Inspiration is a force of nature

It seems the blog renovation process is spinning along. I realize I’ve been a bit less bloggy these past couple of months, and there’s a good reason for it: something else is coming. I honestly have no idea what it is, all I know is that I need to make space in my life for it to happen.

I would like it to be a book.

All I know is that inspiration is a great guidance system. When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I was exploring this expansion of my development and my own bravery, really. Do I have the guts to talk about this? What about that? And it’s been amazing.

There is a point when a blog story will stall, and I’ve realized that’s what’s going on here right now. Blogs are interesting when a person is moving along in their own story line, and you read it because you want to find out what happens next. Blogs get boring if you’re posting “just because”.

There’s a duality to blogging that I enjoy and worry about: because you’re cranking out a quantity of material, bloggers are a little less obsessive about the *craft* of writing. With my schedule, it’s not possible for me to spend hours polishing a blog entry – I generally write them as they fall out of my head, and I post them for the world to see, often with spelling and grammatical errors. There’s a *push* factor to blogging that isn’t as present with other forms of writing.

But on the other hand, knowing that what I post will be read is a HUGE motivation! And I LOVE the interaction aspect of the blog – I’ve made some wonderful friends through this thing!

So don’t worry, the blogging isn’t going to stop – but it’s going to shift gears. I’m not sure how quite yet… which is where the inspiration kicks in.

I was listening to one of Oprah’s podcasts with Eckhart Tolle, and he was describing the years leading up to writing “The Power of Now”. He describes it as the time when “a book was waiting to be written.” He didn’t know what book, he didn’t know anything beyond his next step. For Eckhart, he needed to move to the West Coast before he could progress with writing.

In that moment I knew *exactly* what he was talking about, because that’s what is going on with me right now. Something is waiting for me, and I am gradually creating time and space so that the inspiration can happen.

Now, I know there is one very clear path for me which I’m sure all of you can see. I can practically hear your inner commentary “Why doesn’t she just…”

Well, because the easy, logical thing for me to do with my skills and options does not inspire me to take action… at least not yet. The funny thing is that even my manifestation practice is tapering off for now… I’ve created a couple of weeks off of work which should kick in for early September.. and that’s it. That’s all I’m creating right now. You know what this is like? It’s like the ocean sucking all of the water out of a sandy cove right before it forms a tsunami that’s going to rush in and completely change the landscape.

Brace yourselves people.

So, here’s an idea: What if I combined the aspect of blogging that I love and incorporate writing this fictional book by posting bits and pieces of the chapters as I write them? I could categorize it all as “Book” or something like that, so that it would be easy for new readers to start at the beginning.

It would be fun to hear what you guys think of these characters and the story lines, and with so many eyes reading it, it’d be easy to catch “dessert” when it should be “desert”.

It would be VERY raw and unpolished, but I could go back and rework old entries and you would get to actually SEE the process of a book being written. You’d see the character development, the rejected chapters and story lines, the clunky thought-hemorrhage process.

And I *know* there are some future authours reading this blog. Maybe it’s be helpful for you guys to actually witness the painful construction process of the book?

And you know what? I’m really not concerned that having all the content posted ahead of time is going to affect book sales. I think the final on-paper published project is going to go just *because* you can see the gestation process online. Blogs are fun, but there’s nothing like holding a paper book in your hands.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Inspiration is a force of nature

  1. I think it would be really interesting to see how your story evolves, especially because I feel so invested in the work you do, and I find what you share with the world so inspiring. Please keep it up!


  2. I think that’s a great idea Kate. You move forward, not to mention attract some future purchasers for your book, and we still get to hear from you. It’s win-win 😃


  3. I love the idea, Kate. I like that you will be moving forward in all aspects, by organizing your process on virtual paper you will be creating more free mental space to anchor forward further in all of your desires, and the marketing aspect will be in full swing way before the finished product is on the shelves. As much as I love all that technology has brought to reading, I still enjoy a hard copy of a book in my hands to fully appreciate the experience it will bring to me. Keep keeping On!


  4. Wow, this is synchronistic. I love your attitude that you are just in a place of patience, waiting for the arrival of inspiration which you know is on its way. I’m feeling the same, but with more of a feeling of confusion or desperation. Time to adjust my attitude. I know positive change is coming but boy am I impatient when I don’t yet have clarity of purpose. It will come, as will yours!

    I’d love to see the development of a book in creation! Cool idea. Didn’t Dr. M do this with the CE blog, which she put together into book form later? I’m sure it will look different once the editors/publishers/marketers are finished with it anyway. At least we will see your original intentions during the process.

    I wish you great luck and success. You’re a great writer and I’m sure you have lots to share!


    • PS I’m just watching the Tolle/Oprah webcast of what I think is the same as the podcast you were listening to. I love the idea of asking “What does the world want of me” instead of “What do I want from the world?” I believe the former invites more creativity and bigger thinking, which are fueled by inspiration. 🙂


  5. I think this is really awesome. Having feedback from readers at every step, as a writer, will offer you incentive, encouragement to push out those chapters, and fun interaction. Of course it’s better and way different to have an actual “book” in your hands at the end.

    I was just now thinking about how we are becoming connected more in one mind so to speak, like the anthill that humanity really is, and how you are the writer but maybe we’ll be sending you some signals? I was thinking about the times I’ve fallen asleep reading, or just been really into a book, and dreamed up parts that didn’t exist. Ever have that happen? I often dream about the printed word. George likes to communicate with me sometimes via messaging that way in my dreams, which I enjoy. There is something really pleasurable to me, and satisfying, about the written language.


    • Yeah, I think you guys already have. About an hour after posting these I was like “omg all the parents are the same!”

      Is written Kim’s part in the winter, and John’s part last year. This is the first time I’ve put these things side by side – progress already!

      No, Kim needs to come from a happy family.


  6. I think that’s a fantastic idea, Kate! Ride that wave of inspiration when it hits. I’ve always had the idea of writing a book (still no clue what’ll be about) in the back of my mind my entire life and I think this is the perfect time for you to do so. I think the stars are aligning for you. You’re helping Heaven out and it can only reap wonderful rewards for you, which you totally deserve. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I’d be happy to help out with any grammar type issues I notice as I’m kinda an English dork in that way. All my best to you and to cheers to the muses flowing through you 😀


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