Screw ups and Break downs!

Ever have “one of those weeks”?

Sure ya have, and so do I. Here’s a list of things that have broken down and become unusable in the past week:

The car
My computer
My (new) earphones

Here is a list of things which need immediate repair in order to remain usable:

Sweetie’s computer (that one’s my fault, I tried to fix it!)
Sweetie’s bike
My bike

You’ll note that without a car, bike repairs are high priority… And without a computer, writing becomes slow and awkward on my iPod.

It’s just odd that so many things would break in such a short period of time. Maybe it’s just time for new stuff… Following a modest period of less stuff.

This week I was thinking of Eckhart Tolle, explaining that suffering is created when the world as it is does not meet our expectations, and it’s true. You expect things that were working yesterday to work today! When they don’t, it’s natural to protest this new paradigm, even mourn the loss of what you expected your life today to be like today, and going forward.

It can suck to feel like you’re slipping backward.

But of course, as my kind friend advised me, its okay to just look at the unexpected things in life and say, just for a second, “This sucks.” Even if its not a *real* problem, even as you count your blessings, it’s okay to take off your hat, spit on the ground and, in your best western accent mutter, “Awwww sheeeeeeeeiiiiiiit.”

So here’s my serenity prayer:

God give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, take your name in vain just once, then move on to count my blessings.


EDIT: We can now add “Coffee Maker” to the list of broken things.

What is going on???

10 thoughts on “Screw ups and Break downs!

  1. It’s as if Mercury is in retrograde, yet it’s not. I can only assume that space is being prepared for newer, better stuff!
    Also the papasan chair was mysteriously laying in pieces yesterday morning, although it was not so much “broken” as “disassembled”.
    And your earphones broke… while they were in your pocket?? The metal actually bent?? Maybe your ovary melted it?


    • Yeah, I don’t even know how that’s possible. I keep wondering if it’s just shit I’m touching that breaks – except I didn’t touch your bike.

      It’s so many things this week – the coincidence is crazy-making. It can’t be random, yet I don’t see a pattern.


  2. This is weird…we’ve had two laptops stop working in the last month, AND our ceiling fan stop working! I almost panicked when my laptop (the last computer) didn’t want to charge Sunday morning, but thankfully it seems fine now. Lots of technical difficulties with TV and the internet. Solar flares? New powerful energy? I found it strange that all of these things would break down all at once too, and it’s even more interesting that you are having the same problems. Maybe we aren’t the only ones…?


    • I know, right!!! And the toaster oven. Why can’t we have toast?

      It’s silly at this point. I’m beginning to wonder about solar flares. They’re always happening, but it seems that all of our electrical stuff is taking a beating lately.

      We’re just going to sit back and wait until we’ve gone a few weeks without something breaking before we decide what to replace and when.

      But the coffee maker – that has to be replaced immediately. I can’t be getting up, boiling water, pouring it through the filter, standing there and pouring a little more.

      No, the luxury of flipping a switch and coming back to coffee five minutes later is a standard of living I’m not willing to relinquish. 😉


  3. Hi Kate,
    I found it a tad ironic that you posted about Coffee on ChannelingErik and then I came here saw the coffee maker is not working. Prank?
    Also randomly googled Broken in your blog search. First entry of the 2013 with Biggie came up.
    I have no idea what the symbolism is, but thought I would share, just in case. Oh and if you google Feng Shui, tons of things come up in regards to broken appliances etc.
    Good luck with it all, I would personally look at is as a clearing for an upcoming upgrade.


    • OH MY GOD. I didn’t even make that connection.

      Upcoming upgrades: I think that’s really it. It seems the stuff I want the most is the stuff that’s breaking, but secretly I’ve really been wanting to upgrade all of those things. I’ll just write a new entry to explain.


  4. I still think there is something going on energetically. After you mentioned your computer fan going bad, I realized that there is a small fan I use at night for white noise while I sleep that has power surges. I actually can hear them surge…my ears will start ringing and I can feel a slight energy shift….at the same time the fan picks up speed. It’s really fascinating.

    Sorry about all your broken stuff though. That sucks. Making room for the new I suppose!


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