Thanks you guys

I was just thinking about how awesome you guys are.

Since I started this blog, almost two years ago, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support and positive feedback. You guys have encouraged me and given me the confidence to take my skills public, and my life is transforming. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything else in my life that has me feeling so completely supported.

I’m feelin’ the love, people. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Thanks you guys

  1. You’re awesome too! You’ve helped me out in more ways than you know, plus countless others. Also all the spirit “teachers” and advisors that help us, love us, guide us, make us laugh and support us…it’s rounds of Love for everybody. Thanks for saying that.


  2. Thank you, Kate! You’re awesome too. You’ve helped a lot of us realize we needn’t be institutionalized & that these seemingly crazy psychic moments are “normal” (or almost) & can be incorporated into daily life. I know not everyone would be so accepting of such seemingly out there situations happening to them, but you’re being bold and moving forward in the right direction. It seems you have a mission or orders from above & you’re doing a great job. I bet Heaven is pleased with you ^_^


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