Hey folks, how many pages of each scribed document are you seeing? You’re viewing more than one, right?

I’m having difficulty viewing the whole Sonja entry. Each entry is about 3 – 5 pages.

Anyone having trouble seeing it all?

2 thoughts on “trouble?

    • Okay, good. I had an email from a reader last night saying the pop up ads were making the site unreadable for her. Anyone else having trouble with the ads?

      I could pay wordpress to remove the ads if they’re a huge pain. I have to admit even having ads on the site is a bit of an achievement because it means there’s enough traffic to warrant them! I didn’t start getting ads until I was up to 200 page views a day.

      Still, I understand there’s enough advertising in our lives and I’ll have them remove the ads if it will improve readability. Anyone care to chime in on the ads?


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