Something interesting happened this past weekend.

As Sweetie & I were having lattes on Saturday morning, we got to talking as we do about topics generally described as “weird shit”. On this particular day were talking about re-asserting biological balance in ecosystems that have been “destroyed”. We brought up the topic of “terra forming” and how understanding the cascading effect of life that begets even more life could probably be used to alter dessert planets. (This was a very non-scientific discussion, and I realize that highly educated scientific professionals have already stated that terra-forming is not possible. Sweetie & I were talking hypothetically.)

I’m not sure how we even got on to the topic of aliens again, but we did – and just like the first time with Plink Plunk, suddenly there was a consciousness making herself available for conversation, someone who was familiar to me, and who had this approach energetically like the kind of smile and happiness you experience when unexpectedly reuniting with friend you haven’t seen for a number of years.

Her energy quickly interpreted as feminine so I will use female pronouns. I was even translating her physically as the colour pink. I instantly contrasted her to Plink Plunk; while he was extremely interested in speaking with me and in our planet in general, didn’t seem to have an emotional, empathetic connection with me at all. He was very intellectual, the brain. So I immediately thought of this new being as “Pinky” – like, Pinky and the Brain.

After a quick energetic introduction, she asking for permission to speak with me and accepting my funny moniker instantly gave me the feedback:

You interpret me as your feminine because I am (embody) all that you associate with growth and love and maternal propagation and birth and renewal.

What was really cool about speaking with Pinky was that as I spoke the communication for Sweetie, my VOICE changed. It was the weirdest and coolest thing! I began to over-annunciate every syllable in each word, rolling over the d’s, elongating the o’s. Everything had to be said through a wide, wide smile.

Then the exchange of information began.

She gave me the picture of a planet that is just PACKED with life – the density of life on this planet of hers is astounding – absolutely EVERYTHING is thriving. The dwellings, the counter-tops, the very paths underfoot are pulsing with life.

Pinky gave me the experience of her own physical form, with the understanding that while it is a different sort of solid vibration than our human bodies, her body feels just as real and as dense as my own.

The first understanding I had was that she was about four feet fall, relative to my own body. She had no solid bones but more flexible, rigid cartilage. She showed me her spine and compared the nike-swoosh shape of cartilage to the material that made the shape of my nose. This is her “bone” structure.

The second understanding was the exquisite sensation of her skin. Her skin felt very very thick – she doesn’t have such thin, tearable tissue as our own skin – it’s tougher, rubbery and it reminds me of the thick, tough but sensitive yielding skin of marine mammals like dolphins and whales. It was also moist, and I got the impression that the environment she lives in is a higher temperature than my own body would easily tolerate, and the humidity is thick – the density of molecules in the air was also a vehicle for life –the very air was alive.

The next thing she said was “Nitrogen” and showed me the air around her as full of a mustardy-yellow gas that would kill people. I interpreted this as her air having a much higher level of nitrogen in the atmosphere. As rich and dense as her home is, it would not be hospitable to any of the species on our planet.

Pinky’s feet were very small, and the movements she uses to walk remind me of when I was taking ballet class – walking gracefully on tip-toe. In contrast to her feet, which didn’t really seen to have separated toes, her hands were about twice the size of my own and used to conduct energetic communication between herself and whatever she was touching.

The physical sensation of touch is the primary form of communication between Pinky and the life around her. If speech is email, touch is a face-to-face conversation. Every moment of every day is some sort of communication, an exchange of awareness and affection between Pinky and her environment that cared for her like a loving maternal embrace.

Imagine living in the energy and feeling of the loving embrace of your own mother, as though you are her treasured child – that’s the constant background sensation of incarnation in Pinky’s home. It’s a feeling of being cherished and cherishing all that is around you just as your default state of being – before you layer on to it any conscious thoughts of your own.

I contrast this understanding to my own environment that feels very cold and harsh, energetically. In comparison, my own home is full of dead things – dead wood, dead crushed up reformed rock – not to mention plastic. This is not a judgment of my world as inferior; it’s just an observation of how it feels in comparison to the experience of living through Pinky.

As I write this recollection of our weekend conversation with Pinky, I find it surprising, or notable, that despite our physical differences both Pinky and Plink Plunk have a lot in common with humanity. All three of us walk upright, have arms and hands and have eyes in the front of our heads. Our bodies are constructed of organic tissue that decomposes when we’re finished with the incarnation.

It occurs to me how truly infinite the possibilities are for consciousness incarnation. We could be balls of light or clouds of gas, yet here are two different off-earth species that are eerily similar to humanity. I guess it makes sense we’d make contact with our closest cousins first.

