to know sometimes. I asked Sylvia when I was in critical condition at an exit point 5 years ago. And she said no. But now I am ill again not as badly and want to ask Erik on my next conference when. But then I think I really don’t need to know. So have changed my mind!! It is a very dleicate thing to know. I agree with you!Thank you for having such integrity!!. I want to be a good reader when I or if I ever really do it more. I am trying and practicing now with a few and am so not really very good yet. I mean I wish it would open up more. Sometimes it does. Anyway, thanks!! Blessings!!! Jan xo

    Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 16:17:18 +0000 To:


    • Interesting. My partner noticed a sign for her that indicated impending death – once for an old man who was sick (so no surprise when he died) and once with a teenage acquaintance who was hit by a train.

      The second one freaked her out so much she blocked most of her psychic input for over a decade.

      I emailed Christopher Reburn about this case, and he was a sweetheart and immediately emailed back that it was important to pass info on, in case an accident or death could be prevented.

      There doesn’t seem to be any handbook script for starting that conversation.

      I remember that from Sylvia Browne’s first book, her autobiography, as her watching the whole face of a relative melting as a small girl. Her grandmother just said it meant they were going to return to God’s house.

      I learned a lot of things from her books – a lot of useful tools. I will always be grateful to Sylvia for my early psychic education. 🙂 keep reading! It adds up over the years


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