It continues

This week things that we use every day have continued to break – the most inconvenient of which is my bike with the seized break cable had a flat tire two days ago, so we *had to* take it into the shop and I’ve been bumming rides to work.

I can’t blame the bike; I ride the thing 40 km / week and haven’t tuned it up in over a year.

The other thing is my wool long johns started to disintegrate, ripping spectacularly when I put them on, like cheap pantyhose.

Again, I can’t blame them. I’ve worn them almost daily in the winter time for nearly six years.

Kat’s computer has been repaired and as soon as I get my act together to mail my hard drive to Ontario, my computer will be replaced. What’s really happening is this forced upgrade of our physical life.

But the side effect is I haven’t had time or energy to write much or do any readings in the past three weeks – I’ve been problem solving all this stuff!

Oh well, you can’t hurry something that wants to take its time!

4 thoughts on “It continues

  1. I so get it, been a crazy week for me as well. Also don’t forget, the situatioins may be putting you in the path of those whose lives you need to touch or vise versa. Funny how that works! much love to you both this holiday season 🙂


  2. I agree — and it’s been a wild and woolly few weeks for me as well. I’ve been in the process of winding up a 24 year career while preparing for the holidays and haven’t had time to even think of anything else. I think sometimes we’re forced into a time of “clearing”, to free us up for new things. At the time it just feels like we’re just spinning our wheels, but then we look up to find we’re in a different place. 🙂 Maybe it’s just one of those times.


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