2 thoughts on “BIP – 1.21 Stephan’s Violin

  1. The ukulele. Sigh….that brings my heart joy. For reasons I don’t have to tell you about.

    I enjoy your writing style. I can tell you have strong images of the subjects.

    Oppressive fathers for both characters…somewhat distant mothers for both? Maybe to free them enough and create to flame the desire adolescents already have to flee the nest.

    My major in college was English/creative writing with a communications minor. I know personally how helpful it is to have feedback in writing, honest feedback, from the countless workshops I took. I’ll just try to put out what’s on my mind as you go along. I always enjoyed when people would write “I like it!” but it was never as helpful as when people pointed out in detail what they liked particularly, or didn’t like.

    Looking forward to more entries. 🙂


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