Teri & Erik make my brain melt

Okay, this post has been written over two weeks, between Teri and Erik poking into my day and crashing my brain with all their craziness! The result may be a bit discombobulated, but it’s still funny and worth sharing.


Hey Teri, do you know Erik? (Medhus of the Channeling Erik Blog)

GIRL you know I am ALMOST too much woman for him!! That poor guy he BLUSHES when I whip out all my woman-power for him!

WHAT! You are not flashing the guy, are you!

I spend most of my time in a bikini up here on a Harley – if something shakes loose NOT MY PROBLEM! HA HAWW!

Ah-haa! I have to chuckle thinking of Erik getting ruffled by you, girlfriend!

You know half my purpose in life was to embarrass teenage boys! That is a hobby I just CAN NOT leave behind! I offered him a ride on my bike, like (he should hang on to her near-naked form while she roared around) – He up and gets HIS bike (a shiny black chopper to match, ever so slightly larger than Teri’s, just to make a point) and he is COVERED head to toe in black leather – wearing sunglasses! HA HAAAAA!!!! (he’s trying to shield himself from All Teri’s Woman Power!)

That is so fucking funny – do you want to get Erik – FUCK YEAH Let’s have a threesome!!!!

OMG. Hey Erik! Did Teri interrupt something?

Erik: Naw! I can’t say no to Teri! (the dude is blushing! ) AAAAA! (Teri is doing this teasing fondling thing on the back of his neck)

Teri: So yeah, Kate and I were just talking about how CUTE you are!

You just revel in the glory of teasing, don’t you!

Teri: AWWW! You can’t spoil my fun, amiga! Erik’s a BIG MAN! He can hold his own! Eh Erik?

Erik: Yeah I’ve been holding my own since I was 11.

Teri: So, you wanna have a threesome entry (OMG) with Kate & me?

Erik: (doesn’t bat an eye) I’ve been dreaming about it for (as long as he has known us = an eternity) I’M PSYCHED!

Okay, you two I’m in the middle. What are you going to do with me?

Teri: We are going to talk about sex, baby!

OMG. You’re not going to pull a Monty-Python and start a demonstration, are you? Because there is not enough brain bleach in the universe – not that you both aren’t beautiful and all, I’m sure you’d put on a hell of a show. I can’t believe how weirdly uncomfortable I feel, and I’m no damn prude either.

Erik: Pshaw, you’re just putting on a show for your readers (wiggles eyebrows) We know what you think about, I’m totally inside (your head) you baby!

Holy crap! AAAA! Erik: See you thought you’d get me, but I AM THE MASTER! Ha ha ha haaa!

**** annnd brain crash.

Wow. I just had a brain crash where I lost both of them. It doesn’t happen often, but it sometimes happens where I have to re-set the connection. I’m going to take a break and come back to this.

Okay, and through the magic of blogging only a moment has passed for the reader although over 24hrs has passed for me.

Erik: (Shows me & Sweetie sitting in our oversized armchairs in the kitchen – we had a long discussion last night) You two are really nice together. (shows me peace in the home, pans out to a world view, like world peace starts at home)

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about the Joyful Telepathy Facebook group and where to take it. It has great advantages & a few limitations, but yeah… what do you & Teri think – any suggestions?

Teri: Haw – I LOVED that bit about the slug (shows me chewing gum)

Are you saying the slug is like chewing gum? EWWW NO! He was eating that cracker and it was like chewing gum for us – he had to chew-chew-chew a lot LOOOONGER than his normal food. And I was like, Why are you even GETTING these ideas about talking to a slug!?! And then I was all, Whaaaaaat! This slug is pretty frick’n cool, you know?

Totally, Teri. THAT is the point of the Joyful Telepathy Group – is exactly that, like to get people to realize and think about all the cool life forms that surround us all, that we might not have thought much about beyond being gross or a garden pest. Banana slugs are such cool animals, I really love them.

