Hello from Heaven

My grandmother passed away last month. Since then, she’s been an almost daily visitor with me, and she’s been giving my mother signs of her presence and love through rainbows and ladybugs. The other day, I found my photo album had been tipped over. When I picked it up, I found a photo of the whole extended family on my mother’s side (my grandmother, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.) The next day, while filling up my car, I saw a ladybug crawling across the gas station garbage can where I would be sure to see it. Grandma loves saying hi, and she loves giving me little messages to pass along to my mother.

One thing I notice a lot about my grandmother now that she’s crossed over is she’s very happy and quick to laugh. She was feeling tired from her heart condition and burdened by her arthritic body in her last years of life, and she’s thrilled to be free of her body and to return to the joy and energy she experienced as a child. After a long life, it can be easy to forget what it was like to be care-free and full of energy.

It is as thought my grandmother is truly enjoying her “retirement” from her last life. She’s spending a lot of time watching the grandkids and figuring out ways to show her presence to each of us every day. It just tickles her to no end when we notice what she’s done! I always say, “Hi Grandma!” when I notice she’s sent a ladybug, a rainbow or a tissue. Even if I’m not sure it was her, I say “Hi Grandma!” anyway. She likes the contact.

This is all pretty common behavior for a newly-crossed loved one.

One thing my grandmother and many other recently-passed elderly relatives talk about is taking “classes” in heaven and describing it as retirement leisure activities. Grandparents have talked about taking classes in heaven to learn how to do things like make electric lights flicker, move coins around, make their love felt more profoundly, how to watch multiple grandchildren at once, how to talk to the still-living pets, how to work with insects and how to change or manipulate the play of light in a room.

It’s really interesting to me to notice that Grandparents often continue their grandparent role in the afterlife, and they’re very quick to take these “classes” to expand their spook skill-set, because the most important thing for these grandparents is that their love continue to be known and felt by their family still on earth.

Many sprits who died as teenagers have also spoken about taking classes. The teens don’t seem to talk much about taking classes to manipulate light or show their love to the living – they seem to know how to do that already, and their classes tend to focus on personal development in the afterlife, which is really interesting.

Several teens have talked about continuing to play their favourite sport, while others show me complex classes in the mathematical / physics arena, but with the understanding that they have no brain to limit them, and they have an intuitive understanding of what is possible in the spectrum of the physical universe. The laws of physics change depending upon your state of being, like where you are on a spectrum of light. They give me this understanding intuitively, however I don’t have the vocabulary or the sheer brainpower to communicate it effectively. This is why I think it’s so important for the physicists, researchers and health care providers to be open to working with their own intuitive abilities. There is so much knowledge out there available for “download”, but it’s only as good as the brain that can wrap itself around the ideas – and of course, there are many ways of saying the same thing.

I’ve read and heard it said by a few different psychics that sometimes when a child dies quite young, they continue to learn and grow in Heaven. I don’t know why this would be, why if they need to learn and grow as a human child they wouldn’t just stay in a human child’s body. I guess there are a variety of answers for that one. It seems that many teens continue being teens – dating, going to school, learning to drive, perfecting a game.

Huh. Neat.

4 thoughts on “Hello from Heaven

  1. I’m a little confused on this one…… if our souls are ageless, and have incarnated many Many MANY times for various goals and reasons and objectives, then wouldn’t the soul that inhabited a child’s body that died just return back to their ‘natural’ state? Same for the souls from a body that lived through old age…. wouldn’t they just go back to who / what / how they are, instead of doing things that sound like it mirrors a retirement community. I’ve read some things about how ‘baby souls’ are nurtured to help them ‘grow’ or grow up or whatever… that just seems strange to me. Same for the ‘teens’ thing. We come to Earth to experience being humans, live that life to whatever level, the body dies, we go back, and then figure it out again, right? What would the thing be with the souls acting like they’re at the level they passed on while human? And which life?

    It’s just confusing. Is there more that you can shed on that? Thank you. :0)


    • Actually I’m as puzzled as you are. I think it’s one of those things that doesn’t have a sweeping answer, like, HERE IS HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS.

      I think it comes back to the restriction of linear thinking, and if you’re thinking of a *single* consciousness as a soul bubble that is *always* separate and is restricted to a linear timeline.

      So, let’s do famous people, and let’s assume that Mozart reincarnated further down the timeline as John Lennon.

      Me, as a medium, do I address this consciousness as Mozart, or John? Depending on how I connect, that’s going to have an impact on how this consciousness relates to me.

      Yet it’s easier and feels a lot stronger to connect to a consciousness AS their associate identity, rather than a ball of light with infinite experience and insight. If you relate as a human to a human, the connection is stronger, you get lots of little confirmations. That’s because we understand how to make a connection with another human being, so we transpose that process on to relating to the spirit world. It’s easier to understand and explain certain aspects of post-incarnation consciousness when we frame it in ways we can relate to AS incarnate beings.

      Does that make sense?

      So I don’t know why Mother Teresa talked to Jamie and Erik and expressed an opinion that channelingerik.com should be more Christian. Why would she have an opinion about that as an ethereal being?

      Well I think it’s because we ADDRESSED her as Mother Theresa, and then I think Elisa asked her what she thought of the blog. So it’s like you’re writing a program for the god consciousness, like:

      Result: Mother Teresa: blog should be more Christian

      Make sense?

      It works like that with children. If you relate to a consciousness as the child who died young, and you ask what are they doing, there *is* a response. There is a part of that child who continues on as a child.

      With animals, sometimes I’ll get a consciousness of someone’s childhood dog, and the dog will have opinions about this person’s current life as though the dog has been walking beside the person their whole life. But then the dog will say they’re currently incarnated as the cat – and you can address the cat as a separate consciousness, yet they’re connected.

      So it’s not as cut and dried as one soul does one incarnation at a time and when they die they return to a static soul form. There’s a part of us that is *always* this infinite timeless expression of the god consciousness, but like petals on a daisy we have incarnations, personalities and histories that can be accessed if you know what questions to ask.

      You can contact yourself in a future incarnation – how’s that for a mind-melter?

      Does that shed any light?


      • So is someone’s personality/feelings still genuine in the afterlife or is it like they’re putting on a roleplay costume and behaving like they did when they were alive through obligation?


      • Hmm. I think a more useful way to think about it is like a hologram. The part that you relate to depends upon how you shift your point of view. The personality is there and it’s real, and in some readings clients were quite surprised that their loved ones were still working on character flaws they expressed in life.

        I don’t think it’s a role play or a sense of obligation, that’s imposing human characteristics on a consciousness that is multifaceted.


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