Dear John

I must admit I’ve neglected John terribly in the last week. He’s popped in a couple of times, and just now he teasingly said I need to write my “Dear John” letter to him. I had to look that up to find out that a “Dear John Letter” is a breakup letter a woman writes to a man to tell him she’s replaced him with another lover! He’s teasing me about talking with Erik so much.

So John, what would you like to talk about?

First off, what a wonderful job you’ve been doing! (So part of my brain in interjecting here and thinking about how self-congratulatory this looks. Hey y’all, John Lennon says I’m doing a good job! I’m aware of how it looks.)

Yes. (Shows me an awareness of what others think, and existing without attachment to that.) That’s a difficulty I experienced myself. I tried to channel my attachment to (fans, other people) by providing a good example. (Flashes many other celebrities who’ve done the same thing – benefit rock concerts, demonstrations etc.) You try to channel all that energy for good, you can feel like an exploding fuse box after a while. (shows me fuse box with the screw-in fuses popping and sparking.)

This is why physicians are trained in professional detachment. The sole purpose is not to keep a physician’s decision process free of emotion, but to ensure the physician’s very survival! You see how many doctors are taking on the ailments of their patients? (Shows me a heart surgeon with heart problems, a bariatric doctor who retires and his weight balloons, a geriatric specialist whose hands are twisted with arthritis before he’s 60.) (I tease John for only showing me male doctors, and he shows me a female oncologist who has her own battle with cancer.)

You see it more as the old ideas of professional detachment are falling away. People are recognizing this (shows me the energetic / empathetic connection between two people as a thread of light connecting two people through the belly-button) is much more important to the healing process, or rather, the idea of healing is shifting to include “what makes the person feel better”. So medicine is including but not limited to the physical aspects of surgery, medications and telling a patient to lose weight. Humanity is very fortunately returning to a holistic healing model.

We never strayed too far from it, after all; and the diversion was necessary to advance modern science and medicine. We needed that separation from mysticism to free ourselves from ideas such as, “there is an evil eye upon me, that’s why I’m ill,” or “women are meant to suffer in childbirth.” It’s not true, and we needed to get away from such negative thinking which had settled in and around the old ways before we could discover penicillin, for example. That medication revolutionized our whole modern world! And vaccinations! Great blessings when utilized properly! Polio was a terrible disease, it’s nearly wiped out now.

In the name of science, physicians were asked to remove their emotions and therefore a part of their humanity from the process of healing other humans. Now, look at the new graduates – every one of them, eager to connect with their patients on a human level. The training has changed and so too will medicine.

A grave concern of mine, while I asked for this meeting, is to talk about natural medicine. There are two parallel ideas in the modern world (“first world” countries). Naturopathic / Herbal medicine and Western medicine which has a reputation for interfering with “nature.”

Many countries in Europe are working to combine the two philosophies using the guiding light, “what makes my patient feel better?”

Eastern countries have a two-tiered system – poor people get “natural” medicine, and those who can afford it are able to gain access to hospitals and modern medicine. If there is poverty, in all many places their access to a hospital is limited and so traditional healers attempt to make up the gap – and many of them are quite good. But some are straight out of the Medieval era, using burning iron, mercury or bits of endangered animals who were killed by poachers.

(This reminds me of the Halloween episode of “Savage Love” where a guest on the show discussed the use of mercury to treat syphilis and gonorrhea before antibiotics were widely available.)

(John makes a crack about “don’t want to mess around with your Johnson!” And a little poem:

When pink is the urine

And the streaming be burning

Away you must hasten

For VD medication!

Excellent! That was funny.

I was going to write a funny song about it but (was worried / didn’t want it to) become a hit! Not that I’d release it, but you know how those things will out! Someone would’ve put it on the 50th anniversary of my death album, morbid buggers!

I make a little joke telepathically about buggers and veneral disease, like what are you trying to say, John? He laughed, crossed his legs and sat a little sideways on his butt as if it might be sore. (That was his joke response.)

Geeze some of the banter loses its luster when I try and translate it into English. Anyway! You were saying, John?

The urgency of this topic is that is greatly affects your people. (Who are “my people” John?) Hippies.


I know what he means though – he’s addressing this relationship between people who are developing their energetic skills – telepathy, reiki & energy healing, astro travel – oh, remote viewing! Those skills! He’s saying that when people are focused on development in this area there is often a sideline belief or expectation to move away from “modern medicine” in favour of naturopathic remedies.

Digitalis, the foxglove – it’s heart medicine. However, growing a flower garden in your back yard and manufacturing your own pharmaceuticals from plants is not as reliable as going to a pharmacist. People (in the stone age) used digitalis because there WAS no pharmacy. But now there is! So go there!

(realize / recognize) that all of creation, including the things YOU create, the art, the ideas, the medicines, they’re all beautiful. Saving a life with chemotherapy – there is beauty there in every moment she is given to spend with her children. Saving human lives with medicine is an essential part of our continuing evolution.

As humanity builds the skills to prolong life, humanity must also (learn / grow / build new skills) spiritually to ensure (humane / compassion) is brought alongside new medicine and technology.

We must not lose sight of common sense.

Thank you John.

Don’t forget about me, darling!

I won’t!

Also, John thinks this is hilarious:

He says: At the very least, it will teach them that John Lennon was not his body! I always thought dentists were strange. Rather a morbid profession, isn’t it? (That’s the second time he used “morbid”.)

5 thoughts on “Dear John

  1. Thanks Kate! I love my Johnny so much. That VD song was probably something he made up in Hamburg! LOL.
    I love Erik as well. Thank you for all that you contribute to us. I never comment on “Channeling Erik”, but I do read and enjoy every post. Today, I was sitting outside and saw a beautiful yellow butterfly…. then a dragon fly. I somehow felt it was Erik.
    Love and Light always… Noël


  2. Actually, it’s ironic that a dentist bought the tooth since it was a dentist who spiked John and George’s coffee with LSD without their knowledge. It was the first time either of them had tripped. The “morbid” joke sounds like a little tongue in cheek humor from Mr. Lennon. Dentists…tongue in cheek humor….haha. Anyway, I thought that whole cloning thing was silly. We are a product of our times and environment and everything that happens to us changes us.
    I agree with him on all of this. I think there are lots of ways we can try to self heal. But saying there is no use for modern medicine is ridiculous. You know what else irritates me…is when people who claim to be spiritually minded say that someone gets cancer because they are just not “advanced” enough spiritually, like they somehow manifested it. We have human bodies and sometimes they get sick. Sometimes our number is up and we’ve pulled the deadman’s hand and we go. I think of George, and how cancer killed his body. Was George just not “spiritually advanced” enough to “beat” cancer? That’s another thing that bothers me, how people look at diseases as an opponent. So if they die, they just weren’t tough enough to fight it off? I know George smoked a lot of cigarettes, but look at Keith Richards. That guy probably has outdrugged George 10 times over in life and he’s still not only able to remember his own name, but play guitar. I wonder sometimes how much disease is predestined.


    • Yeah, it’s an interesting question. I think where spirituality, religion, teaching etc., can go most horribly wrong is when people start ranking themselves and each other as “more” or “less” in some way.

      I think anyone who’d tell someone they got cancer because (insert personal failing here) is someone who’s just really scared of getting sick themselves.


  3. By the way, the “Dear John” joke is cute. John actually loved writing letters. There was a whole book published recently filled with copies of his letters. Truly a lost art.


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