BIP – 1.11 John – Leaving Home

Here’s the introduction for the character John Cunningham.  I haven’t completely settled on his age, likely 15.  He’s broody, temperamental, angry and too sensitive at times.  He’s a fun fellow to create – he’s based on a number of people in my real life including a romanticized version of a high school crush of mine.

2 thoughts on “BIP – 1.11 John – Leaving Home

  1. Nice. I really am eager to get to know more of John, which, is great! An author will always want their readers yearning for more, identifying with, and feeling close to the characters. I enjoyed reading it on Scribd, looks like a digital book page. I also enjoyed the font and paragraph breaks.

    One keen thing I observed is that John’s father may say “Why’d ja wanna go to another school?” versus “Why would ja wanna go to another school?” The contraction, as a form of formal slang, seems to match the ‘ja’ better than the ‘would’.

    I am excited for you and happy to be able to read through and experience this process with you. Thank you for putting yourself out there, once again. Keep keeping on! Go Kate!


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