Teri: MMMMM HMM! And they like beer too!! HAWWWWW! (some gardeners will attract slugs to a trap with beer, teri suggests I put out a nice shallow dish of beer for this slug so he can enjoy a slug-pint without the worry of drowning.

So you guys think I should keep going with what I’ve been doing?

Erik – You should post that horse from the rescue (story is on tofinopsychic.com) SHE loves to talk to people. I’m a horse talker you know – did you know that?

I did not – yeah I can see you astride a little wily war pony. Maybe you have past lives as an Apache or Cherokee or Comanche. Hey dude, what do you think about people – native Americans in particular – getting to be known in history by what their enemies called them?

Erik: Pssssh. Everyone knows what their enemies call them. (I hear “Queer!” shouted through a dark alley) Everyone has “enemies” – and everyone calls themselves something different, or, (shows me

**** aaaaand life interrupted us here. As I pick up the scattered threads of this conversation, I wonder which direction we will go.

Okay, calling Erik and Teri – you two out there, want to finish this off?

Teri: Baby, you know Erik always finishes me off! (OMG girl, you are BAD! Teri, I think you’re “worse” than Erik!)

Erik: (chuckles) Yeah I need to *up* my game, (knowing look).

You know you two, I didn’t think a bunch of psyched up spirits could embarrass me / make me blush, but you’ve succeeded! What’s the point of that?

Teri & Erik – reply comes from both simultaneously: To prove that you still have a life after death, and that you don’t (have to) leave any part of yourself behind. Nothing “dies”. And there is no moralizing (Teri – no one’s callin’ me a COUGAR, girl! Rawr!) (Erik – yeah, and who gives a fuck? WE DO!)

Dudes, you know I’ve talked about spirts and sexuality before. Let me find that post…. Here it is: https://psychicintraining.com/2013/02/03/love-sex-and-bonding-in-the-spirit-world/ and one more: https://psychicintraining.com/2012/06/29/kurt-john-lets-talk-about-sex-baby/

So yeah, it’s definitely one of those topics where incarnated people like to slam on the brakes and go, “Okay, you’re seeing naked spooks? YOU’RE CRAZY!” Like the line between a spiritual psychic awareness and balls-out crazy is marked in red capital letters: S E X !

I’ve never read anything by Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, Echo Bodine, Lisa Williams, Theresa Caputo or any other world-renowned psychic about spirits and sexuality. It’s probably a subject they’ve intentionally stayed away from, rather than a topic that’s never come up.

I get why it’s never come up – all of those psychics are “TV Famous”, so I think most of the topics they address need to be suitable for TV, and if they even touched upon something racy, it would be career suicide. Maybe. I’m just speculating.

Fortunately, I’m not TV Famous and my spirit friends don’t seem to give a shit about propriety. But I still need to give myself a little speech like this to muster up the ovaries to post about this topic. OKAY! HIT IT you two!

(Erik smacks Teri’s shiny-black-leather-clad ass) I been hittin’ it alllllll night!

Teri: You know I was a Good Christian Girl (in life – affecting a strong southern accent) You know I gotta make up for lost time and martigras!

Yeah! Based on our conversations Teri, why do I doubt you were exactly a “good girl”? (Teri Laughs!)

Teri: You understand I can make my hymen grow back after every time? Tell my Mom I’m still a virgin up here!

Are you two just going to talk dirty this whole time? I’d like there to be some point tying this whole thing together?

Erik: I’ve got a point for –

Teri: Baby, the point is, just because you’re thinking about UNION, doesn’t make you CRAZY. Doesn’t make anyone else crazy either, so watch yourself before you hitch up those judgin’ panties, ‘cause you ain’t wearing no chastity belt under there!

You know guys, I wonder exactly what purpose up-tightness and sexual inhibition has played in our culture / incarnations, and what validity it still has. For one thing, monogamy is the assumption and basis for most marriages in North America, right? But “cheating” has ripped apart so many marriages. So why is there this push/pull between monogamy / chastity and raunchy inhibition, and why are they exploding so many partnerships?