I was just about to write “perhaps we will move on to balls of light” when I recalled a story my father told me of his experience camping with buddies in Northern Ontario and observing balls of light flashing over the lake as they fished at night. He described these balls of light as blinking out and then reappearing several meters from where they were – and streaking across the sky with surprising speed. They all assumed this was a trick of the northern lights until their trip was over and they were driving on the deserted highway on their last night out. One of these balls of light re-appeared and flanked the car as it sped along. It scared the crap out of everyone for the thirty seconds or so it paralleled the vehicle, before suddenly outpacing the car and blinking ahead thirty feet, and then zipping into the sky to wink out of sight.

My Dad tells this story without labeling it as anything, because he’s a very grounded guy. He doesn’t know what it was, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to call it ghosts or aliens. But it’s funny that story popped into my head as I marveled at our physical similarities to Pinky and Plink Plunk, despite our differences. It occurs to me that probably there ARE other life forms, other consciousness forms who do reach out to us – but we have difficulty even recognizing a ball of light as something we could talk to. It’s just some weird shit that happened on a camping trip.

Anyway, back to Pinky:

I commented to Sweetie on how I could hear my voice changing. I recognized the “accent” as similar to the channelings I’ve heard on various podcasts of other mediums giving voice to beings they would refer to as aliens or angels. What surprised me was how delightfully pleasant the experience was, and as my smile got wider Sweetie observed the energy around me and said she could see a change, that she could actually see I was taking some of Pinky’s energy on.

I just continued to talk to her about the experience, moving around in my body as though it were Pinky’s on her planet:

I lovingly LEANED on things in my environment – the counter, the door jam, the chair. The loving, sensuous experience of Pinky’s physicality is *not* sexual, but otherwise I find myself describing it how ravers describe an experience with ecstasy.

I LOVINGLY placed my hands on these things as Pinky explained this love energy is how they create changes in their environment. A species of living-house (kind of like a tree) would grow a new limb overnight to serve as a counter top or workstation. That growth would be in response to the loving request exchanged during this physical contact of skin / body on the animal/living-house.

Where Sweetie and I need to buy and sell things to change our living environment, Pinky’s dwelling would grow a guest bed out of loving response to a need Pinky had communicated earlier.

The species on Pinky’s planet are motivated by this love energy, because that’s the fuel for them. The sheer abundance of inter-connected resources means that nothing is hungry or sick on this planet, but the evolution is motivated by this exchange in loving energy, rather than by food / propagation, (because that would be happening anyway.)

There are species on this planet that provide transport services BECAUSE they need and enjoy this love energy exchange that happens when they perform these tasks. It’s not a matter of one species being dominant or subservient, because the love goes both ways. It’s an exchange in gratitude that is the food – the love satiates the need that is the “hunger”. It’s an emotional incarnation experience, this planet.

Love isn’t the only thing at play here: Pinky gives me a kindergarten understanding of terra-forming, as her species influences life on her home planet(s) with these principles. She reminds me that it is merely the opposite of how humans exist on earth. If humans are the fire of this planet, she is the gentle rain of her own planet.

She also gives me the understanding that each planet has a “life cycle” – she gave me this correction as I thought the words “self-sustaining”. No eco-system is a perpetual motion machine, and all things have “spin”. Everything moves, shifts, changes, because the very force of life is energy that travels THROUGH. Life is not the water, it is the wave that travels through the water.

It’s pretty amazing, and the whole exchange feels deeply familiar. I don’t know, maybe I’ve had a few incarnations on Pinky’s planet myself, although I believe I’ve been an “earth specialist” for a long time. Then I remembered this incident that happened just over a year ago: (

I realized why Pinky felt so familiar – it was her species that first spoke to me last year. It scared the hell out of me at the time (despite my insistence that I was NOT scared in the above journal entry, in retrospect I was just keeping myself calm). My brain took several months to normalize the concept that I had just had a communication with a species incarnated on another planet. I felt fucking crazy just saying that aloud to a select few friends, but it’s funny what time does to make the extraordinary old hat. Since then, I have also moved into a house that is a five minute walk from this site. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for Pinky to find me again.

After this detailed and delightful information exchange, Pinky withdrew her energy with the understanding that it was making me tired, and she did not wish our communication to have a negative impact upon my physicality. I had been feeling quite tired in the last couple of weeks anyway, and I was fighting off a virus at the time. My ears pinged and twinged for 24 hours after this exchange.

I look forward to talking to Pinky again sometime.

