CE: Amped!

Woah! This week’s Channeling Erik post is up early!


I’m enjoying that my post is right beside one titled “Gays in Heaven”

I won’t get into the visuals that phrase inspires!

Gosh, I have to say I’m not a fan of the term “gays”, nor any term that takes a descriptor and makes it a category: disabled, suicides, addicts etc. it’s taking one aspect of a person and is defining their whole person by that one trait.

My sister is not a disabled or handicapped. She is a person with a disability. My friend is not an addict nor a druggie, he is a person with an addiction. I am not a gay, I am a woman who lives with another woman.

You see what I’m sayin’? One thing, even if its a big thing – it doesn’t define all you are. It sure doesn’t separate you from anyone else after you die, either.

This is why some folks say, “labels ate for soup cans.”


2 thoughts on “CE: Amped!

  1. I had a whole lovely pile of “word vomit” written out…and it was just deleted. Maybe I am being encouraged to keep it simple, eh?

    The subject of energy and energy giving/receiving seems to be the lesson plan lately. I like Erik’s perspective on this, I find it helpful and one more view into forming the understanding I’m developing on all of this. Really, it’s nothing new, the idea of healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships, but it’s just a more involved way of looking at it, and what I’ve literally been feeling and experiencing the last few months with energy.

    Ok, I’m going to spew a few more words after all. I’ve been thinking about Helen Keller a lot, and what her life experience was like. Because I tend to “feel” and “sense” energy SO strongly, while I can’t “hear” or “see” as well unless I’m dreaming or halfway there, I’ve called myself a “Helen Keller of the spiritual world” like it was a bad thing. I think as I learn and grow and develop, I’m getting a great skill set. How did Helen know who was in a room, or who could be trusted? She couldn’t see, or hear, so there were no voices, no facial reading, no vocal intonations, no images. She had to rely on what they felt like, the energy in the room, was forced to exercise those other senses for survival. And look at all she accomplished! Can you imagine how stupid trying to explain racial discrimination is to someone who is blind and deaf? It’s because it DOESN’T matter. A lot of our judgments are based on what we see and hear. Learning how to sense and know spirits only by how they feel to me, what I sense from them, and trusting in prayer and the protection around me is what I’ve got to go on. I know what love “feels” like. As just a word, love is nothing.

    I agree, labels suck.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant.


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