Erik: Well it’s not the CHEATING that kills the relationships, it’s the LYING. I see no reason why a (married/partnered) couple can’t make their own agreements within their (marriage) – but some people are just not wired for that. And there’s this expectation thanks to all the Disney Princess stories that all you have to do is marry Prince Charming to live happily ever after!

Well Prince Charming has had at least one mistress for hundreds and hundreds of years! It’s just that up until now, women just had to sit and take it. You couldn’t divorce your husband just because he was (sleeping with someone else.) And in a lot of (upper society circles) it was expected that the man would have someone else.

But if the *woman* ever got anyone else, DAMN was she in trouble! I was completely sexist. Some women were even expected to raise the illegitimate children of their husband’s mistresses. Now THAT is a mind fuck. Can you imagine?

So now we’ve got a lot of women who – (Teri elbows her way in as the Woman of Sexual Freedom here)

Teri: Now, women have options. They have fuckin’ options! For the first time in history, you have women who have the same sexual freedom as men, and it’s scarin’ the fuck out of a lot of old men who WISH they could get in on the action! Pills, implants, IUDs, sponges, spermicidal – women have all sorts of options now that takes pregnancy out of the equation. And PREGNANCY is the whole reason for “traditional” marriage as North America knows it. Women as fuckin’ property! Don’t get me goin’ girl!

It’s just that all this sexual power and freedom can scare the nut-sack-hairs off of the ol’ little white men in charge of making the laws, and in charge of the churches – telling everyone else what to do. But it’s time for everyone else to just THINK for themselves!

The whole inhibition thing – (Erik butts in)

Erik: The whole point of sexual inhibition and control and oppression of anyone who’s not a straight guy (I’ll get back to that in a sec-) is that NOW there can be and is this awakening, and without repression, there can be no breaking free, right? It’s like a jailbreak – that’s the point of the repression all these years, so that there can be the experience of oppression, and also this experience of breaking free and changing.

Did you know that on (other planets, like Plink Plunk’s planet) there has to be a conscious decision to procreate, before there can even BE a pregnancy? There are NO accidental pregnancies (on some of these other planets).

How it works is, two androgynous beings who are attracted to each other for whatever reasons (sexual, intellectual, recreational etc) decide to have a DISCUSSION about raising an infant between them. In some cases, the two of them (shows me two beings holding hands, facing each other, eyes closed) telepathically contact and communicate with (the soul of the third being who would come into the infant’s body). They all talk and examine the energy, the health of the bodies and the infant that could happen, they flat out discuss life plans between incarnated parents and non-incarnated babies.

Isn’t that cool? Can you imagine meeting your baby before deciding to have it? And you’d know the whole time exactly who is in there. And sometimes, mothers and children do talk before or shortly after conception when the mother dreams. Lots of moms remember “meeting” the soul of their baby before the baby is born.

So it’s because humans have this disconnect between incarnation and birth – that is really the whole basis for sexual repression – because humans are in the fuckin’ dark a lot of the time when it comes to procreation.

And all that there is by design. It’s part of the chaos factor of this big blue beauty (earth). It’s a unique earth experience, to have kids that you don’t meet until their birth, and that you don’t get to know until they grow up.

It’s kind of amazing, actually. This disconnect on earth is really rare, and very special. Even that feeling of confusion, of not knowing what the fuck you are doing with your life – that’s all part of it too, and it’s unique to this one rock of ours!

Really, Erik? Teri? None of this goes on in any other planet? Or dimension?

Teri: Girl, I am an EARTH SPECIALIST. I have had most of my incarnations on earth and I LOVE it there. I’m goin’ back in a hundred years or so, just you wait n’ see! I can’t really say whether other planets have the same issues as we do, in terms of sexuality and repression. I haven’t really looked. But what I can tell you is that sexual repression for women was NOT always a part of this planet!

