Kurt: Adjectives

Hey Kurt, if you were to pick some adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be? (If you have any?)

The answer came through before I could type the above question:



Yeah, I’m blonde. Still am. (grin).

Can I explain what you just gave me or will that wreck the joke? (nods, go ahead)

So, what he gave me with the “I’m blonde, still am” reply is also the understanding that being blonde is about as relevant to who he was / is as it ever was / is. It’s an adjective, a descriptor; it isn’t *him*.

How would you describe me (what are your adjectives of choice?)

Blonde. That’s a good one. Sincere, unless you’re (joking/bullshitting/being sarchastic). Earnest and intense, unless you’re being silly.

Silly? Like a kitten???

Yeah, totally like a kitten!

And cute too?

(how do I describe the nuance here, sorry dude I’m gonna butcher it but I have to try: self-deprecating / egotistical / joking / a little insecure and sort of serious / but really joking because who gives a fuck)


Wash it!

(this is a reference to a running joke between Sweetie & I the last couple of days, in reference to Margaret Cho’s performance in “beautiful” where she advises her prospective lovers to “WASH IT! Seriously, wash it.” And it’s a throw-back to early entries when John used to tease our dislike for facial hair, yet unwashed grunge was somehow okay.)

Hey Kate, how would you describe yourself? (see how that feels? Grin)

Hmm. Honest, for sure. – as I try and think of other words, he says:

See, a lot of people look to how they *want* to be when they’re choosing adjectives for themselves. 13 year old me? I’d have said, (depending on the day) a fuck up / a rock star. Both would have been true.

Hmm. It’s a challenge to think about it that way too, because in one question you’re taking responsibility for owning your future potential, too. So, I’d say “A writer” “Happy” “Healthy” “Comfortable” “Brave”.

So at what point does this exercise become nauseatingly egotistical?

When you’re telling it to (a member of the media.)

OMG! I can’t believe I did that to you!

(laughing like he’s played a joke on me)

Funny. That’s another one I’d pick for you.

I’ll take it!

5 thoughts on “Kurt: Adjectives

  1. 🙂 So great.

    When he said “blonde”, it’s like — I actually think I *remember* reading that in his journal somewhere and he used it in a similar context. Like a mock interview that he drew up. I dunno, I’m too tired to look it up right now, I’ll see if I can find it tomorrow and report back.

    The other thing is he did bleach his hair so choosing that as a descriptor is just that much more ambiguous. At least for me. I guess we just decide who we are, totally. I remember I was talking to him about hair bleach one day and suddenly it was as if I’d walked into a cloud of Blondissima Ultra fumes. I could feel it in my nostrils. 🙂


  2. Hi love your blog. I wonder if the article is this one in middle school. He describes himself as blonde with blue eyes.

    Description of Kurt Cobain

    At the age of eleven, Kurt Cobain was the subject of a description to be published in his school’s newspaper, the Puppy Press, under the headline, “Meatball of the Month”:

    Kurt is a seventh grader at our school. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He thinks school is alright. Kurt’s favorite class is band and his favorite teacher is Mr. Hepp. His favorite food and drink are pizza and coke. His favorite saying is, “excuse you.” His favorite song is “Don’t Bring Me Down” by E.L.O. and his favorite rock group is Meatloaf. His favorite TV show is “Taxi” and his favorite actor is Burt Reynolds.

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