Tech Savvy!

Gosh I’ve been feeling full of energy these past few days!

I finally got caught up on a few tech savvy housekeeping items, such as updating my Testimonials page. Thank you again to all the folks who’ve given me testimonials over the past year.

I’m also super-impressed with Google Sheets. You tech savvy friends will probably roll your eyes at this, but when I uploaded my reading schedule to Google Sheets and saw how changes I made on my laptop were almost immediately reflected on my iPod I nearly fell out of my chair!

This is definitely an improvement to my old process, which required me to have my big laptop booted up and open to my excel Readings file before I call a client. It’s so much easier to grab my iPod and the phone and just sequester myself for the reading.

My one big concern with using Google Drive is whether the information will be available if the internet is out? What if the internet goes down before I have a reading – will I be able to access the file with the client’s phone number?

I’ve looked into it with Google and it looks like I could enable “offline use” if I use the chrome browser, but now we’re getting into pain-in-the-butt land. I think what I might do is just add my phone number to the email I send when booking appointments, so that a client can call my cell if for whatever reason they don’t receive a call at their appointment time. That’s probably better and easier than figuring out new software *just in case.*


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