MMMM-HMM! I’m tellin’ you, WAAAAY back before the men-folk went and got violent and started using force for everything, killing like a bunch of idiots, the WOMEN darling, WOMEN FOLK had the wisdom and the keys to sexuality!

I’m going to tell you all about the temple – YOU KNOW the place I’m talking about, but your reader’s don’t so I’m going to start from the beginning:

(Shows me England, then move to the right on the map, and up a bit. Spain? Rome?) Yeah, baby, near there! (calendar pages flipping backwards until they run out, and clocks spinning backwards – showing this time period is before our detailed records – before Egyptions – YES

Shows me a low, wide four-point pyramid made of massive cut stone blocks, and in the blocks smaller stair ways and path ways are cut out. There is a main temple and surrounding buildings where the people live, eat, – the temple is for a this sacred purpose.

The temple is covered with lush gardens. Reminds me of the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”. Daises everywhere, which is a sacred flower. This main temple grows a lot of food, and it’s the best food because it gets the best light and the best soil. The soil is fertilized with the menstrual blood of the women who devote their lives to service at the temple.

The women are all dressed I white linen robes. There is an outdoor bathhouse area, with long flowing drapes of fabric to discourage lookie-loos, as the women of the temple are considered the most beautiful.)

Shows me a young girl, very beautiful girl who just started her first period. She has been sent for by the women of this temple, as she had been marked as a young child and chosen for service to the temple. She is sad to leave her family, her family is sad she will no longer live with them, but they will still see each other. It’s more like she’s going to live at a sleep-away school, but the school is still in the town. Besides, the women in this temple are widely known to be kind, and the temple is the *best* place to live, ensuring excellent health and long life to all women who live there.

The young woman is initiated, and she is protected and educated within the temple. When she returns to her family to visit, she is accompanied by at least one “matron” from the temple for her protection, and so she gains a sense of confidence and self-possession, as she is always treated with respect.

This temple is for fertility, which is why the most beautiful women live there. The women are responsible for the sexual initiation and education of all members of this society, and in doing their job properly, it is believed that they guarantee the continued prosperity and fertility of this civilization.

Young men, women and couples go to the temple as directed by their bodies and families, and stay until they emerge confident sexually activated members of society. Within the temple is taught technique, proper etiquette, self-care / hygiene etc. Improper behavior is explained and discouraged – both to men and women, so that both understand what is expected. In particular, shepherds are informed that farm animals cause sexual disease – and that sexual tensions can be alleviated properly through repeated visits to the temple. It is believe in this culture that a society’s vibrancy is rooted in healthy sexual activity.

Wives with “fertility problems” are welcomed into the temple for periods of one month for up to a year, while one of the temple women takes the wife’s place in her home, caring for the children and the husband. It is believed that “infertility” is caused by the woman becoming overtired from too many children and too much work, and so she is relieved and nurtured like a plant that has been neglected, until she is rested and vibrant again. In this way, the ultra-nutritious food grown and accessible only to temple people, assists in the rehabilitation of the culture’s overtired, overworked people.

The bath house area becomes a day-spa for women “on rest” and they are cared for by the temple women. (Temple women care for each other too, as caring for others can take it’s own toll upon anyone.)

While the temple is more of a woman’s place, infrequently a man grieving the loss of a loved one would retreat to the temple for weeks or months until he felt strong and healed by the food and ministrations of the women.

If anyone overstays their need, they would be gently, consistently persuaded to return to their life’s responsibilities. If someone refused to rejoin society, it is because something is wrong – not because that person is judged to be lazy (as laziness is a sign of illness, not a character flaw.) There is rarely a person – man or woman – who enters the temple for recovery and never leaves. These people do not join in service with the temple’s women, but rather, considered to be unwell, are eventually assigned modest sleeping quarters in an area away from the temporary residents and are assigned responsibilities that befit their ability and attitude.

