4 thoughts on “BIP – 1.41 Sonja – The Letter

  1. Wow, Kate, I leave on vacation for a couple of weeks, and look what happens! A TON of posts to catch up on! 🙂 But seriously, what a great start on your novel! It’s a fascinating glimpse into your creative process. Your writing style is engaging, and easy to follow. There is enough detail to be interesting, without getting bogged down. Right now, I see that you are fleshing out details about your characters — background story, family, gifts and personality characteristics.

    I think the challenge will be to weave that background into your story in a cohesive way. But don’t worry about that now, getting your ideas down right now is the most important thing. Remember, you can always include some of that background as flashbacks later on (for example, the story of seeing the classmate’s dead grandmother, or meeting the understanding psychologist). That way, the characters can be fleshed out as you move the story line along.

    I think you are also very wise to place the story in a setting that is familiar to you. You can then provide a fabulous level of detail out of your own experience, which gives it credibility and a certain “realism” that fictional stories need.

    Very, very nice start!!


    • Thanks MB!

      It’s an interesting return to getting fits of anxiety after I post these BIP entries, because not only is it VERY raw, the characters are still in an experimental stage, and the way they interact with each other is going to determine their personalities.

      Right now the chapter numbers are grouping the character information in chronological order – you’re right that it’s not going to appear in this order in the finished book.

      I’m completely stoked on this new project, and I’m so grateful that so many of the readers have expressed encouragement in this diversion from the regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

      And I *will* continue to post with Channeling Erik, so there will be a regular injection of “real life” material.


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