Challenge Accepted…?

Okay, I have another request:  Help me brainstorm a new blog title!

While I will keep as a URL and continue to direct it to this blog for now, it has been rightfully pointed out to me that “psychic in training” does not describe me.

I mean, sure, in the esoteric “we are all learning” kind of way we are *all* psychics in training, which was the point of the URL… but for some reason “brain farts of a psychic in training” seems to give the impression that I am less than professional.

I don’t know *HOW* you could think that!  Sadly, (BIG SIGH) I have decided to drop the fart references in my tag line and archive function.  Apparently “It’s Just Funny!”  isn’t really all that confidence-inspiring!

Believe it or not, it was a fellow Canadian who pointed this out.

So here’s one last Fart! for the road:


(this is a photo of hilarious graffiti that began appearing on Canadian National freight trains in the early 90s.  It’s kind of like a graffiti meme, before there was LOLcats.  Bye Bye brain farts!  Into history you go…)

So here’s where I could use some help:

I need a new name and tag line for this blog.  I’d like it to be something other than my name, something memorable, simple and ideally clever.

You see, “fart” was about as clever as I could get with a blog tag line.  So…. brainstorm!  Ideas?  Shout ’em out!  There are no wrong answers!

Thank you again, y’all!

24 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted…?

  1. Just a bit Psychic is such a clever name but ok. I will try to come up with some names. Yes, the fart I can do without myself too. It is so less than for you!! Ok, first name that comes to mind is Psychic and Nothing Less. #2. I Wish Upon a Psychic # 3. Challenges of a Psychic #4. Interview with a Psychic #5. Psychatar- A Psychics Journey (sorry Kate but movie themes are just coming in here lol) # 6. A Psychics Day # 7. Part Psychic, Part Math Chick ( skip), # 8. The Psychic Challenge # 9. Divine Sights # 10. Psychic Dimensions # 11. If you could see what I see #12. The New Senses # 13. Entering into the Intuitive Zone # 14. Divine Senses, or Sights or Expressions, or Dimensions, or Interactions, Impressions and etc. # 15. Once Upon a Psychic # 16. A Day in the Life of a Psychic # 17. Psychic and Soulful # 18. Born This Way # 19. Beyond the Senses # 20. The Inner Limits Well, this was my left brain with the numbers etc. I hope this gives you ideas. I will love to give more tomorrow. Some of these are so typical but I will try to be more creative tomorrow!! Ok last one for # 21. I Do Declair! From a Clairvoyants Perspective! # 22. Mystic, Comdedic and Psychic! Jan xoxo

    Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 03:07:18 +0000 To:


  2. You Canadians. You’re so silly. I can’t imagine seeing “fart” on a train here. Ever. That’s hysterical.

    I’ll try to come up with something. I used to joke that I wanted to start a series called “Touched by a Beatle,” sort of a rip on the “Touched by an Angel” tv series that I thought was so hokey. I like the new intro, by the way. You’ve been busy!


    • What I find even funnier than the word “fart” spray painted in 6′ high funky graffiti letters is the knowledge that at some point there were more than 20 freight trains travelling across the country with 6′ high graffiti “Fart!” – to surprise and delight Canadians all over this great nation!

      Comedically, I am very easy to please.


  3. Something like “psychic realities” or psychic stories, maybe? Or what you told me once, “Crazy is a good place to live.” Science fiction is quickly becoming part of reality. Psychic Zone, like twilight zone?


  4. Well, being from Tofino, I think you need to include some reference to the nature/surf culture. How about something like “surfing the psychic wave” as a tagline? 🙂 You’ve gotta keep balanced in order to ride those waves!

    Or “Hanging ten with my psychic friends” (okay, that was supremely cheesy and awful – don’t use that one).


  5. So, wait…why the “Close to Heaven” in the meantime?

    Personally, I say stick with the fart humour. The world is way too full of “professional” psychics (people of all walks, for that matter) that have no senses of humour. Part of what makes you the unique person you are *is* your sense of humour.

    Here’s where I’m coming from.

    You have a professional site at and you have this site, which I’ve always taken to be your personal site. I can see wanting to make your professional site be more conventional and/or confidence-inspiring, but why tone down who you are here? Me, I like seeing glimpses of who you are, fart jokes, internal conversations, ramblings, and all. Most professional psychic sites look pretty much the same, all little cookie cutters that someone decided was what you should look like to be deemed professional…and it’s easy to lose track of who is who because everyone looks the same. (I’ve been looking at a lot of animal communicator sites lately and, holy criminy, do most of them ever look alike.) So, if you’re going to change the name, make it something that really screams “Kate”, not just something that says “a psychic lives here.”

    At the moment, I have no good ideas to offer myself, but maybe that’s a good thing. After all, my blog is still called “Life Begins at 41 [etc. etc.]” and I’m waaaaaay past 41 now. Good blog namer, I R not. 😉

    (OK, someone just put an image of The Unknown Psychic in my head — you know, like the Unknown Comic from the 70s, with a paper bag over his head and the really cheesy jokes? No. No, that was not a name suggestion from me. LOL)


    • Oh but you know what was really funny? I was thinking of using ipiccy to do a cutout of my head and just have a giant, disembodied head floating over the mountains… like that scene from “Get him to the greek” where p.diddy eats his own head. I might do it for the interim anyway.