Teri shows me one man who would do nothing but eat, and so his “job” became “sacred food tester” and he was meant to taste every single dish before the temple people ate it. He grew to an enormous size, and eventually died, but was honoured for what was considered his own sacred purpose. His body was entoumbed where he died, as he was too large to move. This area became a shrine, and food offerings continued to be left for him for centuries after his death.

Teri: This temple is where I lived out a lot of my lives, honey! It is the best place in the universe, as far as I’m concerned, and sometimes I go back and re-live it, just because I love it there so much! But that place is, now, (in linear time perspective) history. (Shows me the first onslaught of warriors mounted on hairy, small ponies. These warriors were the first of an army that swept in, wiped out the population and claimed the temple for their own purposes.)

Teri: That temple baby, is my home! It’s my heaven, and that’s where I go when THIS ONE wears me out! (smacks Erik’s butt.)

Thanks you two! You’re awesome!

16 thoughts on “Teri & Erik make my brain melt

  1. Is John involved in any of this?? I “see” him and Teri together. Which doesn’t surprise me considering how sexual John is. LOL.


  2. We all have had many different incarnations, ‘past’ or other lives, and are souls having a multitude of experiences. Each incarnation comes with its own point of reference based on the present time that we experience. For example, Erik has been and is more than the known Erik of current times, but that’s our point of reference. Yours and mine. Same with our reference in relation to John, Kurt, and pretty much anyone else.

    With all of that expressed – and mainly as a typed means of sorting out my own thoughts – it just makes me wonder….. when was ‘Teri’ last incarnated and who / what was she in that life? The personality that comes across to you seems like quite the wild, interesting, fun-loving character. An abundance of energy. As a point of comparison, your dialogue with John makes him seem subdued, calm, cool, a chilling type of individual. Teri is fucking wild. That has to be intense for you, Kate, to manage.

    Did she give you any of her most recent history relative to our present times?


    • I met Teri the spirit because a client of mine asked to speak with her, and they were quite close. YES Teri was very uninhibited in her humour and lust for life, in her last incarnation!

      Gosh – I have to apologize if John’s stuff has come across as chilly – that is not how he relates to me at all! He can be quite the raunchy wild card himself, actually. Maybe our topic of conversation has inflicted a tone upon the text that I did not intend?

      If I were to generalize about how john’s personality comes across to me, I’d say there are two sides: a quiet, intellectual deeply empathetic and loving side, and the exuberant, fun-loving, sex-loving, joke-loving boy in man’s clothing.

      But it’s true they and incarnated people tend to measure up to our expectations.


      • I think I might not have used the best word, or it in the right context….. I’d said John seems to be a ‘chilling’ type of individual, not chilly. Chilling – as in cool, calm, laid-back, easy going, quiet, introspective, thoughtful, go with the flow….. that’s kinda what I meant by ‘chilling’. :0)

        That’s what I get when I read your posts. It’s all good.

        A bit of raunchy humor…. even better! ;0)


  3. Hey Kate!

    This post is hilarious – I would love to be fly on the wall the next time you have a threesome!

    Is that photo included in the post Teri?

    Very well done again my dear friend. 😉



  4. Pardon my obtuseness…so these girls job was to have sex with men women and couples who came to the temple? A woman would go to a woman’s home while sh e rested and wouldn’t there be an attachment from the husband to these beautiful woman or was there no jealousy involved?


    • Not obtuse at all. Actually, I didn’t exactly ask for the movie version of *precisely* what is done with whom.

      Hmmm, I’m going to try and do a better job of explaining it.

      I think the main difference in the culture Teri describes is that sexuality was about bonding and nurturing, but not exclusivity.

      I guess jealousy and such would inevitably come up at times, right? I’ll have to ask Teri about that.

      I think I’d be speculating if I tried to explain it.


    • Really good question about attachment to the temple women.

      This is the thing about channeling – I turn my brain off and don’t think to ask stuff like this. Thank you for the question! It seems forehead-smackingly obvious to me now. I can’t believe I didn’t ask it myself.


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