2 thoughts on “CE: Faith in Doughnuts

  1. This is really interesting to me, since just a few days ago I was thinking about faith too…faith vs trust. I actually googled definitions for both. Here was my thought process…if people become 100% believers in life after death, and that ultimately, we’re all ok, does that eliminate the need for faith as a human species? Since I was told, through my religious upbringing, that faith, hope and love are needed…that love is the strongest. It’s a bible verse I think, too. And that once we die, faith is no longer needed. And then I had the thought that maybe we would no longer need faith, but trust, that God, Source, would always care for us and love us. So does that mean that we no longer need faith? I was going in circles (doughnuts?) with that for awhile and finally let it go. It certainly is less complicated to accept one truth and stick with it. But I find my truth can change at a moment’s notice these days. Thanks for this…


    • Yeah, Sara that’s exactly it. I’ve been finding I have a stronger need for faith, and since I was raised outside a culture with a set way of thinking about things, I don’t default to one idea. But this affects the strength of my tie, the strength of my heart connection to “god”. THAT is the limiting feeling that I’ve been searching to overcome, because I’m finding the more I work with dead people, the more I need to lean on faith for the strength and energy I need. There’s a point where questioning everything is a huge waste of energy that I could put towards more productive things.


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