      I completely agree with you. If “personality” = “unprofessional” then I am just not going to attract clients who think like that. The people who are attracted to my personality are the fucking best clients in the whole wide world!!! And if I attract clients by being balls-out crazy they bring the funniest, most loving, humorous and touchingly honest dead people with them.

      No, don’t worry Kitty I am revamping this place a bit to make it a BETTER. Better my way, not in a cookie cutter, sanitized way. Because who can relate to a psychic that doesn’t give context for her experiences? This is also why my facebook account is not “daily advice” or some crap like that, but instead things I ACTUALLY like, or heykus about how I’m getting spanked by everyone I know in “Words with Friends”

      I’m a lesbian who sucks at scrabble – right there I’m a freak of nature 😉

      OH! Another thing a few people have suggested that I should clarify: I will not be merging this site with my professional site. The reason is that people who find this site as it is right now, do so because they have self-selected through a series of clicks to find it here. They read Channeling Erik or they followed clicks through references on Maybe a fluke internet search brought them here, but in general, I like it this way.

      I have my other website that’s like an elevator speech for tourists and locals who are looking for a psychic – they find that site because they googled “Tofino” and “psychic” or they found my business card somewhere. They don’t need to see the whole nine yards of crazy if all they want is a medium. And I don’t really want to talk about the nine yards crazy when in line at the grocery store, you know?

      With a smaller community, and I know there are readers here too who live in a small town, it’s just easier if you are selective with whom you share which personal information.

      My resistance towards convention should not be interpreted as lack of ambition, or laziness or anything like that. Of course I have ambition, drive and an obsessive Toronto Ontario work ethic – I just want to be the best at what *I* can do in this world, not the best at competing with others for slots in a previously accepted “ways of doing things”. Here’s the formula for publishing a book, here’s the formula for “monetizing” your blog (puke), here’s how to promote yourself through newsletters.

      If I ever offer a meditation in exchange for your email address you will know the body snatchers have taken me away!

      And I’m not trying to criticize anybody who does this – heck, I’ve traded my email address for free material, but then I usually unsubscribe to the newsletter after a few weeks. I have a blog, why the eff would I create a newsletter???

      Wow, this turned into a rant, eh? Kitty you bring it out in me!


      • This is all fantastic. “I’m a lesbian who sucks at scrabble – right there I’m a freak of nature.” That’s some funny shit! But I do think losing the “in training” might be a good move. You’ve progressed a lot since you started this blog, I’m sure. And we are all “in training.” I swear to God, if I come on this website and find cheesy graphics of cherubs flying around a fountain, I will say “WTF?!” But I know that won’t happen.

        Kitty, you made excellent points. Change is good, but doesn’t mean you have to sell out.

        It’s still funny how I found this blog. Just looking for someone else like me, who talks to George Harrison. Who knew?


      • A giant, winged, disembodied head would be pure awesomeness. Shades of Terry Gilliam. (Loved “Get Him to the Greek”, by the way.)

        I don’t understand this obsession so many people have with “getting ahead”, people who think that anyone who doesn’t have a drive towards the same goals they have is lazy or ambitionless or settling for less. Pishtosh. (As an aside, there are so many deliciously terrible things one could do with cheesy graphics of flying cherubs. Bwahahahahahah!)

        By the way, “The Whole Nine Yards” would be an great blog name, though probably not what you’re going for. 😉 And you’re welcome for bringing out the rant. I like to think that’s one of my special talents. LOL


  6. This is officially getting good. I just had an image of a cherub like the swimming baby on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind.” Chasing a Canadian dollar.

    The flying disembodied head is very Pythonesque, I agree. And you could add a giant foot stepping on it and making a farting sound. Just like Monty Python.

    Naught flying cherubs dressed as pirates. Now aren’t you glad you asked us to brainstorm, Kate?


    • See!!?? I LOVE this! Okay, so I have a disembodied head with cherub wings attached to a bare baby’s butt, flying over mountains chasing a Canadian dollar bill and when you CLICK on the head, a giant foot comes down squashing it, making a fart come out of the baby’s butt.

      See, pure comedy gold!

      I mean, who could *not* take me seriously then???

      Oh wait, there needs to be a vortex or “something spiritual” in there too… is the cherub wings spiritual enough? Maybe the cherub could be high-fiving Jesus.


      • Oh, for the something spiritual, obviously you just change the background to something to suit. So, winged disembodied head with farting baby butt flying over a temple, over wind chimes and candles, over Stonehenge, over fluffy clouds and rainbows, over crystals…no, wait, *farting* crystals…chakra-cleansing crystals.


      • I was wondering how crystals would fart! But a cherub farting crystals, now that would be something to see. Can you imagine how hard farting crystals would be on your GI tract? Ouch! Eat some fiber, kid!

        It could be all set up in that quirky British animation too. The high five to Jesus sounds good. Jesus wearing cutoffs and a John Lennon “Imagine” shirt. I think he’d approve. I really do.


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