(Final note: As usual, I located a picture for this entry using intuitive key word searches. I was SO shocked to discover a piece of art that so accurately reflected what I had seen. The colours surrounding this figure are exactly the colours and energy I perceived in her world. The only thing missing is the sense of friendship – I think my brain wants to see the being in the painting smile a little bit.)

13 thoughts on “Pinky

  1. This is beautiful! Thank you so much! I had thrill bumps all the way, while reading because I know that when I love on my computer it works really well. This is how I ‘fix’ it. Loving inanimate objects is a delight of mine.


  2. Wow!!Kate, that is amazing!! Just awesome!! You could see and feel all of that!! I realy enjoyed reading this. I know that my other group Unseen World would so enjoy reading this article. My friend Linda Irwin is an et specialist and she is also a psychic too. Oh I think I will send this to her. She will love to read this. Jeez, I am just thrilled to read this! Brilliant!! Thank you!!! Jan xx

    Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 16:25:46 +0000 To:


  3. This is really fascinating stuff. It’s ideas I might have thought were less believable a couple of years ago. I’ve been seeing increasing, um, unexplainable “things” in the sky in the last year. I don’t know…I’m always the uber skeptic about even what I see, but like when you see a spirit or a ghost and your eyes are just drawn to it…it’s like that.

    I also had a dream the other day about reading a report about what my “star” was. And I can’t remember the name of the star but I woke up with the word “Pleiades” being clearly repeated, over and over. So I googled it. I knew it was a constellation, seven sisters, but I thought maybe I’d recognize one of the names of the stars. I didn’t, they all had Greek names and the name I saw wasn’t Greek. I found something about soul origins though, which had me thinking. Is that what that was about, my dream? Who knows. All I know is that what might seem impossible one day of your life can turn out to be reality another.


  4. I love the way you paint a picture of your experiences using words, Kate. As I read the introduction, I wondered about the “contact” process. You and Sweetie were just sitting over coffee having a discussion about aliens and Pinky showed up. How did she a) find you, and b) know you were open and able to have a discussion? Was she “eavesdropping” on Earth and zoomed in on you? Are your words and thoughts telepathically “beamed” to her planet and she intercepted them? Was she already with you but just in a different dimension that you couldn’t see her before tuning into her energy?

    I guess I’ve always wondered “why me” when someone chooses me for telepathic conversation but never really thought about the “how.” A few times I’ve seen pictures of aliens in my mind’s eye and said a telepathic hello to them but haven’t spoken to them (yet). I guess it’s not something to be afraid of!

    I haven’t yet seen a post anywhere about the “hows” of spirit communication. Perhaps that might be a topic for an upcoming blog post? 😉


    • The how part varies incredibly depending upon the individual. I think this is why a lot of how to books and classes are vague.

      One technique is to imagine a connection as a beam of light between you both. I like to initiate connections with animals by saying “I love you, do you want to talk with me?”

      You are broadcasting every minute of every day. Learning to receive is about separating your own thought stream from everything else in your mind, and you learn to do this by: 1. Learning what your quiet mind feels like 2: learning to initiate a quiet mind state and 3: recognizing input and thoughts that are NOT your own

      Once you have those three things down, it’s all about practice to hone your technique.

      That’s all there is to it!

      It’s not complicated, you don’t have to spend money to learn it, you just need time and practice.

      I notice that mothers of young children communicate telepathically very well without even realizing that’s what they’re doing. Then they talk to me telepathically with stuff like “did you….?” And I know what they mean, because they are picturing it clearly in their mind.

      Does that make sense?


    • It’s less about DOING something and more about getting out of your own way.

      You learn to be receptive and open, rather than DO something.

      That’s why the answer to “how do you do it?” is not “I did this”. You’re not
      doing something so much as BEING STILL and QUIET, which is more like stopping than doing.


  5. Thanks, Kate! Over the years I’ve been figuring out the “receiver” part (i.e. my receiving telepathic messages, which sometimes include cursing and bad smells. Cough.) But I was more wondering about it from the spirit’s perspective. If we’re sending out a “open to receiving” signal, how do they “zoom in” on us in order to communicate? Especially those from other planets?

    Although… the “get out of your own way” message seems to be repeating as I’ve already heard that once this week. Perhaps it is another reminder to me to get out of my own head! 🙂

    By the way, I think it’s so cool to have a place like this and the CE blog in order to discuss these topics without feeling insane!


  6. Very cool post, thanks.

    Also those dessert planets sound delicious, and that’s my sarcastic way of telling you you have a typo in the first paragraph :P.


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