Can I get a Hell Yeah?

Floods happen. Here in Tofino, I live with the reality that a tsunami or earthquake could have a devastating effect on my town. Sometimes, when disasters are covered, News broadcasters will share only the most traumatized faces, the most heart-wrenching stories.

But in every disaster, there is a community. And frequently, there is a sense of pride and self reliance – and with every citizen owning a camera phone, the real story is told by the people who live it.

Bravery, calm, stoicism and gratitude. That’s what I see in these photos from the past 48 hours of flooding in Alberta. I’d like to share:

Community, eh?

One thought on “Can I get a Hell Yeah?

  1. Awe, hell yeah!! It is so scary and but look at them all!!They are all helping each other. My Aunt who was 80 in the Long Island hurrucane went thru a crisis not as badly as this. It gives me chills and heart felt feelings so strongly to see these pictures. I am so lucky we have not had anything yet like this. Many blessings to all of them!! Sincerely, Jan xoxo

    Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 17:45:35 +0000 To:


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