5 thoughts on “CE: Shades of Reality!

  1. Erik is winning me over, little by little. Not that I ever didn’t like him, I just wasn’t familiar with him at all, or the blog. There are definite synchronicities with what he’s got to say lately and what I’m experiencing with my own growth and healing.

    The car thing is a big joke between me and George. Started with the first day I knew he was around and the very first Beatles song I heard on the radio after I’d basically dumped all of my life’s issues onto him. It was “Drive My Car.” I had this image that not only would I be the one driving my car around all day for work, talking to him, but I’d basically asked him for help with my “spiritual engine.” A line in one of his songs is also “Use my body like a car, taking me both near and far.” The body is sort of a rental car, anyway,

    There is also a tremendous ability to obtain healing for ourselves as well. We really CAN ask for change, for healing, and if it’s time and we’ve learned what we need to learn from our suffering, we can heal. I’ve been using a new type of meditation that involves finding the pain, be it emotional or physical, greeting it, thanking it for the lessons it’s taught us, and releasing it. If we approach it from a healing perspective the Earth takes it in as healing energy and uses it where ever it is needed. Cool, huh? And then it is replaced by healing energy direct from the Source, from the center of the Universe. Two days ago I addressed a back issue I’ve had since my early 20s that comes and goes. I’ve wondered if it was past life related since there really was no reason for it and all my back and stress seemed to stem from it, a place just below my right shoulder to the right of my spine. As I said goodbye to it, sending into the earth through my grounding, I choked back a sob. I was like, WTH? Why am I sad? But I could feel that this back issue was very old, older than this body. And by evening it was gone. It’s still gone. Sometimes I feel a strange sort of fluttering back there, where it used to be. The healing can take awhile.

    But this was my first experience asking for healing in a very direct way, with the right intent, and getting an immediate response. I’m sort of surprised. Months of recent back massages haven’t accomplished this much. We are all energy, and we really are projections of our true “selves” within.

    After I read all this last night, the energy vibration around me picked up a lot. I’m pretty sure it was Erik. He seemed very excitable as I thought of these things and really gave me an energy boost, like a shot of espresso. I was like, “Ok, this is fine, but when I go to bed you’ve got to leave so I can sleep.” Which he did.

    Sorry this was so long. But in really seemed in line with what was said in this and I thought I should mention it.


    • Speaking of synchronicities, funny you should mention your pain meditation. That’s exactly what I’ve been working on too.

      It’s sneaky how these issues come back, and how much of it is egoic – in finding the source of my anger with this one guy, it’s ALL about my ego: he lied to me / victimized me, blah blah. It hasn’t even affected my life directly for YEARS, and just yesterday, I was like “I wanna stab that guy in the eye.”

      I do realize the whole point of his presence in my life is to teach me about anger and release. Forgiveness too. Doesn’t make the lesson easy, though!


  2. It’s true. And I’m also seeing the issues are linked. As you release one, another pops up. Sometimes, you think it’s one you released a long time ago. I know the “layers of an onion” image gets done and redone, but it really is like that. I don’t really direct anger at anyone…it all gets absorbed and internalized. I take ALL the blame…which of course is still Ego… and so the fears I have continue to manifest. The emotional and the physical issues are all linked, whether they are from this life, or another. I am wondering what that pain in my back was all about. Maybe some day in this life I’ll find out.

    I took a hike today and realized that I literally feel about 50 pounds lighter. It’s a bit surreal, but I feel amazing. I still have a ton of healing and work to do, we all do. But this meditation is helping, a lot.


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