Stand by!

Hey Kids! I’ve decided to actually *make* the time to update the little features on this blog, and on my professional website that sorely need to be updated. Testimonials, my bio, even the little introduction sticky post I’d like to update. It’s just not going to happen unless I put the posts on hold and commit some time to it.

And hey, I may even be able to figure out how to turn off that infinite scrolling. (wink! Kitty! You have such great ideas, I DO take notes.)

I received some great feedback recently, and the main thing I want to address first is that new readers can feel lost.

That’s no good! New readers should feel AWESOME. They should be like, “WOW! This is an amazing blog! I completely understand who this Kate is, why the heck Sweetie has her own page and what I have to learn and enjoy here!”

It’s my job to make that sentence easy for new readers to say, right?

I have a request for you folks: it has been suggested that I replace the top graphic with a picture of my face and “something spiritual” so that people can immediately connect with me. On one hand I’m kind of self-conscious about putting a big giant head of myself on the header, but on the other hand I do really enjoy seeing pics of other people on their blogs.

So if I were to put my giant head at the top of this blog (and I’m not saying I’ve decided to do that yet) what would be the “something spiritual” to put next to my head???

I personally thought the mountain *was* spiritual. But that’s my background, and some people are completely confused by the thing. (Remember the hen-and-chicks? They don’t realize the mountain is an IMPROVEMENT!)

So what do you think? Keep the mountain? Stick a pic of my head up there? Any suggestions for things that have a spiritual connotation but that are still a part of nature?

Thank you! And thank you for bearing with me for a couple of weeks of renovations.

6 thoughts on “Stand by!

  1. What exactly is “something spiritual”? Seems to me it either becomes something very subjective (what’s spiritual to one person might not be to another) or something very commonplace (how many “spiritual” blogs/sites are full of lovely but kind of boring images of crystals and incense and whatnot?).

    Here’s a thought — instead of having a huge picture of your head plus something else next to it in the header, what about taking some pictures out in nature that include you in them and using them as your headers? You know, you in a grove, you in contemplation on a beach, you hugging a tree, you communing with various animals (come on, your banana slug friend really needs to be immortalized in a header graphic)… You don’t have to be a huge part of the image if you don’t want to be. If you still feel the need to have a big portrait picture of yourself on the site, you could always throw one into a widget at the top of your sidebar.

    As for turning off infinite scrolling — hahaha I can take you through that process, you know. Any time, just ask. I can help you with other WordPress tweaks if you want as well. It’s an open-ended offer, no expiry date. 🙂


  2. Will love to see more pics and more scenes too. Like a full body picture and anywhere. So to see you all and or a face pic facing us!! Whatever, this is a nice picture too but will like to see more too!! Just some ideas!! Jan xx

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