Thank you!

Nikki kindly pointed out in the comments for the last entry that the last time I’d complained / whined about crap in my life breaking, that’s when we were first talking to Biggie and he was razzin’ us for our car.

Here we are a year later with a slightly better although nearly duplicate car in the driveway, and very similar problems with one important difference: We are manifesting replacements like CRAAAAZZZY!

Sweetie is the one who’s really been focused upon manifestation. She has a journal and maybe she can chime in here in the comments about the specific questions she finds useful in the journal – I have been watching this work clearly for the past six months.

Since we complained about the shit that’s broken, I should also point out all of the effortless upgrades we’ve experienced too:

Sweetie has been able to step away from her job cleaning and into a wonderful job at an art gallery. She loves it and she’s been selling her own work as well.

Sweetie has an almost completely new wardrobe, which was given to her by her mother. Miraculously, all of the clothing her mother picked out for her has been edgy, stylish and fits perfectly!

Sweetie has new glasses which cost her nothing – two days after she got her eyes checked and a new prescription, Clearly Contacts had a “get your first pair of glasses for free!” promotion. They really were free! She had been wearing glasses that were over 10 years old and so worn that the black frames had been worn grey in the areas she’s touched them, like the stone steps in a school wearing down after decades of sheer hard use. Since these old glasses were ON HER FACE, and no matter how good her clothing looked, her glasses said “I am Piss Poor!” this replacement of her glasses was celebrated for weeks!

Car repairs: While not free, the car repairs have been subsidized by Sweetie’s brother and his helpful, free advice. We’re basically ready to just sell the thing for scrap, but Rick doesn’t want us to give up yet!

One funny thing about Sweetie’s manifestation journal is that I find myself compelled to give her things – like her new cell phone. Her old phone was refusing to take a battery charge and we were canvassing the community for a replacement “old school” pay-as-you-go cell phone. But one day I just woke up and said, “So, how would you like an early Christmas present?” Buying Sweetie that phone was one of the most pleasurable purchases in months!

(In case you’re curious, I bought her a Nokia Lumia 620, which is a shockingly wonderful phone for the price point – all the functionality of an iphone with a slightly different interface, and about ¼ the price.)

While I have not been using the manifestation journal tool, I can’t deny that it works. My method of manifestation has been more passive but nevertheless, effective.

I’ve been perusing tablets and new laptops for a few months. My current laptop is nearly 8 years old and running a soon-to-be-obsolete operating system Windows XP. I’ve been thinking about the ways in which I manage my growing reading schedule, and wondering how the new technology can improve my process, and also fantasizing about which products would be the most fun.

Well when the fan in my laptop started SCREACHING and disassembling it for cleaning did no good at all, I contacted my father to see if I could source a replacement fan. My father is a retired teacher and he works at my uncle’s computer shop several days a week. My father was the one who’d sold me that laptop in the first place, and I have to say it’s been an excellent machine.

So when I called my Dad to ask about a new fan, he suggested I just send him my computer’s hard drive and he’ll pop all the information into a new laptop to send out to me! Woo hoo! The new laptop will have Windows 7, the latest MS Office and whatever else I need to continue to grow my little psychic business. I’m so happy! Apparently, my Dad has upgraded his personal electronics and has two laptops that are only a few years old at home, gathering dust.

Another thing which came through just last week was my leave of absence from work has been approved, so that I can accommodate the increased demand for readings. This winter I’ll have an extra fifteen days to devote to readings and writing! Yay!

As far as the broken coffee machine, I’ve been talking about getting a new one that has a timer on it, so that I don’t have to drag my butt out of bed upon the first chime of the alarm clock, but can lie-in until the tantalizing scent of fresh brew motivates me to rise.

Now that the boil water mechanism on the coffee machine is broken, which forces me to not only get out of bed but remain standing in the cold kitchen air while I pour boiling water through the coffee filter, I’ve had a look online and found a lovely programmable coffee maker for only $20. Hurray! I do love shopping online. In general I try to support all the businesses here locally, but in this case coffee makers start at $60 – a markup that’s typical of any store trying to justify its existence in a rural outpost on the western-most point of the country.

I look back on the blog entry from this time last year when I found a wallet with several hundred dollars cash. Now, I was raised an honest girl, but so great was my anger and so intense my sense of lack that I seriously considered just keeping the money. It was two weeks of groceries, after all!

Now, it is obvious how much our life out here has stabilized – I wouldn’t for a second consider keeping that money if I found a wallet again this year. This is mainly thanks to you folks, you blog readers who not only make funny, insightful comments but who send me emails full of kind words of encouragement and who book appointments with me! While my hospital job allows us to survive, my readings allow us to thrive. I have all of you to thank for that.

