The Totally Not Racist White Brotherhood

How to sum up the last week?

Well for starters, I’ve been sick twice – once with food poisoning, once with the flu. At the time I found this frustrating, since I’m actively working towards a body and a life that doesn’t *need* me to feel ill. But on the other hand, I can be stubborn, and there’s no way I would have re-scheduled readings for clients who have been waiting for MONTHS if I were able to do it. So maybe it was necessary.

Despite being down for the count, my brush with the flu was a small victory – the virus is completely out of my system, although symptoms remain – and it’s the first time I’ve cleared a fever/cold/flu virus in under 72 hours. For me, this is miraculous. Once I realized that I really *am* getting stronger and healthier, I started looking at the last week not as a setback but as a marker of progress.

In a stroke of divinely-orchestrated synchronicity, I returned to work to find an email from a friend and client giving me an e-copy of Machaelle Small Wright’s book “The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”. I’m more excited about this book than I was about the last Harry Potter.

(the above photo came up while I was looking for “angel brothers” – I think it’s a fake photo, but it’s pretty close to what I actually see during some readings, so I thought I’d include it anyway.)

I’m too excited to read the book methodically, so I’ve started flipping through it randomly, and I find myself laughing aloud at quotes like, “Much has been written about the White Brotherhood, but I think a lot of it was garbage.”

Really Machaelle? SO DID I!!!

Or “I ignored the Brotherhood and its existence for years, assuming that they knew how to do their job, whatever that was, very well without me.”

Really? ME TOO!!!!

I’ve never before come across references to the “White Brotherhood” that were anything less than reverent. The references I have come across have been eerily coinciding with the weirder parts of my “psychic life”.

The first time I heard the term “White Brotherhood” was from John Lennon in one of our first living room conversations in early 2012. I was able to locate a blog reference to this conversation here:

The freaking CRAZY part about all of this is shortly after the first time John talked about the “White Brotherhood” I was actually READING a book by Machaelle Small Wright! But it was the “Behaving as though the god in all things mattered” book and I don’t think that particular book references the white brotherhood at all. I can’t go and check right now, because I gave my copy of the book back out to the community. I think that “Planet Two”, a book I’d purchased on John’s suggestion at the same time, was the first time I’d seen the term “White Brotherhood” referenced in print.

So anyway, this is a book I’m working through at the moment, and I’ll buy a legit copy of it ASAP. Considering all the value I’ve gotten from Machaelle’s work, it only just occurred to me that I haven’t *actually* purchased one of her books in a way that she’d see any money. In the spirit of the Economy of Awesomeness, I’m going to buy her ebook (or hopefully an audiobook if has one) and you folks should too. It looks like most of her books are how-tos, but I think the “God Matters” book is the best place to start with Machaelle. It’s more of a biography and it helps the reader understand who the heck she is and how she connected to this crazy life.

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