So thank you. You’re awesome. J

6 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Awesome you guys! LOL, as I was reading your other post it reminded me of your guest post on CE where Erik was saying that sometimes if we’re in a rut we have to get rid of all our old sh*t and replace it with new (to us) sh*it. Perhaps this is the universe’s way of moving your energy forward?

    I’m trying to do that myself. I’ve realized that most of my stuff is at least 5-12 years old. While not much is breaking down (except for a bunch of appliances last year), it’s all getting worn and tired. So time for new Christmas presents from me to me! While I’m not a “stuff” or shopping person, I am enjoying it a little.

    Hope you and sweetie have a fabulous holiday season! Thanks for all the education and entertainment I get from your posts!


    • Yeah, it’s been like that for us. We moved out here five years ago last month, and while we did a big shopping trip before the move to outfit ourselves with the necessary clothing for the climate, we really haven’t bought anything *new* since.


    • After reading this post yesterday and being reminded of getting rid of old stuff, I bagged up 4-5 trash bags of old clothes and toys to give away. I am not trying to manifest new clothes and toys for them but by it sure feels like a cathartic purge!


      • Totally! Purging can really get you on a roll, too. The whole house feels lighter and sparkly after a purge.

        Karen Kingston who wrote a few gene shui books said that twice in her life, when she felt really stuck, she purged *everything*. Every. Single. Thing.

        It always did the trick for her. The closest Kat & I ever came to a complete purge was when we moved out west and packed six Rubbermaid totes for the train.


  2. Okay I’ll chime in re: manifestation and journaling. 🙂
    I mean it basically started working… almost right away, right? I know how annoying that sounds. But it did. Within a couple of weeks of me saying, “Okay, I can NOT do this job anymore”, two perfect jobs materialized out of nowhere, and I got one of them. Plus another easy, well-paying cleaning job on the side, so I haven’t had to work another day in the hospital.
    And I lost 10 stubborn pounds just by basically saying, “Wtf? This isn’t my body”. With no effort and no maintenance. Many other things… the free glasses, new clothes, a papasan chair… food, has been pretty easy to manifest… when I want cookies, they tend to show up. Art supplies have also been very easy to get for free.
    But of course some things are easier than others. I really want/need a good car, something that at the very least was manufactured after I got my driver’s license (1994). I’ve never had that before and maybe it does not yet fit my idea of who I am, I don’t know. I continue to ask every day, visualize, plead my case, etc.
    I do a few things:

    1) The manifestation journal. It’s broken down like this:
    – Gratitude practice.
    – Plan my day — look at what I can/want to do, and what needs to happen but that I have to admit is out of my control — as for help with the latter.
    – Think of one cool thing that would be nice to have today but to which I have no attachment — ask for that.
    – Then write out a scenario from my “ideal” life in the present tense, as if it’s happening. Hand that all off to the universe (or higher power of choice).
    I use this:
    (I got it in a free promo but it’s inexpensive and an instant download, so you could start using it today if you wanted to).

    2) This:
    It’s energy work, and it’s free. You just make a list of 6 or 7 things in your life you want to work on, then listen to this, it takes maybe an hour. I used it to break down the energetic structure that was holding the extra 10lbs in place. You can basically use it for anything though.

    3) Tithing. When I have extra money, I like to support other artists. When I do this I nearly always sell twice as much of my own work. But it’s a tricky balance because it has to be done for love and not for the turnaround.

    Of these, gratitude is probably the most powerful practice. I also work to manifest sales at work for other people because I want all artists to make money, I think it’s important. Every time I make a sale I make eye contact, say thank you and mean it, even if it’s only $3. And I thank the force at work connecting creators with the products of creativity. I like being a part of that conduit.


  3. I’m sitting here, thinking about this. How it works in so many ways in our lives.
    I daily work on clearing energy from my personal space and self to invite in new energy. Even my system of beliefs has to be broken down before I can rebuild it.

    It can be a bit aggravating and also a little scary when funds are not as available as we want them to be. Basically it comes down to trust I think. Having faith. I was worried about my life and talking to my therapist a few months ago. Where I’d go, what would I do? She said ,”you’ll land on your feet. You always have in the past, haven’t you?” And I thought…what a smart, ubiquitous answer to give people. Of course we always land on our feet. I use that with people sometimes. And myself.

    I like the manifestation journal advice! I should start journaling regularly. Being more specific about needs. But I guess we have to be prepared for shit to break down sometimes so it can be replaced or fixed.

    Thank you, Kate! And sweetie. For all your continued entries and advice. It’s interesting how lives and lessons can parallel.


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